RURENER partners and pilot communities


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Presentation of 12 Partners and 14 pilot communities made at RURENER kick-off meeting in France in February 2009

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RURENER partners and pilot communities

  2. 2. Kommunale Umwelt-AktioN U.A.N.  environmental association of towns and municipalities in Lower Saxony; founded in 1985 Consultance of local authorities concerning their environmental task; mainly water management Representation of municipal interests in policy making PR work Project « climate change and communities »  
  3. 3. • The Technological Education Institution of Kavala (TEI KAVALAS) is a Technical University with the main campus based in the city of Kavala (Eastern Macedonia-Thrace region) in northern Greece. 504 members of Academic staff, 101 members of Technical and administrative, 11.200 students • 4 Faculties : Business Management & Economics; Applied Technology; Agricultural Technology; Health Science) Department of Forestry and Natural Environment  Management is based at the Drama campus 46 members of Academic staff; 11 members of Technical and  administrative personnel ; 797 students Teaching and research on 4 areas : Sustainable development  and management of mountain and forest areas; biomass energy; natural environment constructions; information technology for sustainable mountain management.
  4. 4. ruralnet|uk ruralnet|uk is a not-for-profit rural development organisation that supports rural individuals and groups to be more effective and efficient. We do this in a number of ways, which includes:  innovation & development  networking (online & offline)  knowledge transfer  collaboration & partnership working  provision of guidance & information We can also work with non-rural organisations through our wholly-owned trading subsidiary ‘RNUK Ltd’
  5. 5. ruralnet|uk and RURENER Provide ICT expertise to the creation and on-going development of the project website – for knowledge transfer, sharing best practise and networking Deliver training sessions to partners on how to update the website and make the most of Web 2.0 functions Investigate translation issues and provide options that will enable greater networking between pilot communities Add value by introducing, where possible, rural communities in the UK that could benefit from the outcomes of the project
  6. 6. ADIMAC & MASSIF CENTRAL RANGE Interregional association of industries and  local authorities supported by Government Economic development and spatial  planning in the Massif-central range. Area of action : mountain issues, ICT,  Energy, environment, tourism... Renewable energy sources : 80% of local  production and 21% of consumption (2006) White book for a sustainable building  sector in Massif-central (2008) : 21 actions to be set-up, identified by the building sector professionnels
  7. 7. PEYRELEVADE Mayor : Pierre COUTAUD 850 inhabitants  mountainous area in Regional  natural Park main installations : wind power  station; wood boiler; solar installation for warm water main activities : information  and experience sharing ; visits annual energy party
  8. 8. Joint community of SAINT ETIENNE DE LUGDARES President : Marc CHAMPEL 1016 inhabitants  6 villages  average altitude : 800 m  main installations : wind power  farm; main activities : House of energy  to get awareness and give information
  9. 9. SAINT JEAN D'ALCAPIES Mayor : Jérome ROUVE 260 inhabitants  mountainous area in Regional  natural Park main installations : solar power  station, wood boiler, Alcapia (innovative public building producing and saving energy) main activities : information and  experimentation in Alcapia, welcome groups and share experience... Major stake for the future : saving  energy in public and private existing buidings
  10. 10. IREALP - Research Institute for Ecology and Economy Applied to Alpine Areas Carries out technological and scientific research relating to the application of economy and ecology to Alpine areas. Actively supports Lombardy’s planning and strategies on development policies of Chiuro mountain areas. Areas of action: mountain issues, GPS, energy, environment, cultural heritage, ICT. Milano Research / Project finalized to individualize a path, best practices and actions, aimed to improve energy performance of an area. Pilot community is a Municipality very sensitive to environmental issues and already EMAS certified. Research finalized to draw up standards and guideline about landscape planning of renewable energy plants (solar, photovoltaic, biomass, wind energy system etc.). It will be included into the Regional Territorial Landscape Plan (PTPR).
