All Glorious Catering: Handbook.


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Official company handbook created for Busiess Law project.

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All Glorious Catering: Handbook.

  1. 1. 1 Welcome to our family! We are honored that you have decided to join us at , All Glorious Catering. Our mission is to provide the best food and service in hospitable environment that makes you feel apart of our family. By becoming an employee of the All Glorious Catering, you are joining a team of top professionals in providing the finest in food, beverage and service in the region. The welcoming of our staff is the most valuable sensation that we offer to our guests. Because, our success depends upon the dedication of our employees, we are highly selective in choosing new members of our team. We look to you and the other employees to contribute to the success of the company, and take pride in it as we do. It is important for you to know that you are an important member of a team effort. We hope that you will find your position with the Company rewarding, challenging, and productive. The success and repetitive business we have enjoyed over the years is due to the hard work and dedication of people like you. We know that the only way to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction is through the commitment of our employees by making each and every guest feel comfortable, content and apart of the family. Please accept, with honor, the important responsibility we have asked you to undertake. No job is insignificant and no detail too small to go unnoticed; every fragment accounts for the whole success of our business, and carrying on our legacy. We welcome you to our team and hope that our relationship will be mutually beneficial to you and the company and over all, be a rewarding experience.
  2. 2. 2 This Handbook is Not a Contract We have prepared this handbook to answer some of the questions that you may have concerning All Glorious Catering and its policies. This handbook is for informational purposes on the company only. This handbook is intended solely as a guide. It is not to be considered an Employment Contract or a statement of conditions or terms of employment. This handbook is not a contract, which guarantees your employment for any specific time. It is important to know that in terms of leave, you or All Glorious Catering may terminate your employment at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice, with managements discretion. Policy Changes The policies stated in this handbook may change from time to time, but no person other than an owner of the Company has the authority to change or modify this policy. Any change or modification must be in writing and signed by the Owner. If attention is brought to the owner/manager that specific policies need altering, or are not being followed proper procedure will be taken to fix the problem. If the need of modification is brought to the attention of a manager, the policies may be changed, if agreed upon. If changes are made, to verify, a signature on the new policy is required from both the manager and the employee. Revisions on pages and policies may be distributed to you periodically. All revisions will be dated signed by the manager or approver. These new revisions will now take place of the old pages or policies. It is your responsibility to know these policies once they are distributed and in your hands. All questions will be answered and all issues will be settled on the basis of present policies and procedures. We wish you the best of luck in your position.
  3. 3. 3 Purpose of this handbook: This handbook will serve as your guide to knowing and understanding our Company policies and procedures that affect your everyday employment. This handbook as mentioned, is solely for your personal purpose. It is a guide, to know what is expected from you as an employee and that we promise to uphold to you as your employer. We hope you will use the information in this handbook to get to know the company better and to help you get the most out of your job. Your handbook contains a summary of your benefits as a company employee, as well as an overview of the policies and procedures we enforce. This handbook is not intended to contain all of the Company policies and procedures but is to be used to acquaint your-self with general rules and policies and referred to whenever questions of this nature come up. As mentioned, this handbook is not a contract. If the meaning of a policy or statement is not clear, please contact the Department manager. This handbook will enable you to gain a clear understanding of what to expect from the Company as an employer, and also what will be expected of you as an employee. We firmly believe that if you are familiar with this handbook and the company’s policies/expectations; it will only give you an advantage with working for the company. All Glorious Catering, reserves the right to change or modify company policies and procedures as any time without notice. Revisions on pages and policies may be distributed to you periodically. All revisions will be dated signed by the manager or approver. These new revisions will now take place of the old pages or policies. It is your responsibility to know these policies once they are distributed and in your hands. Once again; if there are any concerns or uncertainties with the handbook please contract a manger for further clarification. All employees are expected to abide by the handbook. Also, All Glorious Catering expects each employee to display good judgment and courtesy, in their relationships with all members of the staff and the general public.
