Traditional White Papers Don’t Work Anymore!


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White papers are still used extensively to connect and engage early stage prospects, serving as the fuel for many demand-gen campaigns. However, the effectiveness of traditional white papers is on the decline.

Today, your prospects are more overloaded, skeptical and frugal than ever before, and as a result, dismissive of typical marketing pitches and traditional one-size-fits-all white papers. Your prospects' require content that is more relevant, concise, compelling and value-focused.

Are you effectively meeting this new challenge?

This webinar examines a new interactive evolution to white papers to help evolve this traditional content into an effective selling machine.

In this webinar you will learn about new Interactive White Papers and:

How interactivity can help make white papers more personalized, concise, insightful and value-focused
How to best select "content pivot points" – the dimensions of qualitative and quantitative personalization
What interactive white papers look like, and best practice examples.

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Traditional White Papers Don’t Work Anymore!

  1. 1. Traditional White Papers Don’t Work Anymore!Driving More High Quality Leads withInteractive White Papers Tom Pisello CEO & Founder The ROI Guy Twitter: @tpisello @AlineanROI
  2. 2. What do these numbers have in common?62 % Of B2B vendors need significantly more leads in order to generate the same amount of sales (IDC)32 % Increase in the number of marketing campaigns buyers receive (SiriusDecisions, over past 5 years)59 % Of marketers think their content marketing is ineffective (CMII)
  3. 3. Frugal Cost of doing nothing + value of change > risks + costs of change SkepticalMore risk averse than everTired of traditional pitchesNeed personalized & Overloadedcompelling insight Doing-more-with-less > 100 emails, > 10 calls/day Less time for vendors In ControlFueled by Internet & social mediaOpportunities, you & your competitionInviting sales later (> 65% along)
  4. 4. 84% of buyers leverage white papers 35%King of Content > Webinars,Events, Emails, Case Studies 10% 23%Bad News: Utilization and frequency of use are DOWN year over year…
  5. 5. Differentiated Enough? Effective Enough? Personalized Enough?
  6. 6. Getting Prospects from “Do Nothing” to Yes Current Costs & Risks Priorities Benefits & Justification Value Differentiation Different Stakeholders & Higher Authority (eg CFO) Logical Risks > Gain Visual Appeal Self Centered Contrast Similarity and Association Emotional
  7. 7. Traditional White Papers Alinean Interactive White Papers Evolve • Differentiated • Personalized • Value • Old Brain + New Brain • Customer Intelligence
  8. 8. Compelling InsightQuantitative + QualitativeUnique Economic AnalysisClick here to see in action>
  9. 9. Proof3 x More leads than traditional white paper fueled campaigns150 % Average increase in qualified leads per campaign4 x Amount of customer intelligence captured and leveraged in MAP / CRM Evolve
  10. 10. Questions? Interactive White PapersAdditional Resources and Insight – Fight Frugalnomics Resource Center – Ask the ROI Guy Resource Center