Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program


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Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program

  1. 1. Personal Financial Planning Certificate Program
  2. 2. PROGRAM NEED Market research indicates that the financial planning After you have completed all requirements, you must field is one of the fastest growing fields in Orange request to receive your official certificate by County. The demand for the CFP® credential attests completing a Request for Certificate Form and to the growth of this service profession. The returning it to our offices as noted on the form. University Extension Program in Personal Financial Planning is registered with the CFP Board. This Note: Students who successfully complete all registration allows presently enrolled students and required courses are eligible to sit for the CFP® graduates of the UCI Extension program who wish to Certification Examination. Students who pass the be recognized by the designation CFP® (Certified examination must also fulfill the work experience and Financial Planner™) to take the CFP® Certification ethics requirements as required by the CFP Board to Examination. UCI Extension does not award the become a Certified Financial Planner™. For more CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ information about these requirements, visit the CFP designation. The right to use the marks CFP® and Board at CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is granted by the CFP Board to those persons who have met its TRANSFER CREDIT rigorous educational standards, passed the CFP Board As a "next step" on your educational pathway, UC Comprehensive CFP® Certification Examination, Irvine Extension has established an articulation satisfied a work experience requirement, and agreed agreement with California Lutheran University's to abide by the CFP Board Code of Ethics and (CLU) California Institute of Finance. CLU will Professional Responsibility. Students interested in accept 15 units from this certificate program as credit sitting for the exam must complete all of the required towards their Master of Business Administration in courses. Only persons registered with the CFP Board Financial Planning. are permitted to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. Only the CFP Board issues CFP® For more details on the articulation, contact Cindy certificates and licenses. Grether, Program Manager at CLU at or (888) 372-4155. CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS To qualify for admission to the program, a student APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION must have: (1) A Bachelor's degree and at least one Candidates must submit an application for candidacy year of experience in one of the financial services form along with the candidacy fee prior to industries or comparable education in business and completion of their third course. Upon receipt of the finance. If you do not meet these prerequisites but application form, fee and transcripts, University possess comparable skills, you may request advance Extension will contact the student. All applicants approval to enroll by contacting the program office at are asked to provide transcripts verifying a Personal Financial Planning, UC Irvine Extension at minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants must (949) 824-4661 or Fax: (949) 824-1547. (Please also view an online program orientation. After all provide a brief description of relevant experience, steps of the application process have been completed, including duration and extent, along with your applicants will be notified by mail of their acceptance contact information.) (2) A functional knowledge of as a candidate of the Certificate. mathematical techniques for financial decision- making and basic concepts of economics. PROGRAM FEES The total cost of the program (8 required & 2 Although interested persons who are not certificate electives) varies depending on the format and candidates may enroll in any or all of the courses, electives chosen. Actual fees may differ from the certificate candidates must apply for and receive estimate below. Fees are subject to change without official acceptance into the Certificate Program prior notice. before completing the third class in which he/she enrolls. All requirements must be completed within Classroom Course Fee $500 per course five (5) years after the student enrolls in his/her first Online Course Fee $550 per course course. A certificate will be awarded by UC Irvine Textbooks $100-$125 per course Extension to candidates who complete eight (8) Candidacy Fee $125 required courses and two (2) electives, each with a Parking $34 per quarter grade of "C" or above for a minimum of 335 hours of instruction. A grade of "B" or above must be obtained in Mgmt X433.11 Personal Financial Planning Practicum. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  3. 