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Social media

  1. 1. BySophie, Alice,Elliot and Nat.SOCIAL MEDIA
  2. 2.  The noticeable networking site, which was launched in 1997. It allowedusers to create a profile and list their friends and searchtheir friends lists as well, but these were features couldbe found on other website, such as dating was the first social networking site thatwas able to combine the features of been able to look atother friends , search for friends and create profile andfriends list, it wasn‟t till later that other networking siteswere able accomplish this. Even though failed in its early years, itdid create a pathway for others to follow on how toachieve a successful social network site. Af ter it shutdown, the rise of many others followed which thenbecame successful site, which many are still around now. Before YouTube there was other video websites thatexisted and many are still around today. You had GoogleVideo (25th January 2005) Vimeo (November 2004) andMetacafe (July 2003) All of these when they first startedup had very little sharing abilities, and had troubleuploading, due to technology at the time as well aswatching the videos took a long time. But these were thebuilding blocks that lead YouTube to become created. YouTube started up 14 th February 2005 by SteveChen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. They independentlyowned it till 2006 when Google brought them out for1 .65 billion dollars. YouTube has a lot of features sincethe beginning with friends lists, ability to uploadvideos, commenting, making playlists.THE HISTORY
  3. 3.  There were several social networking sites before the popular ones everyoneuses today such as Facebook and Twitter. Everyone before Web 2.0 did not usesocial networking, people were still using old types of communication such astelephones, email and sending letters. The WELL was the first social networking site established in 1985. The namestood for Whole Earth „Lectronic Link and was created by Stewart Brand andLarry Brilliant. The site itself gathered over 2000 members, which is a tinyproportion compared to Facebook users today. Topics of discussion would bedivided into „conferences‟ which particular topics of member interests such asarts, health, business, regions, hobbies, spirituality, music, politics, games, software and many more.Other social networking sites followed many years later: (1994) Geocities (1994) (1995) MySpace (2003) Facebook (2004) Bebo (2005) YouTube was first founded on February 14 2005. 8 months later, more than$11.5 million had been invested into the site. Over 65000 new videos werebeing uploaded daily in July 2006.DATE IT FIRST WENT ONLINE
  4. 4.  The current owners of YouTube are Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and JawedKarim. YouTube was first founded on February 14 2005. 8 months later, morethan $11.5 million had been invested into the site. Over 65000 newvideos were being uploaded daily in July 2006. YouTube is nowcurrently owned by Google, which was bought for $1.65 billion. Google is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. Apartfrom YouTube, Google owns a whole list of websites that allow users toshare a large range of media. Google also own a social networking site called Google+, currently usedby over 500 million people, compared to their rivals, Facebook whichhave over a billion users. It was set up in June 28, 2011; it offersfeatures similar to FaceBook but claims to be a chain of websites forGoogle‟s online properties.THE CURRENT OWNERS
  5. 5.  There are many forms of social media thatallows people to create, share andexchange information and socialise withpeople online. YouTube is an example of this. Anyone cancreate a YouTube account by using anemail address and creating a password.You can also access YouTube withouthaving an account. To listen to music yousimply type in the song you would like tohear into the search box and select the oneyou want from the range of options. You can also share songs onto other web2.0 sites, such as Facebook and Blogger byselecting “share” and then choose from arange of options of how to share it, such asembedding, emailing or selecting the siteyou would to share it on. You can also view how many people haveviewed the video and how many peopleliked and disliked it. You can also viewcomments on the video by scrolling downthe page.HOW YOUTUBE WORKS AND HOWAUDIENCES USE THE SITE
  6. 6.  With a YouTube account you can like, comment and add videos toyour favourites. This is as simple as selecting the “like” or“comment” key. To add a song to favourites or to add it to agroup of “watch later” you can simply select the key marked bythat name. This allows people to view how popular the video isand discuss the video with others by commenting. YouTube also allows you to add videos of your own onto YouTubeto be viewed by others. This is as simple as downloading thevideo onto the site. This allows anyone to contribute to a YouTubetrend, such as Harlem Shake, planking or create their own trend.Sharing their own videos may also allow people to share talentsto be viewed and commented on by others and may eveninfluence labels to sign them. YouTube also has a converter that allows you to download songsfor free. This is illegal. Due to YouTube site being so popular anda way of life, the use of an illegal site influences the audience touse it and view it as an ethical thing to do.HOW YOUTUBE WORKS AND HOWAUDIENCES USE THE SITE, CONTINUED….
