Go-to-Market in the Cloud Trends and Challenges


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Go-to-Market in the Cloud Trends and Challenges

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Go-to-Market in the Cloud Trends and Challenges

  1. 1. Contact: Leahanne.Hobson@Alinea-Partners.com
  2. 2. With the Introduction of Cloud Computing …Where have all our partners gone?Forrester‘Cloud transformation will lead to the attrition (read:elimination) of up to 15% of the channel.’Gartner Group‘Attrition under cloud transformation will eliminate 40% of theexisting channel.’
  3. 3. Cloud ComputingAnd where are they going?Nontraditional ChannelsOutsourcery signs partnership agreementwith Virgin Media BusinessInternational Expansion
  4. 4. Conventional channel …business models and customer engagementswill lead to decliningrevenue and profit opportunitiesunless solution providers change– and continue to change –everything they think about the marketand their role in it.
  5. 5. Scary?And a bit uncomfortable?
  6. 6. old products & services becoming less valuablecloudtransformationis disruptive
  7. 7. Easier for vendors to sell direct... making traditional resellers less relevant
  8. 8. Survival – not to mention profitability and viability -requires radical change in business models & go-to-market structures– which the majority of solution providers are ill equipped for, and– the majority of vendors continue with traditional approaches... Nimble, agile ‚transformation‘ is required
  9. 9. It’s not about Programs…… it’s about experiences …. communities … inflection points… paradigm shiftIt’s not about Vendors, VADs, VARs, SI, etc….… it’s about what you know, what you can do, who you can access/refer to. It’s behaviourialIt’s not even about multichannel ...… It’s about diversified ecosystems and community buildingAnd, it’s no longer about ‘gives & gets’ either …… it’s about out of the box GTM combinations for mutual winsAleneaPartners GmbHGetting the Context Right
  10. 10. Service is the new Value Proposition ….…. Oh yes….wasn’t it always ??
  11. 11. Banks are at risk of losing +50 % of customersas they struggle to provide more personal customer experiences.Within the next six months, 10% of retail banking customerssurveyed globally are likely to leave their bankand an additional 41% of customerssay they areunsure if they will stay or go.
  12. 12. The new Buying ProcessResearchShopSelectPurchaseUseRecommendRepurchaseSupportPotential Relationship End
  13. 13. All about ServiceImprovement Innovation• Become a slave to the customer journey• Create a customer service team• Support self service, mobile and web interactions• Use analytics to understand behaviours• Retain context across channels• Bridge gap between customers and the business
  14. 14. Biggest CMO Challenges• Explosion of data– Understand individuals as well as markets– Mine new digital data sources to discover what individual customers want• Social media– What is your Corporate Character?– How can you use that to create relationships?– Invest in the right technologies to support you• The proliferation of channels and devices– Mix of on and offline community development• Shifting consumer demographics– At least 80% of CMOs rely on traditional sources of information such asmarket research & competitive benchmarking to make strategic decisions. +60% rely on sales, campaign analysis, etc.– Less than 40% are tracking social media dialogue
  15. 15. 71% data explosion68% social media65% growth of channel63% shifting customerdemographics
  16. 16. Temperature Check – what about you?• Have you reconciled your direct vs. indirect strategies? How manynontraditional organsations are targeted?• Do you know which of your partners are most likely to go under in the next18 months?• What does your partners’ hiring funnel for sales and marketingprofessionals look like? How strong is marketing?• What are you doing to support partner service development for support,licensing, customization, provisioning and management?– What about advanced business applications and analytics?• Do you treat your sales force as a homogenous group?• Do you still treat your custmers as a, somewhat, homogenous group?• How many hyper-growth partner business plans do you have (+10M)?• How good is the end customer research that you provide your salesforce?• How many partners have their own intellectual property as adifferentiator?• Who thinks this is a phase?
  17. 17. Scary?And a bit uncomfortable?Need Help?
  18. 18. Alinea Partners Consulting• 2005: HQ: Vienna, Austria (circa. 30 SMEs European-wide)• 2013: Marketing campaign, lead generation and nurturing capabilities are a globalcapability and run through a preferred partner (Offices: Brussels, Sofia, Singaporecirca. 60 SMEs).A European Business Services NetworkWe offer strategic go-to-market programs that help companiesachieve new levels of growth – changing or evolving businessmodels to more effectively compete in new markets, positionmore competitively, partner and sell better and define newrevenue opportunities.
