Bothwell Organic Community Garden - Glasgow, Scotland


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Bothwell Organic Community Garden - Glasgow, Scotland

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Bothwell Organic Community Garden - Glasgow, Scotland

  1. 1. Bothwell Community GardenFunded by the Climate Challenge Fund,construction of the Bothwell CommunityGarden began in 2010 on land leased by Grateful thanks to the following organisations for fund- BothwellSouth Lanarkshire Council. Since the endof May 2010 members of all ages andabilities have been able to sow and grow ing and help in setting up our Garden: Geo.Waterson, Architects; South Lanarkshire Council; Climate Chal- Communitytheir own organic vegetables. lenge Fund; Community Woodland Association; Wood-Raised Beds and PolytunnelsThe garden comprises 62 raised beds, six land Trust; WoS Dry Stone Walling Association; Royal Society of Arts; Scottish Power Green Energy Trust; Garden Awards for All; Voluntary Action Fund; Central Scotlandof which are narrowed for easy access Green Network; Community Wildlife (Big Lottery);with another six lowered for use by junior Community Service Volunteers Action Earth, Scottishgardeners from local schools and nurseries. Natural Heritage; SLC/Greenspace. Thanks too to thoseTwo polytunnels are used for sowing seeds others who have donated their time, advice or moneyand to lengthen the growing season. to help improve the Garden.Orchard and soft fruitA new orchard of mixed fruit varieties hasbeen planted and an area is set aside forgrowing soft fruit. Bothwell Organic A Growing SuccessBog garden and wild plantingA new bog garden was created by Community Gardendraining the land and wild flower meadowplanting maximizes biodiversity within the 30 Blantyre Roadgrassy spaces. Native shrubs and treeswhich will provide shelter and food for Bothwell G71 8PJbirds have been planted along the Email: bothwellcommgarden@yahoo.comperimeter fence.
  2. 2. T h e Or ga ni c G r owe r s of Bo thwe ll at t he Bo thwe ll Com m uni ty G ar de nOur Community Growing Together: Reducing CO2 Emissions: Promoting Good Health: Outdoor activity, walking, cycling, green Individuals, families, groups, schools Encouraging members to walk or cycle gym Experienced gardeners, novices Composting, preventing food waste Increased consumption of fresh, organic Volunteering going to landfill vegetables and fruit Partnerships with Scottish Water, Producing local food Recipe book. Brighter Bothwell, Bothwell Horticultural Reducing, Re-using, Recycling Society. Rainwater collection Opportunities For Children: Solar (Photovoltaic) Panels. After school groups, child minders, nurseriesOur Community Learning Together: Garden provides secure setting for children Sharing skills to ‘learn by doing’ Training events Growing food, bird watching, minibeasts, Children and young people Cooperative physical activities in fresh air. Enhancing the garden Ensuring sustainability.Our Community Showing Together: Visitors from other similar projects, Visiting other similar projects, Participation in Bothwell Horticultural Society‘s Annual Show. Working With Nature: Organic methods and ethos Companion planting Promoting biodiversity—bog garden, wild flowers, beekeeping Action For The Future—Today: Recording observations. Sustainable planting—two orchards Fifteen year lease Letting Nature Do The Work: Making Bothwell a Better Place Wormeries Protecting, promoting biodiversity Attracting pollinators A Legacy for the next generation Attracting natural predators by Sharing, influencing others Providing nest and bat boxes, Promoting best practice. Planting native shrubs and flowers.