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Cat scratch


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Project developed for "Crash course on creativity"

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Cat scratch

  1. 1. Presents...
  2. 2. Cat Scratch100 ideas toprevent yourcat fromscratchingyou
  3. 3. 1# Special kind of jeans/pants to prevent scratches from comingthrough2# Cat gloves to cover claws3# Food dispenser which cat claws before they can get food, sothey will learn to scratch the dispenser not others4# Perfume to spray on your legs and deter cats from scratchingyou5# Get the cat a scratching post to scratch instead6# Special type of clothes with a texture that cats dont like7# Get the cat some toys to keep it busy8# Have a bottle of water that you can spray (mist) on the catafter they scratch, so they learn to stop9# Have a loud whistle you can blow after the cat scratches, theywill learn to stop10# Wear plastic shin guards (similar to what is used in sports),have it designed so when the claw comes down, it catches on apiece of plastic that is pointing up. The cat will kind of get stuckand stop (wont hurt them though)If you are tired of getting scretched byyour cat, maybe you could try...
  4. 4. 11# Have a mat/rug/carpet made of material that will make thecats claws get dull (less sharp) as the walk across them. This waytheir scratching wont hurt12# Have a human sized doll/mannequin with legs that move sothat the cat can scratch that instead (freaky!)13# Make a fence around the area you want your cat, so theycant access your "safe zone"14# Wear pants with a button mechanism on it, whenever thecat scratches and touches the button, a siren goes off15# Wear pants/socks made out of balloons or other inflatablematerial (maybe chewing gum? Haha). When the cat scratches,they will pop!16# Put a collar on the cat that has an electronic transmitter,when the cat comes near your legs it will make a siren and youcan walk away (you can wear an ankle bracelet with a receiver init)17# Put plastic bags around your legs, the rustling noise will makethe cat stay away18# Wear socks that have a sticky outside (like reversable tape).When the cat comes close, they will get a little stuck (not toomuch to hurt them) and they will learn not to do it again19# Make a pathway in your house that is raised by 1 metre andhas a fence so the cat cant get on it, then you can walk freelyaround your house (lol like a freeway in your house)20# Wear an ankle bracelet that has bells on it, when you walkyou will make noise and the cat will stay away
  5. 5. 21# A pair of scissor that looks like a mouse so the cat isnt scareby it22# A special training course for cats to do not scratch people legswith food as prize23# A whistle that bothers the cat, to teach him to stop24# A bed for the cat, made of a special material that get the cata bit stuck if he gets the nails out, so he learns on not doing it25# Special kind of clothes which smell bothers cats (like citrusones), but not humans26# A simple laser light to get him distracted and make hims moveaway from your legs27# Hypnotising the cat with a flute melody, like the “HamelinFlutist”28# A laser surgery that stops the nails from getting sharp29# A training for the master of the pet to get used to bescratched by the cat30# Special resitant elastic socks for the cat that stop him to getout the claws, and protect the cat paws31# Wearing underwears that are armored so the cat doesnt hurtyou32# A pillow to use on your legs, so the cat scratching doesntbother you and he is comfy33# Training the cat with a clicker and positive reinforcement34# Placing bells on the cats collar, so you know where he is allthe time35# Putting catnip on the cats scratch post so his attention willbe deflected from the you36# Mentally stimulate the cat more often, playing and lettinghim out for walks37# Putting on shelves all across the house so the cat will spendmore time there, since cats are fond of high places, and less timescratching legs
  6. 6. 38# Bubble wrap yourself!39# Trimm the cats claws more often40# Nail caps41# Reinforce alternative responses to scratching legs andreward them, while using a soft water spray as an aversive stimulito scratching legs, in hopes to decrease the frequency of thisbehavior and increase the appropriated ones42# Having a special couch which the cat prefers to the legs ofthe owner43# Breed a special kind of cat that has no long nails44# Having appropriate objects which the cat can scratch anduse positive reinforcement when the cat uses them correctly45# Having a big garden (surrounded by a net or glass, anythingthat keeps the cat from running away) with trees and woodensupports on the wall, in which the cat can spend the day46# Playing with the cat more often so it spends more energy47# Having some sort of leg protector made of sandpaper on theoutside, so when the cat scratches, its