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AroundU - Application Imagined


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I have been asked to imagine an application that will delight today's mobile lifestyle travelers, so here is what I though about!

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AroundU - Application Imagined

  1. 1. Arou ndU le obile Lifesty ’s M fo r todayNe w App sTraveller Alia Outarahout – CMH MBA-2A
  2. 2. 1/ The Service!   The app consists on a role-play LBS game, that will mix real life and fantasy “achievements”!   Guests will have access to this application by checking-in. It would be suitable for iPhone, Androids, and Blackberry
  3. 3. How it works?!   Guests create their avatar on the application platform
  4. 4. ! Then, on a accurate 3D map of the Hotel neighbourhood the guest/player will pinpoint spots representing our partners: luxury shops, restaurants, clubs, and other must- see places (gym, cinema, museums,…) Once the avatar enters one of the marked spots, the app presents the partners interior with augmented reality tools, so he can visit the surrounding without leaving the hotel room
  5. 5. !   What is interesting with this concept, is that everyday, the hotel will launch a mission, or “assignment” offering rewards to the guest For instance, every morning a new challenge will be unveiled on the app, it can be enigma, race, treasure hunt, etc.
  6. 6. Examples:!   « Free drink tonight at the bar for the guest who will stamp the more partners before 03:00pm » Then guest would have to go and stamp themselves in the more spots marked possible!   Enigmas: “try to find out what shop offers our guests 10% discount today” to find clues, go to this coffee or this restaurant. / Guest will go there, and on their app, they will have the clue once they have stamped themselves.
  7. 7. Other advantages!   Possibility to join this game to the loyalty program of the hotel – great users earn more points!   Enhance the brand awareness of the Hotel by this innovative tool, thus attract more potential fans!   Development of a new way of being tourist, and innovative travellers are seeking for this!   Generates partnerships with other retailers, it is a win-win agreement BUT: The drawbacks are the cost of implementing & launching such an app + the fact that it will need full-time employee(s) in charge of creating deals and challenges Such an application is more suitable for big hotels chains, that will support the cost
  8. 8. 2/ Similar services existing?!   As far as I know, there isn’t any service computing a game with real life promotions such as this one.!   Yet, there are application offering services close to mine, so lets discover them
  9. 9. Imaginative travellersIt is basically an onlinetreasure hunt:-You have to set up anaccount-Then based on a clue,the player has to pin apoint on the map, tryingto find out a famouslandmarks or destination- If he answer correctly to5 answers, he is enteredinto the draw to win a trip
  10. 10. Gowalla
  11. 11. Gowalla vs AroundU! Gowalla is a LBS too , but offers in addition social network facilities, whereas mine is a gaming application.! Gowalla doesn’t give access to real promotions, with actual partners, it is closer to Poynt or Foursquare in its use, but one common point is the stamping system, based on the location.