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Digital marketing, personal recap


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A personal recap of what we have learnt this year in digital marketing

Published in: Technology
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Digital marketing, personal recap

  1. 1. arketingDigital M 01 1 r 2010/2 al rec ap - yea Person
  2. 2. Themes viewed Ø  Social Networking Ø  Social Influence Ø  Presentations tools Ø  Monitoring tools Ø  Others
  3. 3. Social Networking"   We have seen during the year different concepts, such as:"   Facebook, Twitter - they are of course the most unavoidable social networking tools today
  4. 4. Social networking conceptsBut we also had the chanceto understand better howthe other tools works, andthat there is plenty of them,that individuals andcompanies should use for abetter communication
  5. 5. Social networking impact"   Overviewing these concepts and tools was enriching because I did not used to be good at this. Thanks to this course, I have realized that social networking can now impact marketing and communication for every company"   They are certainly the tools that must be used today - either to enhance awareness, or to increase online reputation, or to generate more revenue"   I am glad I could understand this, because for a future professional experience, I am sure it will be helpful to know how to play with social medias
  6. 6. Social Influence"   We have understood that today, we talk more about a community management rather than a market target"   People gather according their interests, hence the importance of getting influencers who can spread the companys communication toward its community
  7. 7. Social Influence concepts& tools"   One of the key concept to monitor ones online reputation it to measure the influence"   Klout, is one of the tools we have used the most, but the other are also helpful."   I will definitely try to implement the use of it within a future professional experience
  8. 8. Social influence andconsequences The social rewarding concept was completely new to me, but I found this part of the class very interesting. I still believe that rewarding loyal social follower is a great idea in terms of brand image and brand equity
  9. 9. Monitoring tools"   We had the opportunity to see how to monitor our online reputation thanks to several tools such as:
  10. 10. Monitoring toolsThese tools have been helpful for collecting data, orgathering the different social media accounts.It inverts the process, now the data comes to you, notthe oppositeThese are very clever tools to use, and the course learnme thatI might use them in a future professional experience
  11. 11. Presentation tools
  12. 12. Presentation toolsMy favourite one was Prezi, because it is easy to use,very simple to understand, and the result is very differentfrom a basic PowerPoint presentation. It is fun, andimpelling. since I have discover this tool, I have donemany of my personal presentations on PreziI also liked lot Slideshare for its free access to manystudy, made by other members. It is very helpful for myother courses and I found great content, as if it was aresearch engineThese both tools had the greatest impact in me for thesereasons
  13. 13. Others - Conclusion"   We also learn how to keep a blog, and for me it was the first time"   The weekly articles widen our knowledge of hotel marketing"   Through the exercises made in class, I have discovered the trends and that was really interesting"   I am willing to write my thesis about luxury brand ans social medias, and this class gave me a great overview of all this field