Visual Planner: Production Planning and Scheduling Solution for Exact Macola Progression and ES


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Visual Planner software provides production planning and scheduling with real time Exact Macola integration. Visual Planner is fully integrated with Exact Macola Progression and ES and works with POP and SFC modules. Visual Planner helps your company's production planning by providing an easy-to-use graphical view of your departments and work centers. From one screen you can see when the work can be done and whether the necessary materials are available. You can also allow Visual Planner to schedule some or all of the production for you, meeting your target dates and finding the ideal times and work centers.

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Visual Planner: Production Planning and Scheduling Solution for Exact Macola Progression and ES

  1. 1. Visual PlannerProduction Planning and Scheduling Solution forExact Macola Progression and ES
  2. 2. Why is planning production so important to ExactToday’s Business Challenges customers? Keeping direct material costs down In today’s economic climate Exact customers are looking for solutions that will give them the lean manufacturing and competitive Difficulty accurately assessing capacity advantage they need to stay ahead of the competition. and load Typically however, they are struggling to manage something that should be at the very heart of their business – Production Planning. They are still Trying to level production and load manual tools like Excel spreadsheets to do this. Their schedules are totally blown apart when a rush order appears, re-work is required, operators report Reducing labor costs sick, a machine breaks down, or demand does not match the forecast. All of this results in the their Planners spending endless time re-assigning work, Reducing procurement costs changing priorities or altering process routes to meet delivery dates. Over time the inability to produce reliable production plans will result in higher Reducing production wastage operating costs and a potential loss of business. Reducing production WIP Keeping to delivery dates What will Visual Planner do for Exact customers? Reducing costly inventory levels Fully integrated into Exact Macola progression or ES, Visual Planner will drive the optimization of the production process, providing the control required for Winning new business effective planning and resource management. Using Visual Planner in a Macola integrated manufacturing environment will greatly improve customer service levels while simultaneously increasing efficiency and maximizing output. Through Visual Planner‟s graphical planning screen a single point ofVisual Planners answers reference is provided to view all the information needed to make effectivequestions like this: planning decisions (Departments, Work Centers, calendars, product details, order details, free capacity, material requirements and availability). With What can we promise for a delivery manual systems, it is impossible to bring all this information together into a date? single coordinated view. When should we order the materials Visual Planner works straight out of the box and can be fully implemented in that are needed to complete this order? under week. This ultimately means a quicker return on your investment. Once installed you will immediately see your live Macola data and will be able to Can we transfer production to drill down into information that includes orders, stock availability, trial kit list, alternative work centers? captured bill of materials, order properties, production reports and much more. In addition, you have the ability to instantly write data back into your What is the impact of this new order to Exact Macola system confirming production schedules. All of this helps you our current backlog? achieve complete unison with your purchasing plans and enables you to produce reliable up to the minute production plans. What order should we run next? Can we complete this order earlier? What are we shipping this week? LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  3. 3. Growing list of standard features The Exact Solution Support for Jobs – A job is something Visual Planner will provide Exact customers with an unrivalled way to that has multiple tasks. This can be a see the resources they have available and allocate work accurately. customer order with pulled POP or SFC orders, a POP order with dependant So, not only will it make the planning process more efficient, but will orders, a Shop Order or Parent Shop help them to: Order with dependant orders Give reliable delivery promises to customers, avoiding the costs which can be Support for tasks – These can POP incurred in meeting unrealistic dates. This can reduce overtime, premium Orders or Shop Order Operations. Tasks prices paid for rushed raw material deliveries, and much more. And of course, the company‟s on-time deliveries will improve so that they can meet can be executed in sequence, with or those key customer service targets. without overlap or in parallel, as in Shop Floor paths Easily see the time and resources available in each work centre, so work can be accurately scheduled, knowing the people and machines should be Multi Users & Multi Company Scheduling available. This will ensure the best use is made of the resources, and also highlights idle time that might be used constructively, or creates an Progress status on task in scheduler opportunity to cut costs. view – A progress bar provides a graphical view of the percentage of By accurately scheduling each order, the Planner will provide the work completed on any order. purchasing team with the right information from which to plan material orders and stock. This helps to ensure the materials are available when they are needed. Multiple methods of scheduling including, drag & drop, automatic Helps to achieve the best match to customer delivery requirements which backward, forward and sequential means that customer service can improve at the same time as reducing scheduling. finished goods stock. Various reports are available including Provides instant access to material availability information for either one production plan, SF reports, late order or many. This means there should be no surprises and, if a vendor delivery and capacity charts. fails to supply on time, the Scheduler can quickly change the production Dashboard‟s also available. schedule so valuable machine and labor time is not wasted. Create your own shop calendars and By improving production planning the company can reduce the time wasted apply them to departments and work in non-productive activities, ensuring that they get the most from their resources. And everyone has an easier life! centre‟s Less disruption and changes in the production process will also help the Fast return on investment – works „out company improve quality and reduce wastage. This means the company of the box‟, eliminating costly can often do the same task more quickly and with fewer materials. installation and implementation periods. Reducing the percentage of waste by only one-tenth of a percent can lead to a 3% improvement in productivity. Fully integrates into Macola packages providing access to real time data to base production planning decisions on Less disruption in the purchasing process means buyers can do their job in getting in materials that are good quality, competitively priced, and Clear upgrade path from Exact Macola delivered on time Progression through to Exact Globe Production planning is often done too late and with too little information. Written with the latest Microsoft .Net This means raw materials are purchased using fixed or estimated lead tools, you can be confident Visual times. With Visual Planner, production planning is fast and efficient and will Planner incorporates the latest help reduce the company‟s stock levels. technologies. It will not just make your production activity more efficient, but will also be compatible with up-to-date The positive effect that Visual Planner has on productivity by cutting work- operating systems and software. in-process (WIP) inventories for a given level of output should be significant. In some cases, a reduction of WIP by one-tenth will produce a significant rise in productivity and free up cash tied up in inventory Will allow the Planner to see everything from the graphical planning board e.g. Customer Orders, Bill of Materials. Real drill downs. LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  4. 4. Delivering benefits from day 1! Visual Planner‟s automatic scheduling rules aim to reduce as much as possible the „makespan‟ time for a job and to reduce the disruption caused by tool and line change over time, thereby keeping work in progress to a minimum Fewer production stoppages and lower excess costs due to ‟waiting time‟ Works in complete unison with Macola‟s MRP, so buying plans match Improved control of ‟Work In Progress‟, production thus reducing raw material stocks and purchasing costs. hence reduced use of overtime to solve Buyers can concentrate on cost saving problems Designed from the outset to work in co-operation with Macola Improved ‟on time‟ delivery Progression so gets the best from the company‟s existing investments. performance Lower air freight and late delivery Unique Features penalties Because Visual Planner is the only production planning and Flexibility to respond quickly when scheduling tool that is completely integrated into Macola Progression requirements change and ES, it can provide Exact customers with features that are simply Rapid “What if” planning to look at not available in other packages. With Visual Planner it is easy to alternative solutions before expediting interrogate live Exact data without the need to ever go into Exact. Extensive them to the shop floor. This keeps the drill-down features provide you with instant access to information that will workforce busy and helps smooth out help you to make better planning decisions. Features like these: those production peaks and troughs. Increased efficiency, better quality Graphical Planning Board: Lets your clearly see the available working time products and crucially less wastage in each work centre and the orders already scheduled. The orders that you through schedules generated by Visual need to schedule appear in a spreadsheet style list that you can sort any way Planner you wish. Simple drag and drop each order when you wish to schedule it, or let automatic scheduler do it for you. This will save Schedulers so much time Helps accurately predict what stock is and release them to manage activities on the shop floor. needed and when, reducing the levels of expensive safety stock Ability to reduce lead times through improved control Efficient production plans allow buyers to take advantage of best prices and availability, quantity of materials, helping to lower direct material costs. No need for costly overtime and crisis management Helps accurately predict production capacity and its impact on delivery schedules Production plans are is instantly written back into Macola reflecting new dates working in complete unison with Exact‟s MRP module. Visual Planner will free-up production Planners time. Typically, the time saved is in excess of 50%. This time saving allows closer monitoring of production and higher efficiency levels. Compatible with up-to-date operating systems and software Increased visibility through View Only licenses Ongoing support and development from Lynq‟s highly experienced Support team LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  5. 