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Tongue Cleaner to Refresh Your Breath


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Tongue Cleaner to Refresh Your Breath

  1. 1. Tongue Cleaner to Refresh Your BreathWant to clean your tongue effectively ? You can basically use the back of your toothbrush to dothis but if you want a complete ways to do it , tongue cleaner is the answer for it. It is one of theway on how to get rid of bad breath articles we have on our website .How Tongue Cleaner Help to Refresh Our Breath ?From various academic study , scientists have found out that one of the culprit for bad breathproblem is due to unclean tongue . Unclean tongue will harbor the accumulation of various bacteria . These bacteria will create plaque film . Instead of that , they will also release smellygas due to their metabolic process . The uneven surface of our tongue make the number ofbacteria trapped inside it increase. This is where tongue cleaner came into action . Tonguecleaner act by cleaning away all the left over food particles in our mouth by vigorously scrappingit outside . If you only brush your tongue , there are possibilities that some of the food particleswill still be intact there. This food particles will encourage the growt of bacteria in our mouth .Tongue cleaner will make sure the number of food particles reduce dramatically. 1/4
  2. 2. General Tongue CleanerThere is a study that stated , by using tongue scraper , it will reduce the amount of VSC (Volatile sulfuric compound ) up to 75 % compare to using toothbrush that only account for about45 % reduction of VSC . They also stated that even though the tongue coating was successfullyremoved by both of these methods , the overall effect of VSC reduction is more towards tonguecleaner rather than tooth brushing. It clearly showed that tongue scraper is more effective whendealing with oral hygiene for your tongue than tooth brush alone.Source : Clean Tongue using Tongue Cleaner 2/4
  3. 3. General Benefit of Cleaning Your Tongue*Make a fresher breathBy cleaning our tongue , we will eliminate up to 500 million type of bacteria that reside in ourmouth . By doing this, we will reduce the amount of smelly gas produce by this bacteriadramatically. It will then make our breathe fresher .Sources :*High level of oral hygiene*Increase overall general healthThere are also some diseases which are being linked to bad oral hygiene . The diseases arelike pneumonia . A good oral hygiene will surely increase our health status and avoid our bodyfrom being infected by various disease .What Type of Tongue Cleaner to Use ?If possible, find an ergonomic tongue cleaner . This type of tongue cleaner will help you cleanaway any trapped foods particle effectively. 3/4
  4. 4. Ergonomic tongue cleaner Want to Buy Tongue Cleaner ? You can view several type of tongue cleaners below : We hope all the information above will help you on choosing ways on how to get rid of bad breath by using tongue cleaner . Please give your feedback to all of us. We appreciate it . Copyright 2012 Read more here Want to read more. Click Here 4/4Powered by TCPDF (