  4. 4. 4 The All Glorious Catering Legacy: Angelia Mazzone was born in Naples Italy in 1908. She immigrated to the United States and settled in upstate New York. There she married and had eight children. In the year 1919, she owned and operated a small restaurant by the name of “Angelina’s” for all of the locals, providing them with wholesome, delicious meals made from the heart. Recipes were infused with love and from her Neapolitan heritage. The business was a success. In 1965 she became ill and the business was left to her children. All of whom; were married and had families. It was her daughter Gloria who felt it was her responsibility to carry on her mother’s legacy at the restaurant. In 1969 Gloria took over ownership, ensuring her costumer’s the same devotion and love her mother had given to them and put into the food. Gloria took over management and expanded the business to what we now call “All Glorious Catering.” Today, we are prominent in the food industry, and take great pride in our high rank. We are honored to take part in special occasions such a weddings, baptisms, reunions and various other celebrations. Promising to provide quality service, food, and hospitality per our client’s request. All Glorious Catering ensures a unique yet unforgettable experience. Relax and enjoy while we promise you to take care of everything. You are now apart of the family. Our Mission To become a leader of the food service industry in the region. We will continuously strive to attain and retain our valued customers by making them our first priority. We are committed to being an important, contributing member of our community and offering our employees a fun, healthy, and nurturing work environment while ensuring our long-term success.
  5. 5. 5 Equal Employment Opportunity All Glorious Catering is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Company decisions regarding employment are based on valid requirements and ensure equal employment opportunity rights in every aspect of employment. This includes decisions regarding promotions. All Glorious Catering has a “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding employment discrimination of any form. Our employment philosophy puts an emphasis on employing and promoting the best qualified candidates without regard to Race, Color, Sex, Religion, National Origin, Age, or disability; Not limited to Hiring, promotion, demotion, placement, compensation, recruiting, advertising, layoff or termination. If you believe discrimination has occurred, you should contact The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 1-800-669-4000 (toll free) or 1-800- 669-6820 (toll-free TTY number for individuals with hearing impairments). EEOC field office information is available at Probationary Period New employees are subject to a probationary or trial period of 90 days. This trial period is implemented for the benefit of both employee and employer. It is intended to provide both parties with an opportunity to see if the new relationship is a good fit. During this period, the employee can demonstrate his or her attributes/skills and ability to work with others. During this time you will learn about the company and its tradition as well as your job and its functions. Your immediate supervisor will serve as a guide and assist you in helping you assimilate to the work environment and the company’s philosophy. In addition, he or she will help you get familiar with our procedures, company policies and standards. As a newly hired employee, your attendance, attitude, job performance and interaction with your peers will be carefully monitored during this period. Upon completing the 90 days, a formal evaluation will take place. In this session, you will be informed of a decision regarding your employment. You may take this time to get any questions you may have, answered. The company may terminate your employment at anytime during this period. Upon completion of the trial period, if retained, the employee becomes a regular employee of All Glorious Catering and will enjoy the employee benefits that we offer. Please note, you accrue time off during this period that will be available to you when you satisfactorily complete the probationary period.
  6. 6. 6 Performance Evaluations/ Salary Reviews Your supervisor will conduct performance evaluations on an annual basis. Evaluations are used to gauge an employees job performance and to set goals for the next review period. This may include training, additional job responsibilities, and performance and productivity improvements. The evaluation process may result in a change in pay but will not always be the case. When reviewing salary, the employees attendance, level of performance, efficiency and responsibilities will be considered. Performance evaluations may be conducted upon completion of 90-Day Probationary Period. An increase in salary at the completion of the 90-Day period is not guaranteed. Wages and Salaries may be reviewed at anytime when an employee exceeds expectations and merits promotion and/or a salary increase. The amount of salary increase; is determined by management. Employee Benefits Health Plan Eligible employees can participate in All Glorious Catering’s health insurance plan following the completion of the probationary period. A detailed description of our plan will be provided to you at the time of hire. It is you responsibility to complete the application and to submit it to you manager. To be eligible, you must be employed full time (average 30 hours per week). Costs may vary depending on the plan you select. For more information on the medical plans we offer, please contact the business office. 401 (K) Retirement Plan All Glorious Catering offers a 401(K) retirement plan. The 401 (K) plan is offered to full time employees that are 21 years of age or older. Detailed information about this plan including the advantages of obtaining one, will be available on the day of hire. Vacation Eligible employees will be entitled to 10 days of vacation each year. Paid vacation is accrued from the employee’s date of hire. You must complete the probationary period before taking accrued vacation. If you terminate employment during the probationary period, you will not be eligible for payment of vacation days upon termination.
