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Importance of Communication


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Business Communication and the importance of Communication in Business

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Importance of Communication

  1. 1. Submitted to: Ma’am Amna Rani Submitted by: Ali Hassan (001) Mehroz Gull (003) Hafiz Sajawal (004) Asma Safdar (000) M.Majid (022) Program: B.COM(H)
  2. 2. Speaking Importance Of Communication Education
  3. 3.  As everyone knows that communication is very important to understand each other, to exchange Ideas, and to express your thoughts. Communication plays a vital role in the success of everyone life. So first of all we should know the perfect meaning of Communication.
  4. 4. Communication is means that in which we exchange and share information and ideas between two or more person. Basically Communication is process in which there are two parties are involved first is sender and second is receiver of a message. But according to us Communication is writing, talking, a device, and sign language.
  5. 5. Communication skill is the art of sharing information, knowledge and ideas from one person to another person effectively. It is very helpful in all fields of life such as in business, person life and while applying a job.
  6. 6.  Verbal communication  Written communication  Oral communication  Nonverbal communication  Visual communication
  7. 7. Verbal communication is that in which we share information between individuals through using speech. Verbal communication has spoken words, expression and tone of voice. In verbal communication we are asking question to each other, giving positive reinforcement, redirecting question and then giving feedback, and Summarizing.
  8. 8. Written communication involves an interaction in which words are written. In which two or more person are involves. In any business written communication is very important in touch with the employees and employees with the owner to solve the problem that they are facing.
  9. 9. Oral communication is the process of verbally transmitting information and ideas from one individual or group to another. Oral communication can be either Formal or Informal.
  10. 10. We communicate nonverbally through the use of our Tone, Eyes, Facial expression, Touch, Silence, Gestures, Smell, Postures, Body moments, Sounds, and with appearance.
  11. 11. Any image that is used to communicate an idea whether it’s sign, poster, drawing, photography or television advertisements. These all are known as visual communication.
  12. 12.  Poor listening  Emotional barrier  Muddled message  Cultural barrier  Interruptions  Gender  Physical barrier  Language barrier
  13. 13. Education
  14. 14. Education is basically the process of knowledge and skills in the society which are transfer from one place to the next. In Pakistan education system is not good but now days it’s improving. We should provide the quality of education to our children for their better future. There are some things to think about. Goal of education is to motivate people to learn more. And how to achieve the goal. Good education makes every person to think rationally. Because of education we can be some good speaker as well as a good reader. And with the help of education we can also know how to convey our message. It should be clear and worthfull for the receiver. Education is the only think that can change our life style, with the help of education we can reach our peak point in the near future.
  15. 15.  In Pakistan education is the matter of life and death. The world is progressing so sharply, because they are advance in education. So we have to improve our self in the education sector.  In Pakistan students does not know what to do next in his life so he goes to indirect path and fails in life.  Govt. has to take specific steps to end cramming system in education from govt. as well as private sector and implement system of practical work.  Every student can get more knowledge by doing research on a topic or project. Ratta system should be end from Pakistan because in Ratta system student have memorized for a short time but not for long.  Govt. should hire those teachers who are skilled with the International teaching standard so they can give better future for Pakistan.
  16. 16. To be concluding that education is very necessary for everyone to make their life effective and good. If you are an educated then the society will follow you. And you can make a good image in the front of any one easily with the help of education. Education brings closer the society to build a new and bright future.