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ClojureBridge - Building a more diverse Clojure community


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Talk from EuroClojure 2015 in Barcelona, on the ClojureBridge programming diversity initiative to bring more women and other underrepresented groups into the Clojure programming community. This covers what a ClojureBridge workshop is, why it's needed, and how to run one. The speaker organised the first European ClojureBridge workshop in Edinburgh, and now helps and mentors other people organising them.

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ClojureBridge - Building a more diverse Clojure community

  1. 1. Building a more diverse Clojure community
  2. 2. Introducing the speaker Ali King Software Engineer at Volunteer Coding Educator @ali_king
  3. 3. What is ClojureBridge? Coding workshops For women Run by volunteers Introduction to Clojure
  4. 4. Beyond women Ethnic minorities LGBTQIA Disability Class/economic background
  5. 5. ClojureBridge Edinburgh 26th & 27th September 2014 Image: argylehouseedinburgh
  6. 6. Partners and sponsors
  7. 7. Talk to people Book a date Tell the world Help! How do I do this?
  8. 8. Why? Went to Clojure/FP events Almost only woman there People are missing out!
  9. 9. RailsBridge 1 day workshops Increase % women at confs Bridge Foundry
  10. 10. ClojureBridge in 2014 April - Durham, NC May - San Francisco, Brisbane, Minneapolis August - Melbourne September - San Francisco, Edinburgh December - Sydney
  11. 11. Image: Google Maps
  12. 12. Comparisons RailsBridge Rails Girls Django Girls
  13. 13. Why outreach Gender diversity in tech Functional Programming Not well known? Unhelpful?
  14. 14. Gershom Bazerman - Letter to a Young Haskell Enthusiast “If your primary goal is to spread knowledge, then you must be relentlessly self-critical of anything you do or say that gets in the way of that. And you don’t get to judge that — others do.”
  15. 15. Hacker School rules No feigned surprise No ‘well actually’s No back-seat driving No subtle -isms
  16. 16. Odd one out Image: flickr / Cliff Muller, CC2.0
  17. 17. Comfort level Image: Max Frear, CC3.0
  18. 18. Growing a community Codes of conduct Consult outside group
  19. 19. Teaching aims Thought processes Engagement
  20. 20. ‘Selling’ ClojureBridge Modern Minimal keywords & syntax FP before OOP Portable REPL
  21. 21. How you can help Organise Teach Sponsor Contribute
  22. 22. Bootstrapping diversity Chicken and egg! Women in lead roles Cross-train Visiting experts Recruit former students
  23. 23. How to organise Mailing lists Mentors
  24. 24. Teacher training Social comfort Technical capability Monitoring engagement
  25. 25. San Francisco, May 2014 Image: ClojureBridge SF
  26. 26. ClojureBridge Solingen, June 2015 Image: ClojureBridge Solingen
  27. 27. Follow up Mailing lists Meetups Local Clojure groups Feedback surveys
  28. 28. What we’ve learned Organiser guide Workshop feedback Curriculum design
  29. 29. Community impact Diversity Energy Community discovery
  30. 30. Virtuous circle More Clojure programmers More Clojure in production More Clojure jobs More learners
  31. 31. Resources clojurebridge-workshops
  32. 32. Building a more diverse Clojure community