  7. 7. 7 Sick Days/Personal Days Eligible employees are entitled to 12 sick days per year. Employees accrue 1 sick day per month. Employees are also entitled to 4 personal days per year. Personal days are accrued every quarter. An employee must provide a doctor’s note if they use more than 2 sick days consecutively. Leave of Absence Personal Leave An authorized Personal Leave of Absence may be granted when you require time off work for personal reasons such as death, family illness, personal health issues. Employees must be employed for a minimum of 1 year before a personal leave request is considered. Military A military leave is granted to an employee who enlists or is recalled to active duty for more than 14 days. Employees returning from military leave are eligible for reemployment as required by law. Bereavement Leave A bereavement leave may be granted for a period no more than 5 days unpaid. Bereavement leave is only considered as a result of the death of an immediate family member. Immediate family members are defined as spouse, parent, child, sibling. Alcohol Free Workplace Alcohol consumption is prohibited at any time during work time, breaks and/or rest periods. An employee that reports to work under the influence of alcohol, will be subject to disciplinary action at managements discretion.
  8. 8. 8 Harassment Policy It is the policy of All Glorious Catering to ensure and maintain a working environment for employees that is free from general or sexual harassment. All Glorious Catering will not tolerate harassment of any form by and person in violation of this policy. Sexual Harassment is defined as: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when: -Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment -Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting that individual or -Such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. While no conscious intent to harass may be involved, any sexually oriented behavior perceived by an individual as hostile, abusive or unwelcome might be considered sexual harassment. Men as well as Women can be victims of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment may involve persons of the same sex. Conversations or activities that are consensual may make a third party person feel uncomfortable, making the act harassment and a violation of this policy. General Harassment is defined as: -A course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose -Words, gestures, and actions; which tend to annoy, alarm and verbally abuse another person. -The use of obscene or profane language or language the natural consequence of which is to abuse the hearer or reader.
  9. 9. 9 Issues That May Arise Our goal is to employ individuals that are satisfied and happy with every aspect of their employment. We recognize that this may not always be possible and that situations and issues may arise. When this does occur, it is our priority to find a resolution. All Glorious Catering has put in place a system that will ensure that issues are heard and addressed. In order to best address these issues, please follow the steps below: 1. Contact your direct supervisor. Discuss any issue and/or concerns that you have. Your direct supervisor will listen and attempt to answer and resolve any issues that you have communicated. 2. If the issues/concerns have not been addressed appropriately, schedule an appointment with your manager. Your manager will listen, weigh all of the facts and make a decision. 3. If a satisfactory solution is still not reached, contact the owner. Disciplinary Procedures The procedures set forth here are merely guidelines and may not always be followed by All Glorious Catering. The following is a list of steps supervisors MAY follow in administering disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may be initiated at any step in this process, or may be administered outside of this process completely. At our Company's discretion, depending on the performance problem, the type of conduct or the nature of your offense, discharge may also result without any other prior warning, where All Glorious Catering deems such action appropriate. One or more verbal warnings by the supervisor. First written warning notice. Second written notice within one year brings a three day suspension and a warning that next can result in termination. Third written notice with automatic discharge. NOTE: A written warning notice will expire one year after the date of issue. Some examples of the typical offenses warranting this disciplinary procedure include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: tardiness, absenteeism, low production, poor housekeeping and insubordination. Some offenses are serious enough to warrant severe immediate penalty such as
  10. 10. 10 suspension or discharge. Such offenses that can be grounds for severe immediate penalties include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following: Falsifying company records. Rudeness to guest, staff, or vendor. Major violation of company safety rules. