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Video alf questioning


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Video alf questioning

  1. 1. DELIVERING OF AfL BENEFITS FOR PUPILS:AFL QUESTIONING TECHNIQUES *Help them to be awared of what and why they are learning. The video shows how AfL Questioning is implemented *Focus students on the most into the sciences classroom. It important items of the lesson is a set of key questions which and not get lost during the students will try to answer experimental part of the class. throughout the lesson and will *Make them stop and reflect help the teacher to know what before answering. he has to improve. *Self assessment & peer assessment PLANNING AND IDEAS FOR OUR RESOURCES: LESSONS: We will use this AfL technique when it fits the characteristics *Key questions about the of the subject and our lesson. intentions to achieve with our pupils. E.g: When learning *Previous thinking about something in which students minimun aims and contents tend to get lost in practice and students should learn with forget what they need to be the lesson. focused on.
  2. 2. DELIVERING OF ALF BENEFITS FOR PUPILS Maths teacher combines some ALF techniques in *Traffic lights: the same lesson. -Help them rating theis level of *She uses Traffic Lights to get more feedback and understandingknow if the students understand what they should. *No Hands Up Policy: *No hands up policy will make students realise -Improves attention levels they all should pay attention and have an active -Give students time to think before attitude as anyone can be asked by the teacher. answering*If any student does not know the answer whenbeing asked by the teacher they have the right to -Reduce pupil’s stress using the“Phone a “call a friend” who will do it instead of them. Friend” option *Phone a Friend: - Aliviate their tension PLANNING AND IDEAS FOR OUR LESSONS RESOURCES: We intend to use Traffic Lights *Round coloured pieces of when explaining something new. sheets In addition, we can combine it with No Hands Up and Call a *Planning how she is Friend techniques when we going to explain these notice that not all of our pupils techniques to the have the same disposition to students so that they can take an active part in the class. understand to use them.