The film industry


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The film industry

  1. 1. The Film IndustryBy Cynthia Bywater and Alice Musaka
  2. 2. MTV Games The music Factory The Hills VH1 VIVA PARAMOUNT VANTAGE, TV Land Spike TV, CMT: Country Music Television, Comedy Central,Palladia,MTV Films, , Paramount Comedy, Nick Jr., TeenNick, MTV Tr3s,International Channels: MTV Networks International operates in 160 countries.Viacom also owns Colors, The Music Factory, The Box, Game One, VIVA, QOOB,MTV Network Europe, MTV Base, MTV Arabia.Production: BET Event Production, MTV Productions.Programming: The Hills, Nick Gas, Turbo Nick, Nicktoons Network, The DailyShow, The Colbert Report, MTV Jams, MTV World.
  3. 3. Radio. Internet.Through radio you could release a They could have the trailermovie soundtrack , or a single for the uploaded to YouTube andmovie and this would advertise the /or They could make a Facebook page that details Television. the release date and the Through TV you could advertise the cast and the movie plot. trailer for the movie , also this links to with music because you could release the video for the movie soundtrack single Publishing. the cast of the movie could be featured in a magazine , be interviewed or just generally talk about the movie . They would also talk about the premier/ release dates.
  4. 4. Symbiotic relationships in the mediaSymbiotic relationships in the media allow companies to work together tomake money. They publicise with each other to distribute and engage theaudience to watching the film. Hasbro would distribute toys to publicise afilm for DreamWorks SKG e.g. Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen. Theywould also benefit form it as well as this film is very well known and theTarget audience would want to buy featured toys and games.
  5. 5. GlossaryMulti Media Conglomerate: A company that owns larger numbers ofcompanies in various mass media such as telervision,radio,publishing moviesand the internet. Media Conglomerates strive for policies that facilitate theircontrol of the markets across the globe.Horizontal Integration: The acquisition of additional business activities thatare at the same level of the value chain in similar or different industries. Thiscan be achieved by internal or external expansion. Because the different firmsare involved in the same stage of production, horizontal integration allowsthem to share resources at that level.Cross media convergences: is when a film is promoted across media areas. Itis a process where a range of media platforms are integrated within a singlepiece of media technology e.g. a iPhone app for a featured film.Synergy: is when companies distributed from a main company work togetherto build a strategy of making related media outcomes. E.g. Transformers andHasbro creating toys to promote the film or the other way around.Symbiotic: Is when different companies will work together to create andpromote different products relating to as film. The transformers wouldpromote material such as Easter eggs, bed linen and toys etc.