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential material. Sales, use possession or being under the influence of alcohol or non- medically prescribed substances on company property. Willful or knowingly violation of company policies and rules. Possession of firearms weapons or dangerous weapons while on company property. Forgings a manager’s signature. Falsification of company records or reports, including time sheets. Abuse, destruction or defacing of company property. Communication An important part of the All Glorious Catering philosophy is to promote open communication between management and employees. Y our supervisor will try to keep you informed of how they feel you are performing; in return, you should bring to their attention any questions you have about your job and generally let them know how you feel about your position. Any work related problems you may be experiencing can be discussed with your supervisor, Manager or General Manager. Sometimes small problems can become large ones, unless they are acted upon while they are small. Your supervisor will always listen to your problems. If you have doubts about your performance or how your supervisor feels you are doing, ask. Your supervisor wants you to be satisfied in your position and you’re the only one who can tell them if you are or not. Bring your complaints or concerns to your supervisor and then, if necessary, to your Manager or General Manager. Open Door Policy All Glorious Catering wants to hear your suggestions. If you know a better way to do a certain procedure, let your idea be known. Our employees know their specific job areas, sometimes better than their managers. Relate your ideas to your supervisor either verbally or in writing. All comments and suggestions will be carefully considered. Leaving The Building While On Duty For safety and security reasons, it is not permitted for you to leave the property while on duty. This includes going to your car for any reason, without permission from the on-duty manager. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you permitted to
  11. 11. 11 perform any maintenance on your vehicle on company property. If your vehicle is broken down, please consult with your supervisor. Safety & Sanitation Safe and sanitary work practices are essential for the protection of customers and employees. Unsafe practices such as those listed below will not be tolerated and violations of these policies will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal: Placing detergents, insecticides, chemical etc. near food or food supplies. Sneezing or coughing over food. Chewing gum while near and/ or preparing food. Failure to wash hands after brakes, smoking, eating, using the bathroom, telephone, or touching hair, nose, mouth or face while serving food. Water Pollution Everyone must be careful not to put waste food, grease, or hazardous materials in sinks or floor drains. These materials must be properly disposed of in accordance with labeling instructions or as stated on MSDS sheets. Grease and other cooking oils are to be disposed of using specially designed containers to avoid unnecessary water pollution. If you have any doubts as to the proper disposal of any waste materials, please consult your supervisor before taking any action. The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) conducts routine inspections of our wastewater. Based on their analysis, they may increase our sewer fees based on the type and amount of waste products leaving our facilities. Hazardous & Toxic Materials All Glorious Catering is in compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication and Bloodborne Pathogens Standards. If your job requires that you use any hazardous or toxic materials, you will receive training in the safe handling and use of these materials, and access to the Material Safety Data Sheets for materials used in your area. Employees are not to use any potentially hazardous material or chemical without being trained in the safe handling and use procedures for each material you may have occasion to use in your work. Resignation/Termination If you must resign voluntarily, the company would appreciate at least two weeks (10 days) written notice to give us time to find and train a replacement. If you are planning to leave because you are dissatisfied with your job, please discuss your situation with your supervisor, Department Manager before making a final decision to resign. It is possible that by communicating your feelings, a solution other than resignation can be found.
  12. 12. 12 Employees who do not report to work for three (3) consecutive days and have not contracted their supervisor or Department Manager will be considered to have voluntarily resigned their position and are subject to immediate termination for job abandonment. Upon resignation/termination of your employment with the All Glorious Catering the following policies will apply. Compensation If you resign or are dismissed, you will be paid up until your last day worked on the next regularly scheduled pay day, or no later than 14 days after your last day worked, whichever comes first. Vacation Pay For employees who have completed a minimum of one year of service, unused vacation time in compensable upon resignation, provided the employee has given adequate notice (usually a minimum of one weeks) Insurance You may continue your medical insurance coverage for you and your dependents under COBRA or other applicable laws. You will be notified by mail on how to apply for continuation of coverage. Leave of Absence In order to be considered for any form of Leave from work an employee must be employed for at least three quarters of a year. All leaves of absences must be immediately notified to a supervisor or manager four hours before the beginning of a shift. Personal Leave: In translation an authorized personal leave of absence may be permitted to employees requiring time away from work due to immediate personal reasons including but not limited to illness in the family, death, or personal problems. Military Leave: If an employee is enlisted, drafted or recalled to active duty, they are allowed to take a military Leave. By law, at the return from the military leave an employee is eligible to be re-employed. Pay-Roll Pay day Paychecks are distributed by department supervisors/managers bi-weekly at the end of a work shift. There is also the option of direct deposit of paychecks into an employees’ bank account, if you feel at any time that you prefer the option of direct deposit notify your department supervisor.