3. LIST OF COURSES Course # SUGGESTED PREREQUISITE COURSE Units W SP SU F Mgmt 823.3 Business and Financial Mathematics 1.2 CEU O C O C REQUIRED COURSES Cash Flow Analysis for Investors and Financial Mgmt X433.20 3 C,O C,O C,O C,O Planners Mgmt X433 Survey of Personal Financial Planning 4 C,O C,O C,O C,O Mgmt X433.7 Insurance Risk Management 4 C O C O Investments in Personal Financial Planning: Mgmt X433.1 4 O C O C General Principles and Methods Mgmt X433.2 Income Taxation in Personal Financial Planning 4 O C O C Mgmt X433.8 Retirement Planning/Employee Benefits 4 C O C O Mgmt X433.9 Estate Planning 4 C O C O Mgmt X433.11 Personal Financial Planning Practicum 3 O C O C ELECTIVE COURSES Mgmt X433.10 Advanced Stock Investment 2 C O Mgmt X433.32 Investments in Real Estate 3 C Mgmt X433.15 Internship in Personal Financial Planning 3 C C C Developing and Managing a Financial Planning Mgmt X433.14 2 C Business Mgmt X433.92 Advanced Estate Planning 3 C Decision Modeling for Asset Allocation: Modern Mgmt X433.22 1.5 O O Portfolio Theory Advanced Financial Planning Strategies for High- Mgmt X433.33 3 O O Net-Worth Clients Financial Planning Case Study and Advanced Mgmt X433.23 Calculator Usage: Tools to Help You Pass the 3 C C C CFP® Certification Exam Mgmt X433.71 Series 7 Exam Prep 3 C C Note: Schedules are subject to change. Check website for most current schedule. F=Fall, W=Winter, SP=Spring, SU=Summer C = Classroom O = Online For the online course, please visit for more information on how our online courses work. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  4. 4. SUGGESTED PREREQUISITE COURSE Survey of Personal Financial Planning Mgmt X433 (4 units) Individuals with no prior experience in the financial The complexities of our uncertain financial world are industry are strongly encouraged to take, "Business causing people to seek the help of a qualified and Financial Mathematics" (Management 823.3) financial advisor. This introductory course provides an overview of how each element of our financial Business and Financial Mathematics lives impacts the whole and leads to a successful Mgmt 823.3 (1.2 CEU) financial plan. You will learn how to identify and Math is one of the keys to business success. Gain the quantify financial objectives, assess strengths and competitive edge by acquiring or refreshing your weaknesses, avoid costly mistakes and develop practical mathematic skills using real-world examples possible solutions to troubling financial issues. Gain of asset and bond valuation, pricing, cash flow, time a basic understanding of cash flow, college funding, value of money, retirement savings/disposition, real insurance, taxation, investment analysis, employment estate financing, accounting, financial statement benefits, retirement and estate planning. Then apply analysis, budgeting, project go or no-go decisions these concepts in a comprehensive approach to case (e.g., return on investment, net present value, etc.), studies that mimic real life. In addition we will and rate volume variance analysis. Both the HP12c explore the professional dimensions of financial and excel are utilized. planning such as ethics, state and federal regulations and compliance, consumer protection laws, REQUIRED COURSE DESCRIPTIONS monetary, fiscal policy and the business cycle as well as client communications. If you are interested in a Cash Flow Analysis for Investors & Financial career in this growing profession or in updating your Planners knowledge, this course is a must. Mgmt X433.20 (3 units) Students may take this course concurrently with Insurance Risk Management Mgmt X433 Survey of Personal Financial Planning. Mgmt X433.7 (4 units) The value of all investments is the present value of Assessing and managing risk competently and all the cash flows that will accrue to the investor, accurately is a basic tenant of insurance management. discounted at an acceptable rate. Learn how to Learn how to apply the process of corporate risk measure and evaluate these cash flows from a wide management to an individual's personal financial variety of investment situations involving equities, plan. This course provides you with the risk bonds, real estate, mortgages, promissory notes, management tools and techniques you need to personal and real property leases. This course manage risks covered by private insurers in the areas prepares the future financial professional with the of life, annuity, disability, and medical long term skills needed to plan, construct and evaluate annuities care, homeowners, auto and umbrella liability such as retirement, savings, education and other insurance policies, as well as risks covered by public special purpose funds intended for future use. Covers insurance programs such as Social Security, applied concepts involving present & future values, Medicare, and Medicaid. Gain an insider's grasp of net present values, internal rates of return, discounted how to identify risks that could adversely affect an cash flow analysis, risk analysis and other common individual's financial plan, measure and effectively indices of financial performance. Practical, real- communicate each risk's financial consequences, world oriented. (Students must be able to add, develop cost effective strategies that mitigate or subtract, multiply and divide on a financial