5. Case Studies Unique Features Continued…… Trial Kitting: This feature allows the Schedulers to see all the componentsITW Sexton needed for any group of orders that you select. Shortages are highlighted inITW Sexton has pioneered the design and red and they can drill down to see open purchase orders with two mousemanufacture of deep drawn metal clicks. Trial Kitting will help Schedulers identify available stock in one orcontainers for a variety of markets and multiple stocking locations. All of this will help them to confirm that all theapplications. With their strong commitment components needed are available before any orders are released. If theto excellence and customer service, they materials aren‟t available they can quickly rearrange production to keephave emerged as a leading provider of things running smoothly or contact the purchasing department to expeditepremium drawn components to the the materials required so that they can complete the order in time forelectronics, filtration, and aerosol delivery to the Business ChallengeTrying to run a complex business with itsmany variables and requirements using anexcel spreadsheet was a real challenge forall concerned.Failure to achieve promised deliveries andinability to forecast accurately futuredelivery dates, determined the main causeas inadequate availability of information onmachine loading and available resources.Something had to be done!Visual Planner Solutions In late 2008 ITW Sexton made the decision to replace their outgrown systems with Macola ES and Visual Planner. Delivery performance now substantially improved Less pressure on production management – Far more proactive instead of being reactive Bill of Material: Visual Planner provides you with the ability to drill down into the live captured BOM data that is stored in Macola from the Graphical Planner is able to make a better Planning Screen. assessment of forward lead times Production Order Properties: Order Properties drill down provides real- Distribution of Planner‟s “work to” lists time information on the item location, stocking policy, customer orders, helps ensure all resources are available when required to fulfil the manufacturing and production reporting all from one screen. Your schedule Schedulers will never need to look at a Macola screen again!!!! Calendar Maintenance: The limitations that exist in Macola‟s ShopDHS Systems LLCDHS Systems LLC is the world leader of Calendar are now a thing of the past. With Visual Planner you can quicklyhigh-tech, soft-walled shelter systems create and maintain calendars that are based on real operational times.serving medical, military, government and With easy to use templates, you can define your standard working day andcivilian needs. Its primary product is the week (start time lunch time and end time) and apply them to one or manyDeployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, or work centers. Special day rules can also be created and applied to yourDRASH, a quick erect/strike shelter system working calendar to represent things like double shifts, machine down time,that integrates shelter, mobility, lighting,heating, cooling and power distribution in reduced head count and much more. By doing so, a visual representation ofone flexible package. A Make to Order available capacity within a chosen planning period is clearly visible on theManufacturer who‟s major customer is the graphical planning board.US military. LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  6. 6. Case studies cont.Business ChallengeDHS wanted to be able to accuratelyassess capacity and load. Leveling theproduction load with better use of availableresources and a clearer picture of currentand future workloads was a priority forDHS. Improving visibility between the shopfloor and inventory was also a challenge.Visual Planner Solution A much clearer picture from a capacity standpoint delivered visually on the graphical planning board and through available reports. More flexible and dynamic tool allowing the scheduler to maximise available resources and reducing production peaks and troughs. Using Visual Planner‟s MRP CP & FP scheduling ability and “What-If” scenarios run before committing new start and finish dates into Macola What If Orders: Create these order on the fly, so when a customer wants Integrated dash boards have provided to place an order with you, you can quickly establish whether you have the additional management information capacity to complete the order by the customers due date. Once you are directly from Visual Planner. satisfied you have the capacity all you need to do is generate a real shop or pop order to take up that capacity in your plan. The ability to see if stock is available or on order in any Macola location before starting production has been a great asset.International Control ServicesThe services that ICS provide arecommonly referred to as ElectronicManufacturing Services (EMS).Business ChallengeICS‟s biggest business challenge was howto reduce their large inventory levels andWIP. They also needed a better way toschedule around their forecasts and to getbetter MRP pegging information than iscurrently available in Macola.Visual Planner Solution The ability to automatically schedule MRP CP & FP orders provided Enhanced MRP pegging through Visual Capacity Charts & Management Dashboards: Visual Planner provides Planner and creating and referencing of “What If Scenarios” short and long term capacity planning charts along with Management Dashboards providing you with all the information you need to meet your Exercise to find tune routings for more key performance targets. accurate scheduling Predicted reduction in inventory and WIP in this year will release a significant amount of cash back into the business. LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  7. 