  13. 13. 13 Overtime Applicable and hourly paid employees are allowed to work overtime at the approval of their department supervisor or manager. Unauthorized overtime may cause disciplinary actions. There will occasionally be mandatory overtime, at that time you will be notified by your supervisor or manager. Overtime is double the pay of an employee’s normal working hourly rate. Overtime is only granted to employees working over 40hrs a work week excluding any type of leave of absence from that week. Time Keeping Procedures All employees are required by Federal and State Labor Laws, and our Company to keep a timely record of all hours worked each day and week by every employee, unless otherwise notified. The record should reflect all time worked including overtime. Employees must document their hour’s work in the company’s computerized time keeping system. Employees’ must “clock” in at the beginning of their assigned shift and are not permitted to clock in earlier unless granted permission by a supervisor. It is the employee’s responsibility to make sure their times are correct, however if there is an error, your supervisor must be immediately notified and reported one week after the date of error. After a week from the date of error, your claim will be in valid. Hours worked are stored in the company’s computer system and may be accessed at anytime. Under no circumstances may a colleague “clock” in for another person or adjust the hours work for another employee. The Termination of both employees will occur if time card altering has been established between the two colleagues. Pay Roll Deductions There will be multiple taxes taken off your paycheck which include the following: Social Security Tax: This is a Federal tax deduction from your salary for Social Security retirement benefits. The Company contributes an amount equal to your deduction to the Federal Government in your nameMedicare Tax: A mandatory Federal deduction for Medicare benefits. Our Company contributes an equal amount of your deduction to the Federal Government in your name. Federal Income Tax: Upon employment a W-4 form was completed, as required by law. According to a scale established by the government, the company will withhold an amount determined by the number of exemptions you claim and the amount of your salary. When you file your income tax return the following year depending on your taxes, you will either have to pay the government to get your withheld paycheck amount reimburse by the government.
  14. 14. 14 State Income Tax: The State Law requires the company to deduct a State income tax which will be run with the same procedure as Federal Income Tax. City/County Income Tax: Depending on your work location and place of residence, a city income tax may also be deducted at a rate established by the municipality. Other Deductions: Additional deductions may be made for uniforms, insurance, and other company benefits, and unpaid Leaves of absence. There may be additional deductions from the government. What We Expect From You General Expectations All employees must strive their best to improve the company: Every employee is not limited to one job assignment. Employees must be actively productive regardless of what their job title is; they should always be either serving customers, preparing food, assisting co-workers, cleaning, stocking, managing, supervising, and etc. There will be meal time and break times provided to every employee and at that time is when you can stop work. This is an employment opportunity; in which your surrounded by people every day and regardless of your own personal issues, you must act accordingly. SMILE, and be friendly to all customers and co-workers. If you feel this is something that challenges you than you are in the wrong field of work. All Employees must be mindful of the Company’s expenses; we must work as a team to limit company expenses as much as possible. All employees should place their loyalty with the company and act accordingly in observing suspicious and dishonest behavior. Cooperation is very crucial in the company; you must work as a team with your co- workers and supervisors. Greeting Customers & Co- workers Every employee, regardless of their position in the company must provide warm welcoming greetings to all the customers and co-workers. This is the most crucial part in creating a positive atmosphere for work and the customers. General Conduct The conduct of an employee directly reflects the image of the Company. Therefore all employees must act in an accordingly manor in order to promote efficient operations of the company and promote harmonious relationship among fellow employees and customers. You are required to perform all work assigned by a supervisor or manager during your shift in a timely fashion.
  15. 15. 15 Employees will not discriminate against any customer, employee, or prospective employee on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, or disability. No employee may bring a weapon that could endanger the safety of other workers or customers onto the company premises. Employees are forbidden to engage in any conduct, communication or activity, which is of a criminal nature which would bring discredit upon the company. Employees must be in uniform when entering and leaving during business hours. Employees must enter/exit is approved doors at all times for safety reasons. There is no smoking, gum chewing, eating, or drinking in view of the customers. Absence & Tardiness Time management is an important skill in life however it is something you must take responsibility for accordingly. Excessive tardiness without notice to a supervisor or manager can result in termination of employment. Constant tardiness will reduce the efficiency of the company, putting more stress on other employees and poor customer service rating. If for any reason you are not able to attend your shift for the day, you must notify your supervisor or manager within a sufficient amount of time in which they can find a replacement for your shift. Regular attendance and punctuality is very crucial part of an employee’s work ethics and will not be taken lightly. Breaks & Meals Every employee is entitled to a 10-15 minute break during every 4 hour working