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Policy prescription for Tourism (bappi)


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Policy prescription for Tourism development in Bangladesh

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Policy prescription for Tourism (bappi)

  1. 1. Welcome To My Presentation Name : Bappi Das ID : 71517053 Tourism and Hospitality Management University of Dhaka
  2. 2. ““Policy Prescriptions for TourismPolicy Prescriptions for Tourism Development in Bangladesh”Development in Bangladesh”
  3. 3. • Tourism comprises the activities of persons traveling and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes What is Tourism?
  4. 4. Types of Tourism • Leisure Tourism • Cultural tourism • Religious tourism • Family Tourism • Sports Tourism • Health Tourism
  5. 5. • Cox's Bazar • Sundarban • Rangamati  • Bandarban • Kuakata • Srimongol • Lalmai Moinamoti and  Shalbon Bihar • Paharpur Buddhist  Monastery Tourism Industry in Bangladesh
  6. 6. • Tourism The Next Driving  Sector of Bangladesh  Economy. Economic Aspects of Tourism Industry
  7. 7. • create better communication channel for the International Tourists Organizations in Bangladesh. • Tourism friendly environment. • Need to make potential tourism market for domestic and also foreign nations. • The investment both the government & private sectors • Develop Human resource for tourism sector. Policies for Tourism Development in  Bangladesh
  8. 8. • To ensure the participation of physically challenged people. • Protect women rights and ensure their participation in the tourism sector. • To research on tourism industry, to survey international markets and to analyze the data. . • Support the small tourism based industries • To comply with whichever duty imposed by the Government Policies for Tourism Development in  Bangladesh
  9. 9. • Tourist arrivals to Bangladesh likely to exceed 1.30 million by 2020. • Target to contribute to the GDP at least 4% - 5% from this industry • Liberal & easy travel system • The investment both the government & private sectors Bangladesh Tourism Vision 2020
  10. 10.  Poor image of Tourists destination.  Lack of transport links (air, sea transport connecting major tourist destinations).  No political stability.  Lack of proper marketing plans for tourism products  Lack of funds and technical expertise problems
  11. 11. • Up-date the present tourism policies in Bangladesh compare to the world tourism market • Government should develop infrastructure & road network connecting Dhaka will all attraction of Bangladesh. • Needed proper marketing plans for selling tourism products. Recommendations
  12. 12.  Political stability is most important part of successful tourism policy.  We should allocate funds in the national budget and initiate immediate loan system for private sector tourism entrepreneurs & tour operators including BPC to create more facilities. Recommendations