  19. 19. Competencies• Strategy, Business Model Design and Go-to-Market• Multichannel Sales Enablement• Channel Growth– New, nontraditional channel development/partnering• Marketing• Social Media Mentoring Programs and Analytics• Big Data Crunching, Analysis and Persona Development• Lean Start-ups– Business planning, customer feedback, Boarddevelopment, funding contact support• Cloud Computing: High Technology, Telecommunications –organisations of all sizes
  20. 20. AlineaPartnersConsultingAlineaPartnersConsultingCloud ComputingB2BTelecommunicationsOperatorsSmall and MediumBusinessesStart-UpsSalesforcePartners/Channel Alliances
  21. 21. AlineaPartnersConsultingAlineaPartnersConsultingStrategy, BusinessModel Designand Go-to-MarketMultichannel SalesEnablementChannelGrowthMarketingSocial MediaMentoring Programsand AnalyticsData Crunching, AnalysisSegmentation and PersonaDevelopmentSpecialPrograms
  22. 22. Strategy, BusinessModel Designand Go-to-Market• Due Diligence• Research• Value PropositionDevelopment• Realtime CustomerFeedback• Product/ServiceRequirements• Business Plan Deveopment/Evolution•Interm Management•Project Management•Lean Start-Up
  23. 23. Multichannel SalesEnablement• BusinessTransformation• Change Management Strategyand Communications• Partner/SalesPrograms• Customer Touchpoint ServiceEvaluation• Channel Mapping• Cloud, Solution, InnovationWorkshops• Strategic Alliance/PartnerRelationship Management• Telesales• Channel Audits• Kick-off MeetingContent/Programs• ERP Process Analysis•Mentoring/EducationChannelGrowth
  24. 24. Marketing• Leverage asset value of mountains of customer data• Monitoring & Measurement• Traffic Handling/Lead Management• Marketing Planning & Impact Potential• Impact Campaigns• Adoption Push Campaigns• Competitive Campaigns• Loyalty Campaigns• Optimizing resource allocation across channels & silos• Sales-Marketing Alignment• Telemarketing• Lead Nurturing• Mentoring• Interim ManagementData Crunching, AnalysisSegmentation and PersonaDevelopment
  25. 25. Social MediaMentoringPrograms andAnalytics• Getting Started• Tips & Tricks• Mentoring• Content Development• Creating Impact Moments• Using Video Effectively• Referrals/ Influencers• Website Improvements• Monitoring & Measurement• Traffic Handling/Lead Management
  26. 26. SpecialPrograms• Financing and Management for ‘Orphan’Projects/Services/Products• Nearshore Fufillment
  27. 27. Addendum
  28. 28. CHANNEL MAPPING –The Foundation Strong Channel Development and Partner Program success
  29. 29. BrandingStrategic priorities:Partner Value Propositions & BenefitsPartner Contributions & Participation• Program name + logo• Segment nomenclature• Level designations + logos• Artwork & terms of use• Other relevant terminologyUSPs:• Channel economics (full-spectrum model)• TCO sensitive• Commercial entitlements• Sign-up process• Participation criteria• Value-based configurator (calculator)ProgramAdministration• Soft benefits• RationaleImplementation & Roadmap:PreparationPREVIEW Steady-state industry-leading programLonger-term evolutionProgramBudgetProjectPlanLong-termComms PlanOn-boarding& trainingCollaterals,Tools andPortalecosystemPhase 1Execution & Support InfrastructureCustomer value:Channel Map:Project Framework – Pro Forma
  30. 30. WorkgroupsFace theChallenge• Identification of potential solutions• Requirements for solution• Quantification of measureable recovery•• Overview of innovation challenge• Definition of loss (Metric)• Identification of value chain involved• Measures to overcome to date & results• Timing• QuestionsInnovation WorkshopsSAMPLE:ned Community of biased/nonbiased Subject Matter Experts from Ecosysw product/service launches, go-to-market and other innovation experiPresentation ofSolutions• Present• Vote• Award• Plan of Action led by Winner (Actions, Timelines,Owners, etc.)
  31. 31. IntegratedMarketingandCommunicationWorkingValuePropositionsEnsure you are getting the most out of yourmarketing spend. Make sure sales andmarketing are aligned and results are beingachieved.• What is an integrated approach?• Best Practices• How to say ‘No’ and to what• Sample PlansDevelop a winning value proposition –Not just Brochureware.’•What are you building and for whom?•It is about satisfying a customer need.•It is not about your product/service.Marketing Step Change – Training OverviewSAMPLE:
  32. 32. ImprovingRelationshipsMarketing& SalesUsing SocialMedia WiselyTrainingAnd1:1 MentoringOptions•Understand the possibilities & defineyour goal• How to get started• Tips & Tricks• B2B Successes• Content Ideas• Traffic ManagementMarketing Step Change – Training OverviewSAMPLE:
  33. 33. CloudDecision MakingNavigating the Cloud•Is there a ‘Cloud Option’ foryour company?•What are your options?•What are other companiesdoing?•Overview of the affect the Cloud inhaving on•Business Design•Traditional Channels•Buyers• Trends to watch for• Companies to watchCloud Step Change – Training OverviewSAMPLE:Designing anagile,scalableCloudBusinessModel•Value Proposition•Customer Segments•Go-to-Market•Customer Relationships•Revenue Streams•Etc….