period. Employees will be compensated for the 10-15minute break. During the time of a break approved by a supervisor, an employee can use that time to rest, snack, eat, drink refreshments, smoke, and or make phone calls. There are free refreshments such as bottle water, ice tea, and carbonated drinks for employees however meals at the company will be only 50% off selected items. Meal breaks can only be taken at the time where the company is in a slow period of the day. No meals can be taken during peak periods in which can cause a shortage of staff. There is no drinking of alcoholic beverages during a work shift however after a shift is over an employee is entitled to two beverages at half price. While drinking off shift, an employee MUST be out of uniform. Appearance Employee composure and appearance directly reflects the company. Employees must keep good personal hygiene, and wear a clean, neat, pressed uniform to work. Hair must be clean and styled to fit the needs of health codes. Any perfume or cologne used must be light and makeup on girls must be kept neat and clean. Personal Property
  16. 16. 16 Lockers provided for each employee are for items only pertaining to work with the company. We are not at all liable for any personal property lost and stolen while in on our premises. Cell phones are allowed to be kept in the lockers, however must be kept on silent. Any items found in lockers or on the company’s premise must be immediately removed and there will be disciplinary actions take considering the circumstances. Changes In Personal Information Our company is not responsible for updating any personal information in our database for employees. If there is a change in your personal information such as address, cell phone number, or emergency contacts, you must notify a supervisor or manager or such changes. You must also check from the company computerized time keeping system that you information has been updated in our systems by your supervisor within a week. Lost & Found Any items found on the premise by an employee must notify their supervisors immediately. All employees will be notified to claim the lost item with evidence of ownership. If the item does not belong to any employees it will be held for 25 days for customers to claim. If no one claims the item it will be returned to the employee whom found it. Theft Theft of any property on company premise will not be taken lightly. If any persons are suspected of stealing must be notified to a supervisor or person of highest authority. Employees must never steal from the company, other employees, or the customers. If an employee is suspected of stealing there will be immediate termination of employment. Employees must also be mindful of customers suspected of stealing a meal. Alcohol Service All bartenders and servers must serve customers appropriately and respectfully. Any person’s physical features appear to be less than the age of 25 must have ID checks. All servers must perform the appropriate procedures in examining if an identification card is authentic and legitimate. If any person drinking on the premise has had more than 6 drinks must notify the supervisor. Accounting for food, beverages and service Any food leaving the kitchen must be recorded and entered in the company computer registry. All orders from the bar and floor must be entered into the computer before leaving the kitchen. By the end of the day all orders must be
  17. 17. 17 printed and kept for records. If an employee is caught altering data or not entering ALL data into the registry there will be disciplinary actions taken. Uniforms All employees will be wearing business casual or professional attire at all times unless otherwise required by your specific job. A presentable employee impresses our customers and will set us apart from the competition in our field. Department managers will inform those who require specific uniforms, outside of business attire, on what it is they will be expected to wear in the workplace. Meetings Daily Meetings: Departments will gather before their shift to discuss daily specials, policy changes, upcoming events, daily responsibilities, and determine who will cover for any tardy or absent employees. Daily meetings are expected to be brief Weekly Meetings: The end of every week will conclude with employees’ evaluations of performance within the business. These meetings are intended to find how to make the upcoming weeks events even better. This will include amending issues that took place during the week as well as commending those who excelled. This will create a stronger sense of teamwork within each department that will help make daily operations run as best as possible. Quarterly Meetings: Four times out of each year a meeting will be held consisting of all departments discussing the operation and issues currently present within the company. Major policies will be discussed and every department will be given an opportunity to voice their opinion to the rest of the company in order to compromise a solution. At All Glorious Catering, every voice counts. Accounting Inventory All food and beverages must be accounted for before they are released from the kitchen. There must be a requisition printed for every item ordered. Those employees who release inventory without requisition will be subject to disciplinary action that will usually include being accountable (paying for) the items released but not accounted for. Cell phones, Internet, and Social Media
