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Target audience


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Regional Magazine target audience

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Target audience

  2. 2. ABSOLUTE (BRIGHTON AND HOVE) 35% 65% ABSOLUTE - AUDIENCE Male Female Absolute is more popular with females than males, although there are still males who read the magazine. Some of the reader’s interests would suggest it’s aimed at middle aged/ middle class people who will have more money, but the actual magazine is freely distributed so it’s accessible by everyone. The social media accounts may help appeal to a younger audience.
  3. 3. TIME OUT Time Out (London) is more popular with females than males, but seems to appeal to people of all ages above 15. This could be because it has a large variety of content, so there’s something that’s interesting to everyone. There’re also a lot of diversity in London as it’s such a big city. 40% 60% TIME OUT (LONDON) - AUDIENCE Male Female
  5. 5. CORNWALL TODAY I’ve found that Cornwall Today has a much larger female than male audience. The media pack doesn’t give a specific age range, but the reader’s interests and the style of the magazine would suggest the main target audience is older/ retired adults, who will have more free time during the day. 20% 80% CORNWALL TODAY AUDIENCE Male Female
  6. 6. ABSOLUTELY 41% 59% ABSOLUTELY - AUDIENCE Male Female The information about Absolutely’s readers and the price of the magazine (£3.95) suggests the target audience is mainly middle class. They would also have to be older adults to afford to own their own property. There are slightly more female than male readers.
  7. 7. MY TARGET AUDIENCE I’ve decided to make my target audience both males and females aged 15-25, which is most similar to Time Out’s audience. I’m also going to make it relatively inexpensive (£1.99), as I think it would attract a larger audience and also the majority of my audience would be students who wont have much money.