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Buyer FrugalnomicusChallengeYour“DoNothing”ProspectstoYesYour Prospects Are...OverloadedForced to do-more-with-lessDeals w...
Accelerate your Buyer’s Journey with AlineanWhy Change?You need personalized insights and di-agnostics to help illuminate ...
Justify with ROI / TCO ToolsWith CFOs involved in more approvals than ever, how do you provide credible finan-cial justifi...
Benefits of Value Marketing▪▪ Personalize to better connect and engage▪▪ Drive 50% more qualified leads than traditional w...
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Challenge Your “Do Nothing” Prospects to Yes


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Challenge Your “Do Nothing” Prospects to Yes
Help your prospects quantify the cost of doing nothing and the value of change.

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Challenge Your “Do Nothing” Prospects to Yes

  1. 1. Buyer FrugalnomicusChallengeYour“DoNothing”ProspectstoYesYour Prospects Are...OverloadedForced to do-more-with-lessDeals with hundreds of vendor e-mails & calls each weekHas less time for vendors & purchase decisionsSkepticalMore risk averse than everTired of traditional product pitchesWon’t engage unless you offer compelling insightEmpoweredInternet & social media are fueling their buying cyclesKnows more about you & your competitionSales invited later, when up to 60% of decision cycle is completeFrugalWill purchase only if benefits significantly outweigh investment+risksNeed personalized messaging, insights & quantification to justify changeMeet the Challenge withValue Marketing & Selling ToolsYour prospect won’t migrate from “Do Nothing” to “Yes” unless they see a quantifiedreason to change: that there is a significant “cost of doing nothing”, that the solutioncan deliver tangible bottom line impacts, and that your solution represents lowertotal costs and superior competitive value.Your traditional white papers and PowerPoint presentations are not personalizedand compelling enough to get prospects to take action.You need to evolve to new interactive value-focused marketing and sales tools tohelp Fight Frugalnomics – delivering the value messaging, insights and financialjustification needed to more effectively connect, engage and sell.SiriusDecisions22%Lengthening of the salescycle over the past 5 yearsU of Dayton64%decisions made on price,leading to a significantIncrease in discounting90%Of buyers “Do Nothing”because they can’t see aquantifiedreasontochange2/3Of Buyers don’t have thetools needed to justify thevalue of changeIDC85%Require 3rd party research& tools in order to believethe justification resultsSales Benchmark IndexUp To60% sales opportunities stuckat Do Nothing
  2. 2. Accelerate your Buyer’s Journey with AlineanWhy Change?You need personalized insights and di-agnostics to help illuminate issues andquantify the “cost of doing nothing”.Why Now?You need to deliver financial justifica-tion to increase proposal priority.Why You?You need to prove that your solutionrepresents the lowest total cost of own-ership (TCO) and best competitive value.During each phase of the journey...You need Alinean Value Marketing and Selling Tools to illuminate the “cost of doing nothing”, quantify the value of changeand prove superior value - challenging your prospects to move from “Do Nothing” to “Yes.”Createmoresales-readyopportunitiesEvolve from traditional white papersto more effective Interactive WhitePapers & Benefit Estimators – deliver-ing personalized compelling insights,provocative diagnostic assessments,quantified current costs and benefits.Empower Sales to engage earlierand more effectivelyEvolve from “death by PowerPoint”to more provocative and compellingengagements – providing targetedstorytelling and interactive financialjustification with ValueStory™.Provide financial justification tofrugal buyersEvolve from spreadsheets to ROI/TCOTools, delivering more credible CFO-readybusiness cases and elevating beyondpurchase price by providing competitivecost and value comparison tools.
  3. 3. Justify with ROI / TCO ToolsWith CFOs involved in more approvals than ever, how do you provide credible finan-cial justification that can pass CFO scrutiny?Alinean ROI / TCO Tools can be used by Sales to prepare CFO-ready business cases,delivering credible 3rd party validated financial justification.The online tools provide just what your reps need to create customized andcompelling value proposals, calculating the ROI, payback, TCO comparisons andcompetitive value advantages of your solution.Alinean ROI / TCO Tools have been proven to significantly reduce the time neededto prepare customized business cases, accelerate sales cycles, reduce discountingand improve competitive win rates.Connect with Interactive White PapersBased on your prospect’s persona, an Alinean Interactive White Paper assemblesand delivers a more effective customized PDF download.Using an online form, the Interactive White Paper collects basic profile informationsuch as industry, location, size, role and challenges. The profile is analyzed andcustomized positioning, insights, value messaging, quantification, visuals, videosand case studies are assembled and delivered to the prospect.Alinean can turbo-charge your demand-gen efforts, and generate significantly moresales-ready opportunities by developing new interactive white papers for you, orbreathing new life into aged white paper assets.Engage with Benefit EstimatorsAlinean Benefit Estimators provide your prospects with a quick, personalized analy-sis to help identify issues, quantify the high “cost of do nothing”, and financiallyjustify your solutions.Profile information is collected to benchmark current spending and practices, rec-ommend the best solutions and calculate potential benefits – delivering an on-lineanalysis, and customized white paper download.Alinean Benefit Estimators are used to power more effective on-line nurturingcampaigns, or to help sales engage earlier.Challenge with ValueStory™It’s time to evolve beyond PowerPoint, and truly engage your prospects with pro-vocative insights, compelling storytelling and customized justification.ValueStory, a new interactive guided selling App – leveraging benchmarks andcustomer intelligence collected from all prior engagements to provide dynamicdata-driven insights, diagnostic assessments and cost justifications, coupled withvisual storytelling, intelligently assembled based on your customer’s challengesand needs.Empower your sales teams and channel partners to engage earlier and more ef-fectively with ValueStory.
  4. 4. Benefits of Value Marketing▪▪ Personalize to better connect and engage▪▪ Drive 50% more qualified leads than traditional white papers▪▪ Advance your prospects through the buying journey fasterBenefits of Value Selling▪▪ Engage earlier with compelling and provocative insight▪▪ Accelerate stalled deals and sales cycles by 20-30%▪▪ Reduce discounting by 20%Alinean, empowers B2B vendors to fight Frugalnomics and sell to today’s economic-focused buyer via the development and deliv-ery of interactive value selling and marketing tools. Alinean-powered interactive white papers, diagnostic assessments and ROI /TCO calculators create more compelling value-based connections, presentations and proposals —generating more demand, chal-lenging the “do-nothing” buyer into action, accelerating sales cycles and increasing deal size. Learn more at: Bottom LineYour prospects have fundamentally and permanently changed – more empowered,overloaded, skeptical and frugal than ever before – a condition called Frugalnomics. As aresult, the majority of current deals are stuck at “Do Nothing”, sales cycles have significantlylengthened, and discounting has increased.Traditional white papers and PowerPoint presentations are no longer effective. You haveto deliver the personalized, compelling insight buyers need to help make tough purchasedecisions and justify purchases to more frugal decision makers.You can effectively Fight Frugalnomics with interactive value marketing & selling tools –quantifying the pain, justifying the gain and proving you are not the same.Join leading B2B firms already leveraging Alinean’s value selling & marketing tools including:HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, SolidWorks, ADP, ShoreTel, OfficeMax, AT&T and more.Learn more by visiting, or calling 407-382-0005.How Do You Get Started?Vist http://www.alinean.comor call 407-382-0005to schedule a free consultationvaluemarketingCreate more Sales-Ready Opportunities▪▪ Connect with Interactive White Papers▪▪ Engage with Benefit EstimatorsvaluesellingImprove Selling Effectiveness▪▪ Challenge “Do Nothing” with ValueStory▪▪ Justify & differentiate with ROI/TCO tools