Provocative Selling Required to Connect, Engage, & Sell to the "Do Nothing" Buyer


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Customers are forced to do-more-with-less. It’s easier for B2B buyers to “do-nothing” than change. 90% of buyers require a business case for new projects. 81% of buyers expect vendors to help prioritize opportunities and provide economic justification. Frugalnomics in Full Effect

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Provocative Selling Required to Connect, Engage, & Sell to the "Do Nothing" Buyer

  1. 1. Provocative Selling Required to Connect Engage & Sell to the “Do Nothing” Buyer Customers forced to do-more-with-less 61% “Keeping-lights-on” operations 24% Already designated projects 15% Discretionary funds for new proposals Purchase process is more complex More buyers involved in each purchase decision Average purchase 2010 2011 Growth process takes longer 16% 2009 4.3 months 17% 2010 5.6 months 7% More Economic Scrutiny CFOs have assumed signi cant additional responsibilities for several key groups: 43% Information Technology 39% Human Resources 38% Production 37% Customer Service 33% Marketing & Sales Easier to do-nothing than change It’s easier for B2B ! buyers to “do-nothing” than change 90% 81% Frugalnomics of buyers require a business case for expect vendors to provide economic is in Full Effect new projects justi cation To Fight Frugalnomics requires a new approach Yet most still sell using antiquated techniques: 10% Provocative 60% Traditional Value Selling Product Selling 30% Solution Selling Provocative Diagnostics Engage Diagnose with Interactive White Papers with Assessment Tools very sco Di Co Customer nsideration Buying Lifecycle on Differentiate Justify isi with TCO Tools with ROI Tools c De Use a provocative approach early in sales cycle to Consultatively help buyers uncover and prioritize issues and change the status-quo: 1. Con rm symptoms they were aware of, but could not name, 2. Illuminate new issues of which they might not have been aware, 3. Prioritize issues which require the most impassioned pursuit, 4. Quantify value of resolving the issue (creating urgency), 5. Recommend solutions to stepwise remedy the issues. Diagnostic Assessment Tools Components of a successful Diagnostic Assessment Tool: ol Click to view the to Survey Benchmark Comparison Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Assessment Diagnostic Outcome/ e tool Assessment Value Click to view th Trend Micro Risk and Roadmap Next Steps Compliance Assessment Advice Great the tool Examples Click to view Sage Pacer Survey powering B2B sales to economic buyers 2011 http://www.alinean.comAbout AlineanAlinean, the leading provider of dynamic sales and marketing tools, empowers B2B vendors to better sell to todayseconomic-focused buyer. Alinean-powered interactive white papers, assessments, ROI calculators and TCO comparisontools create more compelling value-based connections, workshops, presentations and proposals — delivering customizeddiagnostics, benchmarks, solution recommendations, bene ts, investments, ROI, payback and TCO advantage proof points.Leading B2B rms leveraging Alinean tools include: HP, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Dell, Intel, IDC/IDG, AT&T, Siemens, Unisys,Thomson Reuters, NetApp, Citrix, Symantec, Novell, Cisco, Oracle, Sybase, and CA.Learn more: at the Fight Frugalnomics™ Resource Center http://www., by visiting, or calling 407.382.0005.SourcesGeoffrey Moore’s Harvard Business Review article: In a Downturn, Provoke Your Customers can be found at: leading sales and marketing luminary, Seth Godin, holds similar points of view, outlined in this blog commentary at:Don’t Just Sell the Problem, Quantify It, at: Chiefs Expand Roles, Dana Mattioli, The Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2011-02-02 more examples of successful assessment tool programs, visit: