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Evaluation four (2)


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Evaluation four (2)

  1. 1. Evaluation four: Who would be the audience for your media product? Alicia Rhodes
  2. 2. My original target audience Firstly, when I began to start this task I decided after I had picked my theme for my magazine who my target audience would be. Due to the research and planning I did before completing the production of my media product, I discovered that each magazine has a specific target audience. For example ‘top of the pops’ magazine would be teenage girls where as ‘NME’s’ target audience would be unisex (but mostly males) who enjoy rock music. When, it came to me deciding this for my media product I choose to make my target audience be 15+ years. I choose this because I didn’t want to make my magazine too young because then I felt like it would be a different type of magazine, as well not being able to include certain features. The target audience also includes gender, I chose to make my magazine unisex because then it can include and apply to a range of people as well as it getting more buyers. I also decided that my magazine would have various genres, meaning that the target audience didn’t have to like one certain genre in order to buy the magazine.
  3. 3. Ideologies and theories Along with my target audience comes the many theories. These theories work for genders individually or both genders at the same time. The ‘uses and gratifications theory’ by Katz and Bulmer will work for both genders as it explains the many reasons why my target audience may choose to read my music magazine. However, female members of my target audience may choose to read the magazine to have a relationship with some of the celebrities in the magazine and to also base their style on them. Where as the males of my target audience, may uses the magazine to admire the females or even look at them as an object or not being real this likes in with ‘Dyer’s star theory’ as well as Laura Mulvey’s theory of the ‘male gaze’. Others, may choose to buy the magazine due to an enigma code being on the front or because of a certain belief that is advertised on the magazine (ideology).The last theory that applies to my magazine is the ‘audience reception theory’ by Stuart Hall. Maybe some of my target audience may choose to read my music magazine in order to decode some messages that are in the magazine. These theories may end up deciding who my target audience is for me, as a lot of theories are the reasons why the people buy the magazine.