calculator eliminate the risks, and implement and monitor those before attending.) All examples are given in terms of strategies. You will also expand your knowledge of the HP-12C calculator, which is highly income, estate and gift taxation laws as related to recommended. Calculator skills also translated to insurance premiums and benefits; alternative methods Microsoft Excel formulas. of financing insurance premiums and; and the role of insurance in estate, retirement and savings planning. This course in both classroom and online format is approved for 30 hours of Continuing Education units from the California Department of Insurance (CDI). Students taking this course either in the classroom or online format will only receive CDI credit once during the two-year license renewal period. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  5. 5. Investments in Personal Financial Planning: Retirement Accounts (IRA's) and TSA's. You will General Principles and Methods gain new insight into the fiduciary responsibility Mgmt X433.1 (4 units) requirements in connection with retirement plans and Get an in-depth, working knowledge of the the taxation of benefits received, while learning to investments essential to your job, including security evaluate your alternatives and make the most laws and regulations, time value of money, risk beneficial choice. The classroom format of this analysis, common stock valuation, expected rates of course is approved for 33 hours of Continuing return, market indicators, monetary policy, Education units from the California Department of fundamental and technical analysis, bonds, yield Insurance (CDI). The online format is approved for curves, preferred stock, convertible bonds, options, 20 hours of CDI Continuing Education units. warrants, futures, mortgages, mutual funds, portfolio Students taking this course either in the classroom construction and management and capital theory. or online format will only receive CDI credit once Whether you are joining the profession, or a during the two-year license renewal period. practitioner interested in advancing your career, this course is vital. Estate Planning Mgmt X433.9 (4 units) Income Taxation in Personal Financial Planning Learn how to guide your clients in protecting and Mgmt X433.2 (4 units) transferring their wealth. If you are a trust officer, Navigating the complexities of income taxation is a attorney, life insurance underwriter or financial basic tenant of personal financial planning. A skillful planner, this course gives you the fundamental and successful personal financial planning background of what you need to know in proactively professional knows how to recognize and take meeting your clients' estate planning needs. Gain an advantage of income tax planning opportunities, as insider's grasp of tax objectives, wills and living well as how to steer clear of the pitfalls. In this class, trusts, the unlimited marital deduction and saving the you will unravel the complexities of income tax “second tax,” while exploring the most advanced theory and law by understanding the interrelation of concepts and methods relating to lifetime gifts and the more common rules, regulations and planning trusts, holding title to property, life insurance and techniques applicable to individuals and business annuities, business interest, post-death tax and legal entities. You will expand your knowledge of income, problems. You will also update your knowledge by deductions, rates, credits, sales, and exchanges; tax reviewing recent tax law changes. The classroom favored investments, passive activity rules and basic format of this course is approved for 30 hours of limitations. Real-life class problems will enable you Continuing Education units from the California to gain practical experience in selecting and Department of Insurance (CDI). The online format is coordinating the planning techniques which best approved for 20 hours of CDI Continuing Education meets your client's financial objectives. Students will unit. Students taking this course either in the actively solve tax problems through computer classroom or online format will only receive CDI research. Whether you are new to the field or a credit once during the two-year license renewal veteran updating your knowledge, this course will period. University of California, Irvine Extension is give you the most current and relevant information a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider available. (provider number 2560). Eligible participants will earn up to 36 hours of general MCLE credit based on Retirement Planning/Employee Benefits attendance. Mgmt X433.8 (4 units) A basic element at the foundation of a well-designed Personal Financial Planning Practicum financial plan is retirement planning. Find out how Mgmt X433.11 (3 units) to do a comprehensive retirement needs analysis. Prerequisite: All required courses in the Certificate Learn how to use retirement benefits skillfully as part Program in Personal Financial Planning. of a business benefit package or individual This capstone course gives you the opportunity to investment portfolio. Explore