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Porter's five forces Apple (Bappi)


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It will help to present in porter five forces.

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Porter's five forces Apple (Bappi)

  1. 1. Porter's Five Forces Apple Prepared by | BAPPI DAS ID : 71517053 University of dhaka (THM)
  2. 2. Michael E. Porter Born in 1947. Professors in Harvard Business School.  Introduced Porter's 5 Forces Model. Written 18 books & over 125 Articles
  3. 3. Porter’s Five Forces Model Competitive Rivalry Threat of Substitutes Products Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers New Entrants
  4. 4. Apple So I am here to describe Porter’s Five Forces Model for the analysis of “Apple”
  5. 5. About Company April 1st, 1976 – Founded January 3rd,1977 – Incorporated Headquarters – Cupertino, California Co-founders – Steve Jobs, Steve Wojniak CEO – Tim Cook Industry – Computer software, computer hardware, consumer electronics. Revenue- US$ 75.9 Billion
  6. 6. Products and Figures Hardware - Mac(personal computer series),Apple Remote Desktop Software - Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server ,Quick Time, i Life, i Work, Logic pro, Cinema Display etc. Consumer Electronics - i pod, i pod hi-fi, i phone, Apple TV Employees - 19,787 full-time ; 3,399 temporary (March 31,2007) Retail stores - 183( 1st in Manhattan, New York) Competitors - HP, IBM, DELL
  7. 7. Products Competitors
  8. 8. EXISTING RIVALRY Windows OS and media player for playing music and video ( Microsoft)  Competition to Mac OS X (Linux)  Alternate sources of computer hardware (Dell, HP, Lenovo)  Small stylish MP3 players (Creative, Samsung, Sony)  Online music stores similar to itunes stores (Napster) 
  9. 9. THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS Streaming audio and video with v-cast (Verizon)  On demand online services (similar to i-tunes)  New entrants with disruptive technology (The “next google”) 
  10. 10. BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS Suppliers of processors and computer memory (Motorola, IBM, Intel) Strategic alliance/supplier of Mac (Microsoft) Supplier of tv and movies (Disney, ABC, Fox, Sony) Sources of music (BMG, Sony, Warner, Universal)
  11. 11. BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERS Customers share music using peer-to-peer networks without paying for music (Ares, Limewire) Retailers may pressure for lower prices or better terms (Distributors) Consumers/Businesses may reduce spending on computers if they fear economic downturns (Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors) Consumer Refresh Cycles
  12. 12. THREAT FROM SUBSTITUTES Satellite radio for music (XM, Sirius) Entertainment media, media and music (XBOX, PS2) Alternative means to acquire music (Music CDs, DVDs) Alternative sources for videos (Cable, Broadcast, Theatres)
  13. 13. opportunities threats weakness Strengths
  14. 14. Customer Royalty Unique Products and services Strong Leading and Strong Marketing Share Increase
  15. 15. Add new product Promote new segment International reach Strong growth of mobile market
  16. 16. Product price Product launch delays Weak distribution channel Limited product
  17. 17. Competitor with new technology Changing customer preferences Very limited ability to customize other smart phone in the market
  18. 18. Porter's Five Forces Model of Apple by Rishabh
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