Tutorial Digital Generation em Inglês


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Tutorial Digital Generation em Inglês

  1. 1. TUTORIAL, HOW TO MAKE FROM 1$ TO 100$ A DAY! Yes, it’s all true… Today we can earn from 1$ to 100$ every day just by let our pc working for us. How? With the Digital Generation Project. Now let’s see what’s the project and how to join it: JOIN THE DIGITAL GENERATION PROJECT, FREE! Digital Generation is an international organizazion, based in S.Francisco. Their mission is to expand the limits of possibility. Their goal is to create the most powerful super computer in the world by combining the computational power of all computers. (this type of computer is uesed to climate modeling, calculating satellite orbits, bio-mechanics and other areas) SHARE YOUR PC CALCULATING POWER UNUSED, AND EARN MONEY. Do you know that we use only some parts of the calculating power of our PC? So you can share your pc calculating power unused with DigitalGeneration, AND THEY WILL PAY TO YOU TO DO THIS! MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR SHARING, AUTOMATIC! You will be paid for all the power you've shared, so more processor power you share, more you will earn. And the best thing is that you don't have to do nothing to make money! All you have to do is to download and install the Digital Generation software and leave the computer "on" every day. The minimum earning is 1,00$ a day, the maximum is 100$ a day! You can withdraw your earings in any moments, there is not a minimum amount that you have to reach before. You can be paid with Payza, Perfect Money, Paypal (soon), and Bank Transfer! PROMOTE THE SYSTEM AND EARN ON YOUR REFERRALS DigitalGeneration gave us the opportunity to earn more money simply by promoting the system with our friends, online, with websites, forums.  20% from first level referral's daily earnings.  10% of all the income that your referral earns on their referrals.
  2. 2. You can invite your friends with your referral link, written in the website. This is a great chance to start a new work! OK, BUT HOW WORK THE SYSTEM EXACTLY? It’s very simple to understeand how this is possible. They make available for us some “THREADS” that are like tasks that our pc has to complete. Their software, called coin generation, work on these threads for us via our pc. SO MORE THREADS WE HAVE OPEN, MORE MONEY WE WILL EARN: Example: 1 THREAD 2 THREAD 5 THREAD 10 THREAD 1$ A DAY 2$ A DAY 5$ A DAY 10$ A DAY 30$ A MONTH 60$ A MONTH 150$ A MONTH 300$ A MONTH 160$ 6 MONTHS 360$ 6 MONTHS 900$ 6 MONTHS 1800$ 6 MONTHS 365$ PER YEAR 720$ PER YEAR 1800$ PER YEAR 3600$ PER YEAR AND SO ON! This is only a part of the economic potential of this business. As you can see in the plan you get paid for every thread that you have opened in Digital Generation. IS THERE A THREAD LIMIT? Yes, the limit is 99 threads, AND WE WANT TO REACH IT! (99 threads are 99$ a day!) Otherwise the real "limit" is yours pc performances because every threads takes a little bit of pc processor calculating skills for share it, so more powerful is your pc more threads you can support and more money you can earn. EARNINGS ANNUAL PLAN:
  3. 3. As you can see in the earnings annual plan it’s required a minimum investment to buy every single thread. Let’s analyze it… The first thread it’s FREE for all, for 30 days to try the system. So in these 30 days you can test the system, withdraw money, make your considerations and decide if continue or not. One thread cost 50$ and will be on for 12 months, so you invest 50$ to have 365$! Very good no? Ok, after this clarification i think that you want to continue. The TRIAL thread can make our investment really low, only 20$... why? Because if we earn 30$ with our trial thread in a month, we will add our 20$ and finally we can buy our first ANNUAL thread and don’t invest anymore! You can see this EXCEL file to understeand that make to you a detailed projection of your future earnings with this system, open the link below: http://splash.payingptc.net/earnings.xls STEP-BY-STEP REGISTRATION: Go on the Digital Generation Website by following this link: https://coingeneration.com/auth/new/118044 This is the website of Digital Generation.
  4. 4. After click on “Register” and fill the module registration with your details and click the “send” button. Ok, Now confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email received by digital generation. After re-open the digital generation website and click on LOGIN. Now you can log in with your email and your password. Very good! This is the main page of the digital generation website, and you can see on the menu: HOME, DOWNLOAD, HELP, CHAT, PERSONAL, TICKETS. You
  5. 5. have now to do the last ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION, for security reason: Click on “PERSONAL” by the menu. (this process is obligatory for have the free trial thread) Insert your cellphone number with your National Prefix before your number without any additions like + or spaces. WRONG: + RIGHT: + +39 394949494 39394949494 +39 it’s the ITALY international prefix. Use your own!
