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Challenging Your Prospects From "Do Nothing" to Yes


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Buyers have fundamentally and permanently changed, and as a result, it's harder to connect and engage, sales cycles are lengthening, and worse, a large portion of your sales pipeline is stuck at status quo.

Research shows that the same old sales and marketing techniques aren't effective at breaking the status quo and getting buyers from "Do Nothing" to Yes.

Do you have the new tools and techniques needed to:

Break the status-quo and get buyers to actually connect and engage?
Get from "Do Nothing" to Yes?

This informative presentation by Tom Pisello, Alinean's founder and the ROI Guy, is transformative, specifically designed for marketers and sales enablement professionals to arm you with the insight and best practices to Fight Frugalnomics, break the status quo, and drive superior sales and marketing performance in 2012.

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Challenging Your Prospects From "Do Nothing" to Yes

  1. 1. Tom PiselloCEO & FounderThe ROI GuyTwitter: @tpisello@AlineanROIChallenging Your Prospects from“Do Nothing” to Yes
  2. 2. Today’s SpeakerTom PiselloCEO & Founder of AlineanThe ROI GuyWho’s Who in B2B Demand GenerationSerial entrepreneurEx-Gartner Managing VP Creating value-based interactive content marketing campaigns and diagnostic sales tools to break the status- quo, accelerate sales cycles and reduce discounting
  3. 3. What do these numbers have in common? Of B2B vendors need significantly more leads in order to generate the same amount of sales (IDC) Of deals are not lost to competition, instead are lost to the status quo (Sales Benchmark Index) Lengthening of the average purchase decision cycle over the past 5 years (SiriusDecisions) of buyers focused on price as primary decision factor, driving increased discounting by > 10% (U of Dayton)
  4. 4. Frugal Cost of doing nothing + value of change > risks + costs of change SkepticalMore risk averse than everTired of traditional pitchesNeed personalized & Overloadedcompelling insight Doing-more-with-less > 100 emails, > 10 calls/day Less time for vendors In ControlFueled by Internet & social mediaOpportunities, you & your competitionInviting sales later (> 65% along)
  5. 5. Decision Science Current Costs & Risks Priorities Benefits & Justification Value Differentiation Different Stakeholders & Higher Authority (eg CFO)New Brain Risks > Gain Visual Appeal Self Centered Contrast Old Brain Similarity and Association
  6. 6. Barriers to Yes?- Of prospects stick with business as usualbecause not seeing a quantified reason to change-Are not able to justify change on their ownTurn to you for help- Require 3rd party proof points & validation inorder to trust results
  7. 7. 65% To those setting 35% To those winning the buying need bake-off Product Research Micro-sites Brochures Demos / 90% of Content not Sales White Papers leveraged by sales Trials Competitive 41% of marketers believe content ineffective Case Studies PPTs Comparisons Videos Blogs & Webinars • Not Aligned Newsletters • Too long • Not Relevant Enough • Not Differentiating EnoughForrester • Customer Intelligence?Content Marketing Institute
  8. 8. Interactive White PapersPersonalizedQuantitative + QualitativeCompelling InsightClick here to see an example >
  9. 9. Benefit EstimatorsCost of “Doing Nothing”BenefitsClick here to see a sample >
  10. 10. Diagnostic Assessments Issue Illumination Peer Comparisons Solution GuidanceClick here to see a sample >
  11. 11. Financial ROI / TCO ToolsCost of “Doing Nothing”Benefits vs. InvestmentTCO Comparisons Click here to see a sample >Key CFO Financials
  12. 12. Proof
  13. 13. You Need an Edge … Yes = Old Brain Appeal + New Brain Logic From Status Quo to Yes From Marketing to Sales Integrated Customer Intelligence 3rd Party Credibility & Experience
  14. 14. Next Steps and Resources• The Opportunity• The Solutions – Value Marketing – Value Selling• The Proof• Resources and Insight – Fight Frugalnomics Resource Center – Ask the ROI Guy Resource Center