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working at hight


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working at hight

  1. 1. Working at heights Ali Al Amri QEN/111A
  2. 2. Contents • Objective • Introduction • Common factors • Safety of personnel on platform • Safe use of scaffolds • Scaffold inspection • Ladders • Protecting the Public • How to prevent incidents
  3. 3. Objective Awareness of risks involved in working at heights and how these can be overcome. Definition: 1.5 meters above working platform considered ‘height’.
  4. 4. Introduction In 2007/2008 67 people died and nearly 4000 suffered a serious injury as a result of a fall from height in the workplace. In 2007/2008 53 people died and nearly 3800 injured.
  5. 5. Common factors • Failure to provide safe systems of work (inadequate instruction…etc). • Failure to ensure that safe systems of work are followed. • Failure to use appropriate equipment. • Failure to provide safe plant/equipment.
  6. 6. Safety of personnel on platform Work at height should be carried out from a platform with suitable edge protection. Ladders can only be used as a mean of getting to a workplace.
  7. 7. Safe use of scaffolds: • Do not alter the scaffolding to gain access for work. • Erection and alteration should only be made by a competent scaffolding team. • Never work on platforms that are not fully grated/boarded. • Do not overload platforms (spread load evenly).
  8. 8. Scaffold inspection ▼Scaffolds must be inspected and certified by a competent scaffolding supervisor. • Before first use; • After substantial alteration; • At regular intervals. ▼Any faults found must be reported.
  9. 9. Ladders ▼Scaffolding ladders should be in a good condition and regularly examined. ▼They should be secured so they cannot slip. ▼They should be protruding the platform. ▼The ladder should be angled to minimize the risk of slipping outwards.
  10. 10. Protecting the public ▼Ensure the working platform is designed to carry the load from stored materials and equipment. ▼Platforms/scaffolding should be designed to prevent materials falling. ▼Never ‘bomb’ materials from height.
  11. 11. To prevent these incidents • Apply the 3 point rule. • Use fall protection equipment. • Develop and encourage a culture of intervention. • Make sure the employees comply with safe working procedures.
  12. 12. Case Study – Recent Incident October 4, 2005 - Sakhalin Energy Fatality from a fall from the platform access ladder Location of the landing The access ladders
  13. 13. Twin Webbing Lanyard
  14. 14. QUESTIONS ?!