  6. 6. You now will receive an SMS on your phone with a code like 139033 from a +44 number. Reply at the same number with a message with the code inside. (without any additions) Now if all it’s well done, you will see after a few minutes your account verified! When you’ve finished the verification of your account you have to download the “coin generation” software from the section DOWNLOAD and install it on your pc. Follow the instruction of the installation process. CLICK ON threadmanagersetup.exe to begin the software installation
  7. 7. IMPORTANT: I’ve scanned personally with AVAST, AVIRA this software and it’s free of any kind of virus, Trojan, spyware etc etc… be sure! Ok, this is our ThreadManager software on our Desktop... Open it! As soon as the software is open, the TRIAL THREAD may start immediately. And you will start earn your first $ cents. Remember that to earn Fully from 1 thread you’ve to let your pc open 24h/24h. IMPORTANT: If will not appear your free trial thread automatically after 1 or 2 hour from the verification of the account, open a TICKET from the Digital Generation Website! (trial department). They will answer between 24-48h.
  8. 8. SOFTWARE GUIDE STEP-BY STEP Excellent! Now we can study deeper the Thread Manager software. It’s a very simple software and the interface it’s very simple and user friendly. As you can see the software it’s very easy to understeand. There are these sections: ACCOUNT, AFFILIATE, SETTINGS, SCRIPTS, MESSAGES. ACCOUNT: In this section you can shutdown the software, and you can see your token (a code that synchronize your software with the website, it has to be the same of the website). You can also refresh your Threadmanager if you’ve buyed more threads and you want to see them on the counter. AFFILIATE: You can see here how many referrals you have. The referrals are people that has registered by your referral link. So you will earn money from them. STATS: See the image on top of this page. SETTINGS: At the moment it’s not available. SCRIPTS: In this page the software show you how many scripts you are calculating for digital generation with your pc. MESSAGES: Here you can see the Digital Generation official communications.
  9. 9. COMPLETE THE PROFILE WITH YOUR PAYMENTS DETAILS: Ok, at this point all you have to do is to complete your payouts details. You can be paid with PAYZA, PERFECT MONEY, PAXUM. (PAYPAL WILL BE AVAIABLE SOON) So if you don’t have an account on these online payment platform, you have to open it (for free). You can also be paid on your BANK ACCOUNT, so insert your bank details in the apposite module. IMPORTANT: THE MINIMUM PAYOUT IS ONLY 1$. YOU CAN WITHDRAW EVERYTIME YOU WANT!
  10. 10. HOW TO SEE THE STATISTIC DETAILS: You will be able to see your statistics details from the personal section of the website. Clicking on “PAYMENTS”: Here it go. You can see now your account balance statistic (thread earnings and referral earnings). It will be updated every 24 hours. HOW TO REQUEST A PAYMENT: To request a payment go on “payments” in the “personal” menu on the website and click on “request payout of your earnings”
  11. 11. After choose your payment methods, in my case it’s PAYZA: Click OK and the payment it’s done! You can now check on your PAYZA account. CONTINUE READING >>>
  12. 12. HOW TO BUY MORE THREADS: It’s very simple to buy more threads, go on PAYMENT>THREADS and click on BUY MORE THREADS. You can buy up to 99 Threads! Select how many threads you want and click BUY THREADS. IMPORTANT: If you have not enough money to do it, you can ADD FUNDS to your account balance.
  13. 13. DO YOU HAVE SOME PROBLEM WITH THE SYSTEM OR YOU WANT HELP? - You can first read the HELP and FAQ section - You can chat with other experienced USERS in the CHAT - You can OPEN a ticket from “TICKET” section on the menu. - You can send an email on support@coingeneration.com or info@coingeneration.com Think that this company it’s relatively new, and it’s possible to have some problems and issues with the system. So don’t worry and try to solve it with the recommendations done before. The reply time from the Digital generation it’s about 1-2 business day. Thanks very much for reading this tutorial. Hope you will enjoy! Digital generation tutorial © All rights reserved. EVERY REPRODUCTION, ALSO IN MINIMAL PARTS OF THIS TUTORIAL WILL BE REPORTED TO AUTHORITIES. USE IT ONLY FOR YOUR PERSONAL PURPOSE AND DON’T TRY TO RESELL IT BECAUSE IT’S COPYRIGHT REGISTERED. creaprofitto@gmail.com