  11. 11. IREALP MISSION •To enhance an integrated research approach to economy, environment and society •To improve the sustainable territorial development •To involve the local stakeholders in european networks
  12. 12. IREALP as trait d’union among local European Union stakeholders, Lombardy Region, European Union IREALP Lombardy Region Local stakeholders
  13. 13. TIRANO Mayor : Pietro DEL SIMONE Deputy mayor (our contact): Gianmartino DELLA VEDOVA 9044 inhabitants mountainous area main installations : biomass CHP plant based on an Organic Rankine Cycle turbogenerator (equipped with 2 biomass fired hot water boilers and 1 biomass fired thermal oil boiler); photovoltaic energy system main activities : supplies with district heating and electricity (an overall efficiency of about 89%). Major stake for the future : energy saving
  14. 14. ROMANIA Location: (Southeastern) Central Europe Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 2) Area: 91,725 sq. miles (237,502 sq. km) Flag of Romania: Three vertical stripes: red, yellow and blue. Population: 21,200,000 (2008) Ethnic Groups: Romanian 89%, Hungarian 7.5%, Gipsy 1.9%, German, Other 1.6% Religions: Christian Orthodox 87%, Roman Catholic 5%, Protestant 5%, Jewish Official Language: Romanian Currency: Romanian Leu (RON) Climate: Temperate, four distinct seasons Capital: Bucharest (Bucuresti)
  15. 15. BACĂU COUNTY Located in the central area of the North-East Region of Romania, at 302 Km distance from the country’s capital, Bucureşti County residence: Bacău Infrastructure: European roads, railways, international airport Development: On a national scale, Bacău County is on the sixth place, achieving approximately 4,5% from the total production of Romania
  16. 16. The University of Bacau, one of the main universities in UNIVERSITY Romania, operating in the OF BACĂU forefront of research and training, is recognized nationally and Engineering Faculty internationally for outstanding Faculty of Economic Sciences quality of its teaching activity. Faculty of Sciences Faculty of Movement, Sports and Health Sciences Faculty of Letters
  17. 17. CĂLIMĂNEŞTI-CĂCIULATA 8174 inhabitants Spa resort in Vâlcea county, near the Mayor: Ilie Nemeş Meridional Carpathians, on the banks of the Olt river Main installations: Geothermal exploiting systems that capture water at 90-950C, distributing it to hotels, administrative buildings and apartments through the heating system Main activities: Economical activities of the town are developed around the mineral water resources Major stake for the future: Extension of the heating system, thermal isolation of the blocks of flats and administrative buildings.
  18. 18. TAŞCA 2715 inhabitants Rural community in Neamţ county, Mayor: Alexandru Drăgan very close to Ceahlău mountain and crossed by Bicaz river Main installations: Boiler plant (2.5 MW) that uses the sawdust collected from Taşca and neighboring communities Main activities: Cooperation with the Danish government in using heat from the biomass plant Major stake for the future: A project to selectively manage the domestic waste and another one, concerning the burning of the waste in order to obtain heat water and electric energy.
  19. 19. Structure Leading cooperative group + INTERCOOP 4 cooperatives+ 4 limited societies + SPAIN Intercoop foundation Area: Provinces of Castellón and Alicante “High commitment in rural / territorial sustainable Address: development” Pol.Ind. SUPOI-8, C/ Dels Ibers 24 12550 ALMASSORA (Castellón) MAIN FIELDS OF ACTIVITY: Zip code: 12550 Phone: +34 964 503 250 Fax: + 34 964 563 950 Contact Person: Rosario Checa INTERCOOP Photovoltaic Installation E-mail: Olive cultive Dried fruits Services Web site:
  20. 20. ADZANETA DEL Cultural and archeological settings dating back MAESTRAT the Bronze Age (Atzeneta del Maestrat) SPAIN Population: 1.462 (2007) Adzaneta’s Castle has Area: PROVINCE of Castellón been declared a Municipal Natural Address: Plaza Mayor nº 2 Park Atzeneta del Maestrat (Castellón) Zip code: 12132 Phone: +34 964 370018 Fax: +34 964 370298 Mayor: Joaquim Escrig Escrig Relevant natural E-mail: patrimony. Great potential for renewable energy sources Web site:
  21. 21. EnerMaTec GmbH and the region of Brunswick a new company, founded in 2008, as centre of a network supported by industries and local authorities economic development and engineering of new products with partners area of action: renewable energy, energy efficiency, biomass pilot communities in a distance of 30 km Renewable energy sources: a.o. 40 biogas plants (2007) Mission statement for sustainable energy production and application, Enkom e.V. (2007) process of an exhibition in our region for the department of environment protection and climate protection in lower saxony (2009-2011)