  7. 7.  YouTube can be accessed today through avariety of different ways on mobiles, iPodsand tablets. The arrival today of fast 4GInternet makes it quick and easy to accessYouTube and stay in touch with lovedvloggers and their updates on new videos.The download rate of EE Internet is now 50megabytes per second, which is equal tobroadband in your own home. This wouldmean it is also quick and easy to uploadyour own quick videos of yourself, anddownload loved videos. The YouTube app allows you to browsemillions of videos, including most viewed,top rated and days featured videos, easilyallowing you also to search for wantedvideos. You can also access your YouTube accounton phones or iPod/ tablets to access yourfavourites, playlists and uploaded videos.Also to see comments and how many viewsyou have on your own accessible videos.EXAMPLE OF TECHNOLOGICALCONVERGENCE
  8. 8.  Uploading videos is a veryeasy process, and onlyusually takes a few minutes.There are other apps for freewhich you can download toedit videos on technology, soit would make them a moreprofessional video. A YouTube community is builton YouTube, where peoplecan comment on otherVloggers videos and haveconversations. The videos accessed are alsoin high definition.EXAMPLE OF TECHNOLOGICALCONVERGENCE, CONTINUED…
  9. 9.  800 million visit YouTube worldwide everymonth. People who have relatively grown upwith the Internet expanding will be more likelyto use YouTube. 58% of the US populationuse YouTube. 67% of this is ages 18- 34. Music lover profiles- 2 million people online 81% of all music lovers are on YouTube Globally YouTube‟s market share is 20 timeslarger than its nearest competitor. YouTubedelivers 44% of its 201 million videos viewedglobally and China‟s Youku with only 2.3%behind it. Youtube‟s share of market went upastonishingly 24% in a year, from November2010- November 2011. However in December 2012, Facebookbecame the top social networking site with61.46% and youtube only being 22.2%AUDIENCE/SHARE OFMARKET/POPULARITY
  10. 10.  At the moment the mostpopular vlogger isNigahiga, who currently has7,345,864 subscribers. Hismost famous video, with15,789,955, was "How to Bea Ninja". He has a very uniquestyle of vlogging, withhumorous comedy sketchesthat are entertaining andhilarious.
  11. 11.  Charlieiscoollike has 1 ,918,624 subscribers. Hisvideos are mostly to do with his daily activitiesand uploads videos weekly to show what activitieshe has participated in. Vloggers are popular onyoutube, prosumers can interact with each otherbecause you can consume with other vloggers. Thisalso means people can come away frommainstream artists and celebrities. Charlie McDonnell was the first YouTuber to reach1 million suscribers af ter this his channel wasspotlighted on YouTubes front page in theEntertainment category af ter being the first UKchannel to reach a million subscribers. He now is a successful musician member of thechameleon circuit; creating music inspired byDoctor Who. In 2010 he also presented tv show FirstT Valongside Nicola Pollard and Piers Morgan. Thisconsisted of trying to break Guinness Worldrecords and telling jokes.,Also presented YouTubeaudience awards and British academy of Britishand Television arts awards. This shows that original individuals can succeedwithout being seen by media Gods andgatekeepers.CHARLIEISCOOLLIKE
  12. 12. Long tail theory: This links to social media due tothere being a huge variety ofproducts available on theInternet for people to consume.This has been shifted away froma small number of mainstreamartists at the head of demand.Vloggers are part of the creationof the niche in the tail. Withpeople being a lot more creativetoday on web 2.0‟s withinsocialising with videos. Socialmedia on the Internet is easierfor people to interactwith, rather than beingconsumed outside the media.AN APPLICABLE THEORY
  14. 14.  This link shows how social media may be in the future. Thisdemonstrates what may be normal to us in the future and howwe will communicate differently. Web 3.0 is the internet of the future. It is the portablepersonal web that is focused on the individual and what theywant. Web 3.0 will be more connected, open, and intelligent,with semantic Web technologies, distributed databases,natural language processing, machine learning, machinereasoning, and autonomous agents.THE FUTURE