7. Why Lynq and not somebody Customer Quotes else? “Our Excel based, in house solution is unwieldy, inaccurate and an I.T.  resource hog. We have looked at several other planning solutions over the  last 18 months and Visual Planner is the best solution. More importantly, the  Lynq‟s Visual Planner is the only Macola integrated production planning and people at Exact are very attentive and open to building features into the scheduling tool available on the market product that meet our needs. Their in depth knowledge of Macola gives me today.Business Challenge confidence that Visual Planner will only get better.”ICS’s biggest business challenge was how to reduce their large inventory levels and WIP. They also needed a better way to schedule around their forecasts Russell Hajekand to get better MRP pegging information than is currently available in Macola. Business Analyst  No other production planning solution provider has the level of Exact Macola ERP Manager knowledge and experience that LynqExact Planner Solution Omron has. The ability to automatically schedule MRP CP & FP orders provided Enhanced MRP pegging through Exact Planner and creating“Visual Plannerof “What If Scenarios” We know Exact Macola inside out! This and referencing is extremely well integrated with Macola Progression / ES for is very important as the products are both POP and Shop Floor and with plans to develop a version for Globe there totally integrated, we know where the schedulingis a clear upgrade path for companies wanting to move to that platform.” Exercise to find tune routings for more accurate data is kept, what impact changes to the data make and so on. It also means Steven J. Rogers Predicted reduction in inventory and WIP in this year will release a significant amount of cash back into the business. that when Exact upgrades Exact Macola Principal or brings out a new release, Visual Beachwood Systems Consulting, Inc.Earlex Group quickly made compatible. Planner is Other suppliers have other ERPEarlex are a leading manufacturer of power decorating and power cleaning appliances for both the professional and DIY markets in Europe and Lowes in the solutions to consider and are thereforeUSA. “When planning labor & parts, in one look I can immediately see an not as quick to react. There is even an upgrade path to Exact Globe. overview of how busy we are, if there are peaks or troughs during a week or month”Business Challenge  Unlike other suppliers, we are totally Mark MaclachlanBeing committed manufacturer, Earlex not supplyfrom major retailers and therefore must have raw materials sourced quickly, temporary production staff a quick turn to Macola and do take ordersin place and assembly lines available and prepared. other ERP solutions. This means we are Factory Manager free to concentrate on providing best Earlex GroupThe Scheduler’s job of controlling all of this through an in-flexible excel spreadsheet was not only a thankless task but was also very inefficient and wascosting Earlex money.and new innovation value service customers. It also means the customer‟s investment is safe with us.Exact Planner Solution “Visual Planner is a significant part of our new production planning process. Increased visibility throughout the organization This has been a great product for us and an excellent investment that  We listen to our customers and where maximizes the productivity of our MS / MRP system”. Reduce and reallocate headcount incorporate appropriate to do so try to their ideas into the software. Not every Terry P. Geoman supplier is willing or capable of Director of Manufacturing The ability to quickly adjust to changing conditions, produce better production plans and provide both the planners and procurement team time to do providing that kind of flexibility. King Technology their job. ImprovedPlanner is one of the least Visual stock control expensive production planning solutions on the market today. In some cases Better fulfillment of delivery promises this means that return on investments is almost immediate. The ability to report completed production directly from Exact Planner Shorter more accurate lead times keeping Earlex ahead of the completion LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level
  8. 8. Lynq’s Commitment to YouWith years of experience and commitment to excellence, Lynq‟s experienced team has worked with Exact Macola for over 20 years.Lynq has an enviable reputation as one of the best suppliers of Exact Macola products in the market today. For more information on Visual Planner or to arrange a demonstration: Please visit Contact Lynq Ltd on UK: +44 (0) 1329 800 000 US: +1 614 586 4238 Contact Exact Software on 1.800.468.0834 LYNQ Taking Your Business to the Next Level