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Understanding my profile

  1. 1. Alfredo Sá Almeida 1 Born May 7, 1953 in Lisbon Second son of my parents:  Mother – Housewife  Father – Telecommunication expert A middle-class Catholic family with strong educational values LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en Music by Vangelis: “Seasons & Elements”- “Messages”
  2. 2. Alfredo Sá Almeida 2 A youth very much alive and happy under strict Catholic upbringing, with some degrees of freedom. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  3. 3. 3 Alfredo Sá Almeida This interest in chemistry has established itself so I decided to follow studies Degree in Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon. In my third year of Faculty, the year I had the option to decide the next two years of the course, I followed the orientation of field of science with a specialization in biochemistry. In my fourth year of degree I began to develop a deep interest in neurochemistry in order to follow the route of research and could have my master’s thesis in this area of ​​biochemistry. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  4. 4. 4 Alfredo Sá Almeida This work was my graduation thesis. After a year of research I presented the research work to the jury degree, where I got 18 values. This research work was published: • "Uptake of 45Ca by synaptosomes and its modification by the action of ATP and adenosine" at Arq. Inst. Farmacol. Ter. Exp. (Coimbra), 16, 125-139. (1978) A. M. Sá Almeida, J. A. Ribeiro, J. M. Namorado and Lucinda R. Mata In the fifth year, a colleague of mine (fellow at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science) knowing of my interest in neurochemistry, introduced me to the head of the research group of this scientific area. That meeting led to my acceptance as a fellow of the Gulbenkian Institute of Science to develop the working draft "Pharmacological studies in synaptosomes." LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  5. 5. 5 Alfredo Sá Almeida In late 1980 I had to make another important decision that would lead to my non-academic career. I decided not to hold a Ph.D. I ran to the place of the Head of Laboratory of UNICER. After a tough and rigorous selection of candidates I was the chosen candidate. The career path that I followed can be seen in my profile. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  6. 6. 6 Alfredo Sá Almeida Following a Management Course that I conducted in 1991 has developed a strong interest in the fields of Management. In late 1991, a new challenge would lead to a change of direction after the invitation from the President of UNICER drew me to take the Logistics Department of the Company, in a manner totally different from those hitherto followed by the Company. A new logistics organization to be implemented Nationwide with new management methods to be developed. Challenge accepted. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  7. 7. 7 Alfredo Sá Almeida (Please see Recommendation Letter [Dec. 1996] from Unicer President, in Box.net) In late 1996, I had to take one of the hardest decisions of my career. Due to a personal and management disagreement with a Unicer CEO I decided to leave the Company. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  8. 8. 8 Alfredo Sá Almeida The knowledge and experience acquired along the years were transformed in several main skills (good communication and training capabilities; organizational management; leadership; team management and direction; team coaching). Those associated with a strong motivation, and solid analytical thinking with a strategic management “vision” focused on a sustainable future give me the confidence, creativity and innovation capacity to embrace Companies Management. Team work developments associated with a professional performance are my characteristics along with confidence on challenges acceptance and project commitment. What I am, was built with lots of study, hard work, dedication, commitment, friendship, love and interest in the affairs. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  9. 9. 9 Alfredo Sá Almeida In early 2010, following the global financial crisis that deeply affected Portugal, I decided to suspend the operations of my company due to lack of resources. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en
  10. 10. LinkedIn profile: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/saalmeida/en 10 Alfredo Sá Almeida Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The 'cloud' give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in my profile.