nails are lightly polished48# Having an electronic toy in a mouse shape, controlled by ajoystick, so that it catches the cats attention and also makes itspend its energy playing around49# Having a cat collar and an anklet that when both objectsapproach, a high frequency sound is heard by the cat, causing aslight discomfort and making it stay away50# Creating a big fortress made of connected boxes, in andthrough which the cat can walk, jump and spend most of the day51# Making a pseudo-upper-floor with supports on the wall, onwhich the cat can walk through the whole house without beingon the floor (as in, seeing everything from above)52# Building a small window nook on a high place for the cat tospend the day looking at the streets/landscape, which keeps itsattention
  7. 7. 53# Adopting a companion which it can play with54# Hiring a "cat whisperer"55# Making a magic spell to keep the cat from scratching others56# Feed and play with the cat near the scratching post to drawattention to it57# When the cat shows his claws, run58# Music therapy to calm the cat down, "music calms the savagebeast"59# Buying a "Meowlingual" (cat translator) to politely ask yourcat to stop60#Wear a citrus smelling gear, since cats dont like citrus scents61# Taking your cat to an AS (anonymous scratchers) group62# Hiring a psych to foresee when your cat will scratch you, soyou can stay away63# Wearing citrus perfumes64# Padding the bottom of the entire houses wall with ascratching material, so he will have plenty to scratch everywhere65# Wear one of those japanese "cat tail" and "cat ears" gizmo thatreveals a persons emotions so your cat will understand you dontlike the scratching66# Wearing citrus moisturizing, since cats dont like citrus scents67# Ask how to make him stop on “Yahoo Answers”68# Offer a reward to whoever makes the cat stopscratching people69# Pray for the cat to stop70# Create a cellphone app for this (there are apps foreverything after all!)71# Hire a bodyguard to keep the cat away72# Take the cat to anger management73# Take the cat to "scratch rehab"
  8. 8. 74# Make the cat wear a funny outfit, so he will feelembarassed and less prone to scratching75# A type of soap you wash your body with that repels cats76# Create a crash course on “How to prevent your cat fromscratching you on Stanford”77# Have the cat to see a pet shrink for therapy78# Give the cat some herbal medicine to prevent scratching/calm their mood79# Stop patting the cat until they stop scratching, only patwith good behaviour80# Get a special type of leash for your cat that keeps themaway when he feels like sinking your claws on you81# Have the cat live in a different area of the house, wearprotective clothing when you visit them82# Eat a type of food that expels something from your skinwhich will ward away cats83# Buy a type of shampoo that repels cats84# Take your cat for walks, this will give them attentionand keep them too tired to scratch you85# Make your cat fall in love, for love calms the heart85# Wear a type of stockings/underarmour (what athleteswear) that will stay skin tight (unnoticeable) but is strongenough to prevent scratches from hurting you86# Learn ballet so you can jump over your cat87# Buy a robot cat88# Wear special clothes that will spray water on the catwhen it gets close89# Buy a “cat television” with tv shows specially made forcats, this will keep them occupied90# Do not pat the cat after it scratches you, as this willpromote scratching
  9. 9. 91# Write a log book to determine the different types ofbehaviour that makes the cat scratch you, from this you should beable to tell what is triggering the anger. Stop doing whateverangers the cat92# Have the cat hypnotised to stop scratching93# Have the cat go through a series of exercises each day, thiswill keep them active and they will receive the much neededattention they require and this will stop them from scratching94# Make sure to feed the cat on time, this will ensure they willbe happy and reduce the likelihood of scratching95# Burn some incense, this will soothe the cat and prevent themfrom scratching96# Massage the cat with nice oils that will relax and calm thecat97# Make sure to give the cat lots of love and attention, regularlypatting them for good behaviour and make sure to brush themregularly. If you dont brush them, their fur will become knottedand this will hurt the cat! That pain will lead to frustration andthey will scratch you98# Put the cat in the “naughty corner” if he scratches you99# Dance with your cat, the cat will stop scratching you becauseit is tired and had so much fun100# Get a dog instead!
  10. 10. So, thinking of ways to avoid being caughtunguarded and getting scratched by yourcat...
  11. 11. Our selected idea was...
  12. 12. Learning ballet to jump overyour cat!
  13. 13. Drawings by Créativité Academie. All theimages belong to their respective ownersBy Créativité Academie