  22. 22. EnerMaTec GmbH and the mayors of their pilot communities Andreas Memmert Walter Penshorn Matthias Wunderling-Weilbier Mayor of Schladen Mayor of Wesendorf Mayor of Schöningen
  23. 23. Schladen (joint community) Mayor : Andreas MEMMERT 9,700 inhabitants community joined to the Harz Mountains in the north main installations: wood chip boiler; solar installation for warm water; photovoltaic panels on several roofs main activities: annual energy meeting; exhibition at a solar installation company Major stake for the future: Beuchte as 2nd low-emission-community in lower saxony; saving energy in public and private existing buildings
  24. 24. Schöningen (town) Mayor : Matthias WUNDERLING-WEILBIER 12,700 inhabitants brown-coal mining area in the east of the region main installations: waste incineration plant (cap. 525,000 t/a); wind power farm; 2 combined heat and power units; photovoltaic panels on several roofs main activities: energy consulting service; annual energy event Major stake for the future: saving energy in public and private existing buildings
  25. 25. Wesendorf (joint community) Mayor : Walter PENSHORN 15,000 inhabitants area in the south of the Lüneburg Heath main installations: 4 biogas plants; 1 with a steam pipe to consumers; solar installation for warm water; photovoltaic panels on public and private roofs main activities: energy consulting service; new private consumers for a steam pipe Major stake for the future: saving energy in public and private existing buildings
  26. 26. AILE Local Energy Agency specialized in agriculture and rural issues in western France Test bench for tractors Support to wood chips and biogaz projects Local and territorial studies Organization of visits, conferences…
  27. 27. Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research The Hungarian Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Action Programme expresses the country’s determination to reach a share of renewable energy consumption of at least 6% by 2010. Until 2020, Hungary aims at covering 11% to 15% of its energy demand from RES. Independent R&D organization The Environment and Energy Operational Area of action : applied R&D in co- Program is one of the 6 Operative operation with large enterprises and Programs of the 2007-2013 New Hungarian SME-s, transfer of know-how and the Development Plan which relates to the EU application of technologies in National Strategic Reference Framework. products and processes
  28. 28. NAGYPÁLI Mayor : Tibor Köcse 380 inhabitants mountainous area main installations : Building with solar system, pellet heating system, geothermal system for heating and cooling, wind rotor, main activities : organization of how-to training, conferences, development of a best-practice book about RES projects, creation of a regional energy concept and development plan
  29. 29. PERKUPA Mayor : Zoltán Molnár 941 inhabitants mountainous area main installations : Plans to build an air-conditioner and a heat-pump assembling factory. main activities : Preparation of projects and initiatives based on the utilization of RES and creation of new work opportunities related to these activities
  30. 30. Kairos S.p.A. • Italian management consultancy company, founded in 1990. • head office in the north-east of Italy (Venice) • permanent staff of about 30 professionals • provides an array of services at local, national and international level : - training for employed people in public or private sectors on various topics : Quality, Accreditation, Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Communication, Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Fund Raising, Customer Relationship Management; - human resources development; - elaboration and management of special training activities; -development and implementation of competence evaluation tools;...
  31. 31. List of most relevant projects  Project NOW: in this program Kairòs S.p.A. developed two training programs for women in Venice and Padua area. In addition Kairos follows all the monitoring and valuation activities of the project in Italy; Project TEMPUS: Open Learning project for university researchers was developed with the partecipation of University of Coimbra, Padova and Bucarest. Kairòs S.p.A. provides the general model for the concrete realization of open learning and part of the training material (1993 - 1994);  Project ESF C1 Brainframe: an experimental research upon the best practices in e- learning and distance training in Europe, especially among Small and Medium Enterprises. The project aims at formulating some recommendations for the Veneto Region relating to the use of eLearning in life-long-learning projects.