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Alice Company Services

  1. 1. Alice Silkhouse Court 7th Floor, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2LZ T 0844 504 4550 INFORMATIONAlice company is based in Liverpool and produces luxuryjewellery collections that take inspiration from beautiful scenes innature, inspiring your imagination. Alice also produces luxuryTailored products and 1off designs.Alice is the creative director and designer of the brand and alsodeals with company strategy. The Alice team consists of webbuilders, gem setters and cutters and many valued suppliers.The Alice company offers both creativity and quality. Alice sourcesall the materials used in the collections and personally selectsmany rare gemstones from suppliers across the globe, ensuringthe high quality of coloured gemstones with amazing brilliance,pearls that are natural from the Japanese ocean and diamondsthat are certificated.Luxury, high end, collections were introduced to meet the de-mands of the emerging luxury jewellery market and the companyname changed to Alice in 2010. Alice originally, launched herjewellery brand in 2004 in the Uk as Alice in Wonderland Jewel-lery, following an adventure in New Zealand, where the brandsidentity as beauty in nature began.Alice collections are now showcased at shows across the Uk forcustomers and Alice has arranged office meeting/showrooms, withreception, where may book an appointment to view a luxury itemor discuss the Tailored service.
  2. 2. Alice Silkhouse Court 7th Floor, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2LZ T 0844 504 4550 JEWELLERY COLLECTIONS 100%A choice of luxury jewellery collections can be viewed online, at an Aliceshow or at meeting room, 14 days if not in stockTAILORED SERVICEDESIGN FEE £150A unique 1 of a kind luxury product tailored to you3 designs, drawings, 2x meetings, choice of 3 quotes, preparation ofcontract, signed contract required, 1 week to completeEXTRA MEETING £50TAILORED PRODUCT £as quotedA 50% deposit is required for Alice to produce tailored product andremainder on completion, signed contract required, 3-4 weeksTREASURE HUNT £5001 days research to find rare gemstones, presentation of choicegems at London office as client approves, selects and views colours
  3. 3. LAPIDARYWe can arrange specialist gem cutting which means that you can have yourfavourite gems cut into your favourite shapesENGRAVINGWe can arrange a special date or secret message to appear inside yourluxury product in your chosen type face and stylePAYMENTCARD PAYMENT, BANK TRANSFER, CHEQUES to ALICE, CASHat meeting room, by telephone, post, online or at a show (for collections)BANK TRANSFERRef (Product name)Account 10432261Sort Code 20 51 01
  4. 4. Alice Silkhouse Court 7th Floor, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2LZ T 0844 504 4550 SERVICEAlice Tailored Service for designing 1 off luxury jewelleryproductsThe Tailored Service is for designing a unique, luxury product tailored to yourstyle, tastes and specifications.The design will be at couture level and you can expect amazing creativity,excellent design proportions, a feminine, yet strong style & using very highquality gemstones and diamonds, all has the effect of producing stunningresults.The service involves two processes, firstly the design and then theproduction of the luxury product. An initial meeting that takes a listening andideas approach will discover your favourite colours, specifications and newideas and quick sketches will be put forward. 1 week later, quotes anddrawings of three choices of design will be presented to you in a secondmeeting.DESIGN COSTdesigns, drawings, 2x meetings, choice of 3 quotes £150preparation of contract, signed contract requiredEXTRA WORK REQUIREDEXTRA MEETING £50*Alice will contact you when your quotes are ready in 1 weekIf you require further research, additional designs and information we willcontact you to let you know a subsequent quotation £250 per day
  5. 5. LUXURY PRODUCT COST £as quotedA 50% deposit is required for Alice to produce tailored product and remainderon completion, signed contract required, completion of luxury product will bewithin 3-4 weeks*Alice will contact you when your quotes are readyAPPROVING DIAMONDSYou may approve white diamonds before going ahead £20
  6. 6. From: Alice Silkhouse Court 7th FloorSERVICE Tithebarn StreetTreasure Hunt L2 2LZ !Treasure Hunt Code Qty Description Retail Price852900 1 Treasure Hunt £500 Service for locating high quality, rare gemstones in specified colours and materials. 1 days research for arranging meetings to view gems, 1 day trip to London to view gem colour and quality. Presented to client as photographs and notes or client will view gems at Alice office in Covent Garden.Total £500
  7. 7. Alice Silkhouse Court 7th Floor, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2LZ T 0844 504 4550 ALICEYou may contact Alice by telephoning 0844 504 4550or by emailing Monday -SaturdayGMT 9-5pmIf Alice is out of the office, please leave a message and Alice willreply within 24hrsFollowing a consultation, Alice will contact you about providingyou with your quotesFollowing a deposit, Alice will contact you about presenting youwith your completed luxury productHead Office is in LiverpoolAliceSilkhouse Court7th FloorTithebarn StreetLiverpoolL2 2LZOffices across the UK can be booked for meetings including:Leeds Whitehall1 Whitehall Quay,Whitehall Road,Leeds,LS1 4HR