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The Internationalization of the Spanish Nuclear Industry


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The current situation of nuclear energy in Spain and its international projection.

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The Internationalization of the Spanish Nuclear Industry

  1. 1. Nuclear energy, electricity for everyone. THE INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE SPANISH NUCLEAR INDUSTRY
  2. 2. Nuclear energy in Spain Current situation of nuclear Energy in Spain 8 reactors at 6 locations 2 reactors in dismantling process 7,865 Mwe installed power: 7.27% of total 56,815 GWh produced in 2013: 20,8% of total Avoids anual emission of between 30 and 40 million tons of CO2 Generates over 32% of emission-free electricity Avoids importing 100 million petroleum barrels per year slide 01
  3. 3. The Spanish Nuclear Industry A competitive, consolidated and experienced industry: Supports the operation of the Spanish nuclear power plants Caters to an ever-growing international nuclear market Present throughout the entire nuclear cycle Participates in R+D programs: advanced reactors, nuclear fusion (ITER) and high energy physics Actively co-operates with international organizations: : WANO, NEI, EPRI, NEA/OECD and IAEA slide 02
  4. 4. The Spanish Nuclear Industry Internationalization of the Spanish nuclear industry Energy slide 03 Nuclear
  5. 5. What is the Spanish Nuclear Forum? Association of companies that support activities related to nuclear energy Co-ordinates activities of common interest to the industry Two tasks: Influence Facilitate Goal: Achieve the long term operation of Spanish nuclear power plants slide 04
  6. 6. Capacities of the Nuclear Industry slide 05
  7. 7. Fuel Manufacturing This factory is located in Juzbado (Salamanca, Spain) and belongs to the ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas Group A highly qualified team that centers its activities upon the first stage of the nuclear fuel cycle From the start of its operation in 1985, they have manufactured and provided over 17,000 fuel elements Exports over 65% of its production slide 06
  8. 8. Equipment Goods Capacities: from manufacturing main equipment to turboalternators, valves or equipment for fuel storage, both dry and in pools Provides equipment both to Spanish nuclear power plants and to sites in the United Kingdom, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, China, etcetera. Over 80% of its annual production is destined to exports slide 07
  9. 9. Engineering and Services Wide experience in industrial services for the nuclear sector, both national and international Capable of developing large electric generation projects Provides services to all types of reactors during construction, operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants Leads the field in nuclear operator training slide 08
  10. 10. Engineering and Services Carries out a wide variety of engineering and design for the ITER Project, through European Union contracts or with other national or international organizations With projects in over 40 countries Exports over 60% of its annual production, and some companies even 100% slide 09
  11. 11. Radioactive waste management In Spain, radioactive waste is managed by the public company ENRESA Low and medium activity waste: the very low, low and medium level waste storage center in El Cabril (Córdoba, Spain) Used fuel: it is stored in the plant pools or in dry storage when the pools are full or being dismantled ATC (Centralised Storage Facility): Villar de Cañas (Cuenca, Spain)  Important economic motor for the area, and a source of employment. Dismantling of nuclear and radioactive sites slide 10
  12. 12. Conclusions The Spanish nuclear industry: The internationalization of nuclear activities is a tendency that has consolidated over the last few years Nuclear companies have strived to retain and increase their capacities in order to reach an ever growing international market The industrial nuclear sector is consolidated and prestigious, and generates wealth and employment It is also: A niche of nuclear activity A focus of qualified employment An international source of prestige A generator of the Spanish national trademark slide 11
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