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War With Japan


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Russo-Japanese War

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War With Japan

  1. 1. War with Japan (1904– 05) Reynal, Kenny, Claps Russia and Japan fought for control of strategic territories in China. It ended with humiliating defeat for Russia. This brought critical attention on the Tsar’s regime.
  2. 2. Reasons Nicholas, advised by Plehve, that a national victory would lessen the growing opposition. Opportunity to heighten patriotic fervour and national pride. Japan threat to Russian interests in Asia. Russia benefit from economic expansion to the East, and access to the sea. Japan was concerned about the Trans-Siberian Railway into Manchuria. Threat to Korea. Japan interested in Chinese land. Japanese troops storm a Russian position during the siege of Port Arthur
  3. 3. The development of the War Broke out in 1904 with the attack of Japan on Port Arthur. Russian forces were left without supplies.Trans- Siberian railway was unfinished. No effective way of moving troops from the West. Russian army suffered heavy losses. Yalu River and Mukden. Russian Baltic fleet took too long to get to the Pacific. And it was destroyed in 45 mins.
  4. 4. Consequences Russia felt embarrassed. Tsarist government was viewed as incompetent. Tsar humiliated by peace treaty with Japan. Resources diverted to the war lessened the already limited supply of gran and fuel. Plehve was assassinated, by terrorist bomb attack.