Leveraging Value Marketing Tools to Generate More Leads & Sales Ready Opportunities


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Overview of the need for value marketing tools and demos of some great customer success stories and examples of interactive white papers, diagnostic assessments and ROI / TCO Calculators.

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  • I am sure you are well aware, in this “do more with less” economy, buyers have fundamentally and permanently changed. Your prospects are more empowered in the decision making process, but at the same time more risk averse and frugal. Frugalnomics is in effect, and as a result, there are now:More stakeholders – 43% more according to IDC’s Buyer’s Experience Survey, growing to an over stakeholders per deal over the past 3 years. As the deal sizes grow to over $500,000, over 10 decision makers are involved. With more buyers involved, deals are more complex. Technical, financial and business roles all are participating actively, and all have different Points of Value, their perspective of the challenges, the impact of the proposed solutions, and the value derived.Decisions are taking longer – IDC reports that deals are taking longer, with the average decision cycle growing 30% longer over the past 3 years to more than 10 months. Likely you are frustrated over a lengthening decision cycle, and so are your prospects, who indicate they too would like the time reduced by 38%.Financial justification is a requirement – 95% of organizations now reporting to IDC that they require financial justification often before they’ll consider moving forward in the decision making process, and certainly with financial buyers prior to project approval. As well, 85% indicated they need 3rd party proof to believe the figures / results could translate for them.
  • <p class='intro'>How important is Financial Justification?.</p>The most important content is not product focused, peer / customer references and case studies, not industry trends, and not even competitive comparisons. According to the IDC 2012 Buyer Experience Study, Financial Justification / ROI was the most valued content by a wide margin. So, the big question remains: do you have the Financial Justification / ROI content and tools that your prospects need?
  • Source: e.g., Vendor , press, independent authority, peers Topic: e.g., Vendor assessment, ROI data, industry trends, product functionality, case study, white paper you might readDelivery format: e.g., a webcast you might listen to or a conference you might attendBuyers investing >$250K in IT give attribute greater importance to “Interaction with vendors’ technical teams” (31% vs. 24%) vs. “Consumption of vendor content” (28% vs. 37%)
  • When in this situation what do you do? Just like a pilot, you have to recognize you are getting ahead of the prospect and reduce the angle of attack, and at the same time, provide more fuel to generate more thrust…. And the fuel is critical value-focused content to help facilitate the prospect’s decision making. So how to apply the “fuel” the right value-focused content to get “Do Nothing” prospects to “Yes”.To prevent stalls get today’s more frugal prospect moving from “Do Nothing” to “Yes”, the prospect needs quantified, compelling answers to three key questions:1)  Why Change? – What is the compelling opportunity to address, and what are the costs / risks should it not be addressed? Deliver personalized, provocative insights and peer comparisons to “Quantify the Pain” – communicating and calculatingthe cost of “Do Nothing”.2)  Why Now? – Of all the priorities, why is this opportunity so beneficial that it should be addressed now? Provide the value messaging, visual storytelling and financial justification to “Justify the Gain”.3)  Why You? – How is your solution lower cost and better value than competitive offerings? Deliver the situational differentiation, quantified TCO advantages and incremental value to “Prove you are Not the Same”.It’s rough out there, but the good news is that there are value-focusedsales and marketing best practices you can use to overcome these issues:1)  Leverage provocative, interactive content instead of traditional marketing collateral to better engage prospects with more personalized, compelling insights, with analyses to help them understand the cost of doing nothing and value of change.2)  Arm sales with tools to help illuminate new opportunities, establish priorities for known issues, and better communicate and quantify the value proposition and competitive advantages.
  • Need the right research driven insights and content to transform to a value approach.
