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Infographic: Content Marketing Optimization and the Fight Frugalnomics Revolution


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Content marketing budgets are significant and growing, yet most B2B solution providers indicate that current content marketing investments are ineffective.

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Infographic: Content Marketing Optimization and the Fight Frugalnomics Revolution

  1. 1. PROVOCATIVE, VALUEFocuse Conten Marketin Strategie Requiremen Content marketing budgets Buyers have fundamentally Achieving a return on content are significant and growing, changed, now more marketing investment yet most B2B solution empowered, skeptical and requires more relevant, providers indicate that frugal than ever before, a provocative, and value current content marketing condition called focused strategies and tools investments are ineffective. Frugalnomics. in order to successfully Fight Frugalnomics™ - connecting, engaging and selling to this new breed of buyer.CONTENT MARKETING INVESTMENTS ARE SIGNIFICANT Companies are spending more on content marketing to address this new challenge: MARKETING BUDGET ALLOCATED TO CONTENT MARKETING Marketing 51% SAID YES Content 26% AVERAGE COMPANY 21% 1000+ EMPLOYEES WE WILL 22% 100 - 999 EMPLOYEES INCREASE CONTENT 25% 10 - 99 EMPLOYEES MARKETING INVESTMENTS OVER THE 34% < 10 EMPLOYEES NEXT 12 MONTHSCRISIS IN CONFIDENCE However, current content marketing is perceived ineffective by over 41% of marketers 31% BELIEVE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE 40% BELIEVE BLOGS ARE EFFECTIVE 45% BELIEVE VIDEOS ARE EFFECTIVE 46% BELIEVE ARTICLE POSTING IS EFFECTIVE 50% BELIEVE WHITE PAPERS ARE EFFECTIVE 51% BELIEVE PRINT MAGAZINES ARE EFFECTIVE 53% BELIEVE CASE STUDIES ARE EFFECTIVE 55% BELIEVE E-NEWSLETTERS ARE EFFECTIVE 56% BELIEVE WEBCASTS ARE EFFECTIVE 72% BELIEVE IN-PERSON EVENTS ARE EFFECTIVETODAY’S BUYERS ARE MORE EMPOWERED MORE SKEPTICAL MORE FRUGAL Internet and social media Third party sources remain Over 90% require proof of fuels buying cycles most trusted content: bottom-line impacts Inviting sales later and later Demand lowest price / best 31% Industry Analysts Content Marketing into decisions value from every purchase 81% expect vendors to 29% Peers Content provide value proof-points Marketing 8% Vendors Content Marketing FRUGALNOMICS IS IN FULL EFFECT!TODAY’S BUYERS REQUIRE NEW STRATEGIES & TACTICS New marketing and sales enablement strategies are needed to Fight Frugalnomics – and effectively connect, engage and sell to this new breed of buyer. Content marketing, to be more effective, needs to facilitate the buyer’s journey, helping them navigate and progress through each step. B����-F�ug��n��i�u FACILITATING THE � BUYER’S JOURNEY Exploring Loosening of Commiting Commiting Justifying Making the possible the status quo to change to a solution the decision selection solutions DISCOVERY CONSIDERATION DECISION CONTENT MARKETING & SALES ENABLEMENT STRATEGY Validate / Create Align problem Help buyer Align solution Make the reinforce awareness with business identify needs with specific business case choice around a issues; drive in solving the set of business for change Prove best new problem urgency problem needs value PROVOCATIVE APPROACH VALUE APPROACH Engage Diagnose Justify Differentiate Interactive White Diagnostic Assessment Solution White Papers Feature Comparisons Papers & Webcast Tools & & ROI Analysis Tools & TCO Comparison / Events Case Studies ToolsNEW CONTENT TACTICS REQUIRED Content needs to be more relevant, provocative and value-focused to Fight Frugalnomics™ Provocative approach needed Personalization can dramatically early in sales cycle to better improve effectiveness: engage and diagnose. By Industry: 82% By Role: 67% Value approach needed later in sales cycle to justify and By Company Size: 49% differentiate solutions. By Geography: 29% New breed of more relevant, provocative and value-focused sales and marketing tools: Diagnostic Interactive Assessment White Papers Tools TCO ROI Analysis Comparison Tools Tools powering B2B sales to economic buyerssources: Junta42 and MarketingProfs, SiriusDecisions 2011, MarketingSherpa and KnowledgeStorm a customized Content Marketing Assessment from the Content Marketing Institute (powered by Alinean)