  18. 18. 18 Business phone lines are operated by employees for professional purposes and are not for the use of personal calls. Reasonably, phone calls may or received based on the severity of the issue. Employees are expected to refrain from unnecessary texting and cell phone calls while in the workplace. No phone calls or messages are to be taken while in any meetings. Those who operate employee computers are not allowed to be partaking in any type of social media while on the job. Company computers are for work only, any violation of this will result in only one warning followed by disciplinary action. The workplace has no need for social media. Solicitation Selling or buying any merchandise on company property is not permitted at any time. Side “hustles” distract employees from their job and create an awkward undesirable work environment. Also, doing so may result in debt owed between employees, which lead to a hostile work environment. Do not attempt to become a merchant between employees; it will lead to disciplinary action and possible termination. Energy Conservation and Recycling As a part of our go green initiative, employees are required to: 1) Turn off lights when they are not necessary 2) Turn off all office equipment when not needed 3) Use conservative thermostat settings 4) Turn off all faucets and sinks completely after use 5) Recycle all bottles, plastic, cardboard, and any other items that fit the appropriate recycling bins Housekeeping Every employee is responsible and required to keep their workplace clean and organized. A place must be established for every item and every item must be kept in its place. Please take the initiative to clean small messes on the floor rather than passing the buck. Whether using the employee or public restroom, employees must be sure to leave all facilities clean when leaving them. Pick up small garbage off the floor and replace towels and tissues if they are empty. Have a sense of pride in maintaining your area. Use of Company Vehicles All employees privileged to use a company vehicle must first obtain permission from the General Manager. The vehicle must be signed out and back in once it is
  19. 19. 19 returned. Driving a company vehicle without permission is immediate grounds for termination. Employees may not consume any food or beverages while operating the vehicle and must clean the vehicle of any garbage before it is returned. All passengers are required to wear a seat belt at all time while a company vehicle is being operated. Fuel: An employee purchasing any amount of fuel for a company vehicle must provide a receipt for proof of doing so. Only valid receipts will be reimbursed to employees. Any employee that unlawfully obtains fuel for a company vehicle will be terminated immediately. Motor Vehicle Record: Any individual desiring to use a company vehicle will be checked for a valid in state license that covers operating the specified vehicle. You will not be allowed to operate any company vehicles if your Motor vehicle record contains; a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) within the past year, a suspended or revoked license, and two or more traffic violations within the past year. Moving Violations: It is the employees’ responsibility to alert their supervisor or manager of any traffic or moving violations that occur while operating a company vehicle. Failure to report these incidents will result in disciplinary action. Any and all of these traffic violations are the responsibility of the driver, not the company. Accident Policy: Any accident involving a company vehicle must be immediately reported to the supervisor. Alcohol and drug testing will be conducted on the employee. An accident as a result of reckless driving or abuse of company property on the part of an employee will result in disciplinary action, potential fines, and is grounds for immediate termination. Management will investigate and review all accidents to determine the fault of the employee and the disciplinary action, if any, that needs to be taken. Failure to report an accident will result in disciplinary action, including ground for immediate termination.
  20. 20. 20 ALL GlORIOUS CATERING HARASSMENT POLICY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the Masterson’s Harassment Policy contained in the Employee Handbook. I also understand that if I feel that I am being harassed, or if I witness harassment committed upon another employee, I have the responsibility to communicate this promptly to any supervisor or manager or owner within the Masterson’s organization. Printed Name of Employee _______________________________________________ Signature of Employee _________________________________ Date _________________________________ Witness Signature of Manager or Human Resources Employee
  21. 21. 21 ALL GlORIOUS CATERING ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CONSENT FOR DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING I understand that as a condition of prospective employment with the All Glorious Catering, I must comply with the Company’s substance abuse policy, and upon request submit to any required drug or alcohol testing as required by company policy. I also acknowledge that by signing this document that I have hereby received written notice of such drug and alcohol testing, and have read and understand all aspects of the Company policy regarding a Drug Free Workplace and procedures for substance abuse testing as described in the employee handbook. I have read and understand the above conditions regarding drug and alcohol testing and agree to comply with. _________________________________________________________ Printed name of Employee _________________________________________________________ Signature of Employee _________________________________ Date
  22. 22. 22 _________________________________________________________ Witness Signature of Manager or Human Resource Employee ALL GlORIOUS CATERING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF COMPANY HANDBOOK I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Employee Handbook for the Masterson’s Partnership. I understand: I am expected to know and be familiar with the contents of this handbook. If a policy is unclear to me or if I have any questions about the policies contained in this handbook, such questions are to be directed to my Supervisor, Department Manager or General Manager. This handbook replaces and supersedes all pervious handouts and supplemental pages. This handbook is not intended to, nor does it establish any contractual or other legal rights between the company and its employees, and in no way alters the employment at-will relationship. _________________________________________________________ Printed Name of Employee _________________________________________________________ Signature of Employee ______________________________________ Date
  23. 23. 23 ________________________________________________________ Witness Signature of Manager or Human Resource Employee