  • ChallengeADP, the leading provider of payroll and HR services, wanted to generate more sales ready opportunities for their Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. As well, ADP wanted to implement a Challenger approach to sales, providing a way for inside sales reps to engage earlier and more provocatively with prospects. However, in this “do more with less” economy, gaining interest from overworked middle market HR leaders and executives is easier said than done.SolutionAlinean worked with ADP to create the HCM Challenge, a nurturing campaign consisting of a provocative Interactive White Paper (IWP), helping prospects better understand their challenges and quantify the personalized benefits they can gain from ADP’s HCM services, and a Benefits Estimator, a diagnostic assessment and more detailed financial analysis, used to help prospects better understand their HR challenges and understand the quantifiable savings, risk reduction and business benefits ADP’s HCM solutions can deliver.The HCM Challenge tool is accessed by prospects as a self service tool from ADP solution portals, and by inside sales interactively with prospects in provocative engagements. From using the tool, prospects receive a completely personalized white paper and assessment / analysis PDF, helping them better understand and quantify the cost of “do nothing”, how ADP HCM solution can help them overcome their current issues and drive tangible bottom-line impact.The HCM Challenge interfaces with Eloqua to support the capture of leads, and the collection and sharing of intelligence and a copy of the analysis report for better nurturing.BenefitsSoon after launch, the tool provided a significant ROI for ADP, becoming one of the 3 best all time performing campaigns ever for ADP with over $1 million in pipeline and $250K in wins just in the first three months. Since that time, the campaign proves popular, garnering 150+ lead captures and report downloads each month and estimated $1.5M annual revenue impact. “Besides helping us achieve our sales-ready opportunity and revenue generation goals, the HCM Challenge tool won a prestigious Killer Content award from Demand-Gen, helping my group achieve one of our personal goals, to be publicly recognized for our innovation and achievements.”Click here to see the: •  HCM Challenge Interactive White Paper in action: http://bit.ly/1ib9m2i•  HCM Challenge IWP report: http://bit.ly/1aNjCeD•  HCM Challenge Value Estimator in action: http://bit.ly/16Ei1b3
  • ChallengeIt can be a challenge knowing which cloud solution is best for your particular workloads and business requirements: a private cloud, public cloud or hybrid solution?To help determine the best option, VMware worked with the business value experts at Alinean to create the VMware Cloud Compass Tool.SolutionThe VMware Cloud Compass Tool factors your unique workloads, budget goals, risk tolerance and desired business outcomes to provide a customized 3rd party recommendation as to the best cloud option for your unique requirements. The tool factors the most important elements to help guide your cloud decision, all in less than 10 minutes to complete.Starting with a few simple questions about your company and workload requirements, the tool then provides:•  A comparison of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for various compute options, differentiating the costs for on-premise with public and private cloud options, tallying differences in CapEx, OpEx and business benefits.•  An assessment of your Risk Tolerance, analyzing the importance of Availability, Governance and Compliance, Security and Privacy and Business Relationship Management in your selection of the right cloud platform.•  An assessment of Results Expectations, determining how important Accessibility, Business Responsiveness, Scalability and Cost & Accounting is to the cloud decision.Based on the workloads, TCO, risk and results assessments the tool delivers an online summary of the recommendation results, with an overview of the right cloud recommendation based on your unique factors and requirements.For a more detailed view, a complimentary customized white paper PDF can be downloaded and shared with your team, personalized for your specific workloads, budget, risk tolerance, desired business outcomes, and most importantly, cloud recommendations.BenefitsThe tool is responsible for over 450+ analysis each month, helping VMware customers better select the right solution, and help facilitate evidence-based strategy and purchase decisions. The tool is responsible for generating $4.1M in annualized new opportunities for VMware.Click here to see the tool in action: http://bit.ly/184A08R
  • ChallengeDell wanted to help prospects better understand the issues with cost, manageability and business limitations of traditional desktop environments, and how Dell VDI Desktop Virtualization could potentially reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and deliver incremental business value by comparison.  SolutionDell turned to Alinean to create the Dell Client Cloud Computing TCO Calculator, an online value-marketing tool run by prospects from Dell.com to analyze their current desktop TCO and challenges, recommend the right Dell VDI solution, and quantify the TCO and business advantages of Dell. Analysis results areeasily obtained by prospects in minutes and delivered graphically on-line and in a downloadable customized TCO analysis white paper. BenefitsThe tool is used to fuel email and on-line marketing campaigns, helping to increase response rates generating a substantial 800 incremental leads each month (estimated to drive $7M incremental revenue over the first 12 months), with improved lead quality and lead conversion rates over traditional static ROI / TCO white paper deliverables. Click here to see the tool in action: http://bit.ly/19ubu4b 
  • Alinean tools are highly customized for your campaigns, and built on a powerful Platform as a Service for faster time to market, scalability, higher functionality and superior results.The tools start with existing or new spreadsheets, PPT and Word documents, used to define the tool visuals, messages, storytelling and calculations. These are converted automatically by the Alinean PaaS into interactive tools. The Alinean PaaS alleviates the need for custom application programming, dramatically improving time to market and reducing evolution costs (change the spreadsheet, PPT and Word documents to change the content, business logic, etc).A centralized database is used to manage each of your value marketing and selling tools, and capture and save each customer entry, key results and reports.A management application is provided to obtain usage reports to track user engagement, and customer intelligence on each conversation / engagement via data mining. User administration is provided to manage versions and control identity / access.And finally, connectors help integrate the Alinean PaaS with your marketing automation platform (MAP) for lead capture and nurturing (collecting and sharing lead profile, inputs, key results and a copy of the report), CRM and Playbooks/ Portals (for direct execution and information sharing from within the guidance) and single sign on for streamlined access.
