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Eating Healthy Food - By Dr. Ali Ghahary


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Vancouver physician Dr. Ali Ghahary shares tips on healthy eating and why it's so important for your health.

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Eating Healthy Food - By Dr. Ali Ghahary

  1. 1. eating HEALTHY By Dr. Ali Ghahary
  2. 2. Eating Right  Vancouver physician, Dr. Ali Ghahary, has always been a strong advocate for healthy eating.  The healthier you eat, the healthier your body and mind will become.
  3. 3. The Food Pyramid Follow Canada’s Food Guide for tips on how to eat healthier and understand exactly how many grains, vegetables, fruits, oils, milk, meat and beans you should be incorporating into your everyday meal plan. GRAINS VEGETABLES FRUITS OILS MILK MEAT & BEANS
  4. 4. Grains Make half of your grains whole  Examples of grains that are good for your health include quinoa, rye, barley and brown rice, just to name a few!  Incorporating whole grains into your diet helps to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.
  5. 5. Vegetables Vary your veggies  Some of the healthiest vegetables include spinach, kale, broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and even garlic.  Most vegetables are low in calories, and are important sources of nutrients.
  6. 6. Fruits A healthy, tasty treat  Fruits are important sources of nutrients.  Citrus fruit, such as oranges, as well as blueberries and strawberries are some of the best.  Eating fruit can help to prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and can even help prevent cancer.  For parents who have a hard time making their kids eat fruit, try making smoothies. This is a fun way to ensure that your child is getting all the nutrients they need.
  7. 7. Milk Get your calcium rich foods  Examples of calcium-rich foods include dairy products like milk and cheese, as well as yogurt, sardines and bok choy.  Calcium is great for your bones and teeth.
  8. 8. Physical Activity Dr. Ali Ghahary recommends a minimum of 30 minutes per day  In addition to healthy eating, Vancouver physician Dr. Ali Ghahary also recommends that patients exercise regularly.  Exercise is not only great for weight loss and weight management, but just like healthy eating it can also reduce the risk of disease and improve heart health.  Remember, physical activity doesn’t have to be vigorous. Taking 30 minute walks per day can be enough to significantly improve your health.
  9. 9. In Conclusion  For more information on healthy eating, visit Dr. Ali Ghahary’s various websites and blogs below:      You can also follow Dr. Ghahary on social media:  Twitter:  Instagram: