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Blink Fitness: Promotional Campaign


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Promotional Campaign created as a final project for an Advertising and Promotion class.

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Blink Fitness: Promotional Campaign

  1. 1. 2015 Promotional Campaign BY: Alicja Fratczak, Michael Irwin, Joshua Loden, Jillian Reiner & Bradley Cabral
  2. 2. Promotional Role Statement ● The goal of this promotional plan is to increase the customer base of Blink Fitness by not only attempting to gain new customers, but also to engage with current members and encourage membership renewal. ● This promotional plan will explore ways in which to raise brand awareness in order to position Blink Fitness as the top competitor in the low cost gym industry among an established target market. ● This promotional plan will take into account evolving trends and interests and their effect on the market.
  3. 3. Blink Fitness is targeting towards 18-35 year old men and women who are health conscious and look for convenience, updated gym equipment, and a welcoming environment, all at very affordable price point. It is evident that staying fit and putting a bigger focus on making healthier dietary choices is something many New York millennials are increasingly identifying with. A modern and ‘hip’ gym like Blink Fitness is expected to appeal to young men and women who want both quality and value in the services they purchase. Geographics Target Market The immediate geographic target is the city of New York City as well as Long Island and New Jersey where Blink Fitness gyms are located, with the potential goal of expanding to the rest of the Tri-State Area.
  4. 4. What is Blink Fitness? Blink Fitness launched in early 2011 and has 17 company-owned locations in the NY metro area. ● Staff is enthusiastic and love the members. A chain of gyms that attracts young people with a lower budget and who are looking for a friendly, accommodating, and welcoming place to work out. ● A growing competitor in the industry because of it’s affordable memberships fees, which start as low as $15 a month. ● Blink Fitness gyms are clean and modern, with state-of-the-art cardio and strength machines and easy-to-use workout menus ● Blink Fitness offers nationally certified personal trainers. Each blink location offers 30-minute personal training sessions as well as small group training, our most popular program, blink Boot Camp.
  5. 5. Role of Promotion To drive short & long term volume that will give potential to acquiring new loyal customers, build brand awareness, as well as encourage repeat purchase of monthly memberships, thus building loyalty among new & existing customers. Short term volume: to change consumer and trade behavior. By encouraging and continuing purchase intent by building brand loyalty. Drive member acquisition, retention and community engagement through member marketing. Develop annual and long term marketing objectives, strategies and tactics
  6. 6. Competition ● 900 locations ● Large market share in the affordable gym industry. ● welcoming environment and are famous for being a ‘no judgement’ zone. ● Basic membership prices start at $10 a month. Weakness: Due to its enormity, many people are dissatisfied with their experience there. ● Offers very unique and entertaining classes that bring in new customers and makes up for a higher price point. ● offers many discounts and deals throughout the year, allowing many to sign up for less than the official membership fee Weakness: While Crunch offers discounts, the membership is less affordable than Blink Fitness
  7. 7. Objectives The promotional plan will outline various promotional tactics applied throughout the year. During the year, the goal is to increase the number of new customers by 30% and ensure that at least 75% of existing customers renew their membership. As part of an effort to engage customers and become more involved in the Blink Fitness community, our goal is to increase social media by the following: 10 thousand followers on Instagram 30 thousand likes on Facebook
  8. 8. Strategies In order to achieve listed objectives, various strategies will be implemented throughout the course of the year: ● In order to generate trial, we will introduce low-risk trial incentives that will attract the potential customer to join one of Blink Fitness gyms without having to make a definitive commitment. ● Blink Fitness will emphasize its positioning as a leader in the low cost gym industry by offering outstanding promotional offers. ● We will utilize loyalty programs in order to build loyalty and brand equity among existing customers. We will ensure that customers feel rewarded throughout their membership rather that only at the very beginning when they sign up.
  9. 9. Tactics & Scheduling ● SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN Sweepstakes through Instagram and facebook,engaging customers to check in or share pictures from the gym. ● PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN Advertisements featured in relevant local magazines, such as New York and Timeout. ● PARTNERSHIPS Blink Fitness will partner up with health retailers and organize special events/classes for members.
  10. 10. Creative Timeline December: We will begin advertising in New York Magazine and Timeout showcasing the launch of our Instagram sweepstakes, #blinkfitness. At the end of the month we will select 3 random users of the hashtag to receive a year long membership. January: New Years Resolution Blink Now, Lose Now, Burn off that Holiday weight gain January 2015 is free. February: The Instagram sweepstakes will be continuous and following the 3 initial winners we will select another user every month, who will receive a free months membership. Current clients will receive a credit to their account. New York Magazine and Timeout will include FSIs for free trial weeks in anticipation of spring break (bikini season). Users of the trial who go on to purchase a membership will be discounted the start-up fee ($20). Refer a friend March-May: Blink will partner with GNC to offer free week trial coupons on the brands private label products, $25 and up. April - May - June Beach Bod Ready The month of April, May and June will be our peak months for heavy advertising. Our message will focus on inviting new customers to get ready ready for summer with Blink Fitness. The offer will be a limited price reduction for new members who sign up for the green all access membership. Originally $25 a month, now $20 a month with no annual maintenance fee charge ($39.00).
  11. 11. June-August: Blink Fitness will partner with NYC Social (Manhattan based co-ed sports leagues) to sponsor the summer sports teams. Uniform will be provided to members with a year long contract. The uniforms will feature the Blink Fitness Logo on them. Blink Fitness will also set up stands at the league games where beverages, information and special discounts will be given to those interested in joining Blink Fitness. August-September: New York Magazine and Timeout will include FSIs for free trial weeks in anticipation of back to school. Users of the trial who go on to purchase a membership will be discounted the start-up fee ($20). October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Blink During this month, we will offer an open gym to anyone who is not signed up with Blink and donates $5 to Breast Cancer Research. November: Movember During this month, Blink will partner up with GNC as well as the Movember foundation to offer potential customers a great deal. From October 18th to November 11th GNC will put cards in customers bags informing men that if they sign up in November, their first month is free