  • What makes Alinean different, and the best choice?Alinean tools can help you better ignite buying decisions, more quickly and less expensively create, evolve and deliver the tools your prospects demand, and deliver the 3rd party credibility they require.To help better create and evolve your value marketing and selling programs, the Alinean solution:•  Directly transforms your value marketing and selling spreadsheets, PPTs and Word documents into interactive on-line tools and Apps, with no application programming required.•  Delivers without requiring a fixed storyboard or calculation structure. Flexible to support your unique value storytelling and justification.•  Includes a builder and self-authoring, allowing you to quickly and flexibly create and evolve.•  Is supported by Alinean analysts, who will utilize the proprietary Value Framework to help you develop your value messaging, storytelling and quantification, and create the tools.To help ignite buying decisions, Alinean’s solution:•  Uniquely combines storytelling with justification, helping not just quantify the value you deliver, but leverage the financials to tell a better value story.•  Helps facilitate the entire buyer’s journey, from compelling insights and diagnostic assessments early in the process, to financial justification and TCO competitive comparisons in later stages.•  Delivers customized value messaging, storytelling and justification based on the role of each prospect in the decision making process (e.g. Technical, Business, Financial) and their unique challenges and value perspective.•  Includes easy to setup connectors to share customer intelligence with lead nurturing and sales process solutions.To help build credibility and trust with your customers, Alinean solutions:•  Deliver a 3rd party platform, calculations, benchmarks and metrics, required by 85% of buyers to gain trust in the vendor provided results. •  Provide dynamic insights, collected and aggregated from prior analyses.•  ValueBase™ benchmarks, an extensive database of key IT and infrastructure costs and performance / sizing metrics.•  Global support including regional analytics / metrics, currencies and languages.•  Certified PaaS, including SSAE 16 justification, security audits and testing, and data privacy protection (Safe Harbor).•  Guaranteed leads and best practice adoption programs to assure ROI results on Alinean tool investments
  • Leveraging Value Marketing Tools to Generate More Leads & Sales Ready Opportunities

    1. 1. Leveraging Value Marketing Tools to Generate More Sales Ready Opportunities Thomas Pisello CEO & Founder tom@alinean.com @tpisello www.alinean.com
    2. 2. Do More with Less More Empowered Less Time / Resour More Frugal Less Budget More Complex Less Risk Toleranc (1) IDC Buyer’s Experience Survey – 2013IDC BVS (2)
    3. 3. 50 % more opportunities needed to generate same 65 % indicate their content marketing is ineffective2 Traditional White Paper downloads are on the declin Same traditional content = Same re (1) IDC BVS (2) CMI (3) ZDE
    4. 4. Interactive White Papers Benefits Estimators ROI / TCO Calculato  + Guaranteed leads program
    5. 5. 20 % 5 % - More captured leads - Better conversion rate $180,000 – Incremental Revenue from Guaranteed Le > $1.0 million - Incremental Revenue over 12 mon Assumes 150 guaranteed leads, 100 incremental leads per months ongoing Average deal size = $75,000 , default demand waterfall metrics from SiriusDecisions
    6. 6. Five Steps to Value Marketing Success! 1 - Assess existing assets vs. New buyer requir 2 - Identify value storytelling & justification oppo 3 - Evolve current content portfolio 4 - Integrate across marketing & sales enablem 5 - With Intelligence & tracking -> Measure & im
    7. 7. Q&A Thomas Pisello CEO & Founder tom@alinean.com @tpisello www.alinean.com
    8. 8. Value Consultants