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[Infographic] Four Key Questions To Answer About Your Business Website
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[Infographic] Four Key Questions To Answer About Your Business Website


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Making informed business decisions is critical for moving your business forward. Last year, thousands of Alignable's business owners shared their insights on products and services with each other. Throughout 2016, we’re going to assemble the best of these insights into infographics you can turn to when making decisions for your business.

Our first whirl at creativity focuses on the four key questions you need to answer about your business website before you invest any of your time or money with it. There are numerous vendors out there from whom to choose. Some are free (like Wordpress), some are easy to use (hey there, Squarespace), and some have the best customer service in the game (we’re looking at you, GoDaddy).

Check out the infographic below to learn four key questions to ask, all based on data collected from the best in the business: other small business owners like you.

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