Arteria Comunicação Overview and Cases


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Arteria Comunicação Overview and Cases

  1. 1. Ar t e r iain n u m b e r s 16 years servicing pharma clientes Over 30 health-and-wellness local and global brands 25 people and growing A grupemef Award Finalist for the last 5 years 2º consecutive year among the “most recalled healthcare agencies in Brazil” - Top Suppliers Award
  2. 2. F l a v ioCan e l asMANAGING DIRECTOR/ACCT SERVICES DR. Over 10 years experience in business development, consulting and advertising/marketing in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Has put together campaigns ranging from Ethical, OTC and DTC for GSK, Sanofi-Aventis, Allergan, Shering-Plough, Lilly, etc. Worked with many therapeutic categories including neuroscience, respiratory, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, gastroenterology and HIV. Helped launch such global brands in Brazil as Plavix, Zyprexa and Wellbutrin. Degree in marketing and an advanced diploma in strategic marketing planning. Began his career as a sales rep for a small Brazilian pharmaceutical company. He later joined GlaxoSmithkline where he remained for six years with the sales and marketing field staff
  3. 3. D a n il oFr a t â n g e l oP l a n n in gD ir e c t o r Responsible for providing insights to all brands within the agency. Also he manages the relationship with InVentiv Health through the development and deployment of new processes and tools for pharma advertising/promotion.   Degree in Advertising and post-degree in Psycoanalyctical Semiotics. Worked as client at Roche. Currently, the only latin-american juror for the Clio Healthcare Awards. Also acts as South American Chief Creative Officer at GSW-W global network of agencies (an InVentiv company), having developed global campaigns in New York, Chicago, Madrid and Paris for different therapeutic areas such as diabetes, cardiology, virology and others.
  4. 4. Le o n a r d oO l iv e ir aC r e a t iv eD ir e c t o r Degree in Advertising and more then 15 years of experience in pharma promotion. Started at SSB Healthcare Communications , where he was responsible for launching many successful national and global brands, such as Wellbutrin, Ziagen, Combivir and Agenerase – GSK brands awarded with three Lupas de Ouro.   Working for Arteria Comunicação since 2003, is responsible for the creative department with different cases of success for brands, as: Lumigan, Humalog, Zyprexa, Simdax, etc. In 2007 has co-created the global launching campaign for Zyprexa Adhera in Amsterdan, along with GSW international team.
  5. 5. S e r v ic e s (inord er ofim p o r t a n c e )
  6. 6. Gl o b a lC l ie n t s
  7. 7. • Association with Inventiv Group in 2005• Alignment of global accounts in Brazil (i.e. Byetta)• Participation in creative global meetings• Sharing of knowledge and new communication tools
  8. 8. Gemzar Global CampaignSITUATION•Diferentes linhas de comunicação sendo utilizadas pelas diversas afiliadas.•Falta de efetividade na comunicação•Falha na implementação da estrategia globalSOLUTION•The power of one collective voice•Global creative wave with best talent from around the world on projectRESULTS•Unique plataform that have Global Consistency with Local Impact
  9. 9. L il ly G e m z a r C r e a t iv e ma d r i w a ve d
  10. 10. SpainUnited States Brazil
  11. 11. Mexico Italy France
  12. 12. Australia UKGermany
  13. 13. Xenical RocheSITUATION•Xenical se tornou uma marca muito conhecida do público final através de trabalho deassessoria de imprensa e comunicação institucional em meios de comunicação de massa.•Pacientes passaram a comprar e usar o medicamento sem acompanhamento médico emuitos não tiveram um resultado satisfatorio, além de efeitos adversos indesejaveis•Médicos pararam de prescrever Xenical e a marca teve forte rejeição dos especialistas.•Marca associada com conceitos de beleza e estetica•Perda de receituario e vendasSOLUTION•Resgatar a confiança da classe médica através de comunicação com forte apelo cientifico•Posicionar Xenical como o aliado no combate aos problemas gerados pela gorduraRESULTS•Xenical reverteu a queda em prescrição e resgatou a confiança da classe médica