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Situational Awareness and Why It's Important


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Situation Awareness, What is it, Why is situation awareness important and much more. This is extremely vital for ccw concealed carry permit holders.

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Situational Awareness and Why It's Important

  1. 1. Situational Awareness and Why It’s Important
  2. 2. What is situational awareness?
  3. 3. Situational awareness is using our senses, mainly sight and hearing, to actively inspect our surroundings
  4. 4. How can we improve situational awareness?
  5. 5. ✘ Put your phone away, face up and forward, and take your earphones out ✘ Don’t take your two most important senses out of the game ✘ Pay attention to landmarks and street signs and don’t be afraid to call out for help
  6. 6. Awareness and concealed carrying
  7. 7. ✘ Situational awareness is especially important while carrying; you might be able to avoid a confrontation entirely if you are paying attention ✘ Stay near open business, houses with lights on, and well lit areas in general ✘ Having a gun does not mean you have to use it
  8. 8. Practice situational awareness
  9. 9. It may seem silly to practice situational awareness, but if you practice listening and seeing it could save your life
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