World's Top Fast Food Restaurants on Social Media


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We have analysed the main world chains of fast food restaurants and their interaction in social media.

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World's Top Fast Food Restaurants on Social Media

  1. 1. IndexProposalTop 10 Fast Food World Brands in social networksRanking at February 2013Presentation of top 3 positionsPresentation of top 7 positionsConclusions
  2. 2. Proposal Objective: Create a Top of worlds fast food brands ( restaurants) in order to know their social media interaction. Analyzing and identifying strategies, marketing and communication actions these brands are carrying out and that justify its position in the ranking. Sources: The approach that we have taken to classify this ranking has been the annual turnover of each brand, as well as the number of stores it has in the world. Source: in-america-2012-7?op=1 4 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  3. 3. Ranking on February 2013 5 /18RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  4. 4. Ranking on February 2013 6 /18RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  5. 5. Starbucks§ Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 19,972 stores in 60 countries, is leading this ranking of fast food world brands in social media, with 87 of score. 7 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  6. 6. Starbucks 8 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  7. 7. Starbucks in numbers - Twitter: 3,4 millions of followers. - Facebook: 33 millions of fans (promotions, competitions, apps customers, partners and employees). - YouTube: 9 millions of video views. - Foursquare: +1,2 millions of “Likes”. - Google+: +900,000 followers. - Pinterest: 7 boards, 842 Pins y +68,286 followers. - Blog: They update very often and they have many categories of content. - LinkedIn: They have a very update profile 9 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  8. 8. Starbucks and networks 10 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  9. 9. McDonalds§ McDonalds is the worlds largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving over 68 millions customers daily in 119 countries. They have a score of 84 in social media.§ They use social networks for interacting with users, for presenting new products and promotions, for answering their questions and for helping employees of franchises to present their products strategically. 11 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  10. 10. McDonalds in numbers - 33,000+ worldwide number of locations. - Twitter: they use the hashtag # McDStories. - Facebook: 27 millions fans for promotions and brand apps. - YouTube: publishing videos made their products become virals, also publishing videos of their partners, farmers and events. - Pinterest: 15 boards with images of its restaurants, history... - Google: +15,782 have them in circles. 12 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  11. 11. McDonalds and networks 13 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  12. 12. Taco Bell§ Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants. They serve a variety of Tex-Mex foods and other specialty items. They have a score of 75 in social media 14 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  13. 13. Taco Bell in numbers - Twitter: +321,000 followers use hashtags to promote their "#products" along with the usual # tacobell in all their communications. - Facebook: with +9,5 millions fans have an app that connects to Facebook page of each franchise in the world. - YouTube: with +6 millions video views, publishing on their cultivated fields, products and brand events. - They are also present on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. 15 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  14. 14. Taco Bell and networks 16 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  15. 15. Other positions 69 of score 2.0. Dominos is the second-largest pizza chain in the USA according to Wikipedia. Their strategy: free pizza delivery. Facebook (8 millions fans); Twitter (+161,000 followers); Foursquare: 29% geolocation benefits campaigns in UK. They are also present on Blog, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. 69 of score 2.0. is an American restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza. Their strategy: to offer multiple channels for ordering. In Facebook (10 millions fans) have apps to view and order menus. They are also present on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+. 67 of score 2.0. is a global chain of hamburger fast food with the slogan “Have it your way”. Their marketing strategy has improved by incorporating LFD screens in its stores to display their menus in digital format. In Facebook (+6 millions fans), Twitter (app BK Alerts), YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. 67 of score 2.0. KFC is the worlds largest chain of fried chicken fast foodc restaurants. It is the second largest restaurant chain after McDonalds. Strategy: Each year, KFC Foundation gives +75 scholarships to aspiring universitys, becoming the most successful program in Twitter. The brand connects with his fans on Facebook (+5,4 millions) to achieve better brand positioning. 17 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  16. 16. Other positions65 of score 2.0. Dunkin Donuts is an international doughnut and coffeeretailer. In Spain is called “Dunkin Coffee”. Kanlli develops its strategy formanaging their accounts of Tuenti, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.Globallyuse social networks with hashtags and apps to promote their products havinggreat success in the youth audience. They are also present on Pinterest.63 of score 2.0. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the worldwith 37,776 restaurants in 100 countries. The brand philosophy is to offer itspersonalized products and varies depending on the establishment, country andmarket. In Facebook (+20 millions fans) have apps for their offers andcustomizing their order. They are also present on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn...62 of score 2.0. Panera Bread is a chain of bakery–café quick casual restaurantsin USA and Canada. In 2010, the companys create a non-profit “Pay what youcan”. Strategy: there are no prices. The customer is asked to donate what hefeels right. They are also present on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube andPinterest. 18 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  17. 17. Conclusions§ The growth of new technologies has led to a globalization that brings increasingly close relations of people over the Internet. It is clear that fast food brands are not detached from this progress and focus all their efforts on positioning their brand and ensure its clients both locally and globally through competitive strategies.§ Therefore, these franchises have seen necessary to include social media in their global communication strategy and consider it as a fundamental part in order to optimize sales. For this, seeking to interact with their target audiences from around the world to understand their concerns (customer service) and to personalize their campaigns and advertisements.§ One of the keys to success of these brands such as McDonalds, is to have a very strong basis of people: their franchisees. 19 /18 RANKING OF WORLD FAST FOOD
  18. 18. THANKS FOR YOUR 20