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Companion Gardening Suggested Books - Oalprp

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Companion Gardening Suggested Books - Oalprp

  1. 1. Companion Gardening Suggested Books Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening Louise Riotte (Author)This gardening classic was first published in 1975, and now a second generation of gardeners who prefer pest-resistant planning to chemicals will find a place for it on the shelves. Not only does it tell what to plant with what, but also how to use herbal sprays to control insects, what wild plants to encourage in the garden, how to grow fruit and nut trees, how to start small plots or window-box gardens, and much more. Its one of the most practical books around for any gardener of edibles, no matter how serious or casual. Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC; 2 edition (January 2, 1998) ISBN-10: 9781580170277 ISBN-13: 978-1580170277 ASIN: 1580170277 Good Bug Bad Bug: Whos Who, What They Do, and How to Manage Them Organically (All You Need to Know about the Insects in Your Garden) Jessica Walliser (Author) Good Bug Bad Bug lets you quickly identify the most common invasive and beneficial insects (and other tiny critters) in your garden, and gives the best organic advice on how to attract the good guys and manage the bad guyswithout reaching for the toxic chemicals. Garden expert Jessica Walliser also offers strategies fordealing with the new bugs in town, those worrisome strangers that are starting to show up as aresult of climate change. Thirty-six bugs, presented in full color on laminated stock, with concealedwire binding. Sturdy enough to take into the garden for easy reference. Spiral-bound: 90 pages Publisher: St. Lynns Press (June 1, 2008) ISBN-10: 9780976763192 ISBN-13: 978-0976763192 ASIN: 0976763192 Great Garden Companions: A Companion-Planting System for a Beautiful, Chemical-Free Vegetable Garden Sally Jean Cunningham (Author) Discover the secrets of a naturally pest-proof vegetable garden with Great Garden Companions. Let master gardener Sally Jean Cunningham show you how to keep pests and diseases at bay with her unique companion-gardening system. By planting special combinations of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, you can minimize pest and disease problems and create a high-yielding, beautiful garden! Paperback: 288 pages Publisher: Rodale Books (May 19, 2000) ISBN-10: 0875968473 ISBN-13: 978-0875968476
  2. 2. The Organic Gardeners Handbook of Natural Pest and Disease Control: A Complete Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Garden and Yard the Earth- Friendly Way (Rodale Organic Gardening Books) Fern Marshall Bradley (Author), Barbara W. Ellis (Author), Deborah L. Martin (Author) Rodale has been the category leader in organic methods for decades, and this thoroughly updated edition features the latest science-based recommendations for battling garden problems. With all-new photos of common and recently introduced pests and plant diseases, you can quickly identify whether youve discovered gardenfriend or foe and what action, if any, you should take. The plant-by-plant guide features symptoms andsolutions for 200 popular plants, including flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and fruits. The insect-and-disease encyclopedia includes a photo identification guide and detailed descriptions of damage readersmay see. The extensive coverage of the most up-to-date organic control techniques and products,presented in order of lowest impact to most intensive intervention, makes it easy to choose the best control. Paperback: 416 pages Publisher: Rodale Books; Original edition (February 2, 2010) ISBN-10: 1605296775 ASIN: B004MKLRX8 Bob Flowerdews Complete Book of Companion Gardening [Paperback] Bob Flowerdew (Author) Flowerdew explains the interesting and beneficial interactions between different plants, between plants and animals, and between plants and their environment. Paperback: 176 pages Publisher: Kyle Cathie; 5th edition (October 28, 2004) Language: English ISBN-10: 1856265692 ISBN-13: 978-1856265690 Companion Gardening Resource Websites * ** *GH Organics- Lots of Information on Companion Plants, Critter Trouble & Insect Control ** Living History Farm- Lots of Information on History of Pesticides Information Provided by the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District