and compare the apply the knowledge you have gained from your advantages and disadvantages of the various plans course work to create a complete financial plan from and options available for business clients, including the ground up. Beginning with client counseling and benefits provided to their employees and significant data gathering and culminating in the presentation planning opportunities for tax deferral and capital and implementation of the plan, you will utilize the accumulation. This course gives you proficiency in concepts and tools available to financial planners, using all your financial planning tools, including which you have studied in your Financial Planning stock options, non-qualified deferred compensation Program classes. You will prepare one "mini-plan" plans and other non-pension-related benefits; tax and one comprehensive plan as the final class project. favored corporate retirement plans, including pension Creating this plan is your ultimate "dress rehearsal" and profit-sharing plans, SIMPLEs and SEP's; and before actual fieldwork and an excellent time to work non-corporate retirement plans such as Individual PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  6. 6. with your instructor and peers to expand and refine the field and apply the material you have studied your knowledge. while acquiring valuable on-the-job experience. Course is offered on a pass/no pass basis only. ELECTIVE COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Developing and Managing a Financial Planning Advanced Stock Investment Business Mgmt X433.10 (2 units) Mgmt X433.14 (2 units) The stock market can be an alternative for investors Once you thought that if you were a good technical who are willing to assume a greater risk. This planner, serviced your client’s needs then your advanced course allows you to take your knowledge business would thrive - pain free. Have you ever felt of this volatile market to a higher level. Learn how that you are not working on your business; the to guide your clients in making more informed business is working on you? Gain an insider's grasp choices by using practical analysis to buy publicly of what it takes and how to avoid the pitfalls you traded businesses. You will learn methods for might encounter along the way. Break through the industry research, financial statement analysis and entrepreneurial trap by using lessons learned from specific company valuation. Several case studies Michael Gerber’s book “The E Myth”. You'll begin give you practical, hands-on experience in selecting by exploring the personal, professional and business and applying the analytical techniques appropriate for requirements of growing your own business from a a variety of companies and industries. This course is practical, not theoretical, real life level. Then you'll vital for financial planning professionals who will be get into specifics, such as a results tracking business working with sophisticated clients and complex plan; fee vs. commission compensation; office investment portfolios. operational costs; leveraging trade relationships; defining your personal brand; marketing and lead Investments in Real Estate conversion strategies; creating a consistent quality Mgmt X433.32 (3 units) experience for your client base; creating a virtual This course assumes little or no background in real office with computers and the web; protecting against estate. It begins by establishing a basic understanding litigation; and building equity in your business. This of property, ownership, and real estate interests. It course is a must for those at the helm who want to develops the methodologies for the evaluation of build a successful financial planning business. income-producing real estate using a number of commonly utilized indices of value such as Present Advanced Estate Planning Value, Capitalized Value, Net Present Value and Mgmt X433.92 (3 units) Internal Rate of Return. It also provides the student Prerequisite: Mgmt X 433.9 Estate Planning with a basic understanding of real estate taxation. This course is designed for financial planners, Guidelines are developed for the selection of real accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and trust properties to help meet pre-defined investment goals officers who want to improve their skills and ability and parameters. It teaches the use of the tax-deferred to serve their clients. This course is a ”hands-on” exchange (S.1031) in building an investment experience using hypothetical client factual portfolio, the valuation of partial interests in real circumstances, with changing factual patterns, raising estate, and covers investments in trust deed notes, issues to which the planner must respond with the their valuation, advantages and precautions. The appropriate estate planning tool. Those tools, legal student will develop his or her own after-tax estate planning documents, will be extensively investment analysis model using Excel and the reviewed and analyzed. Alternative paragraphs and principles covered in the course. provisions of documents will also be used to accomplish certain other estate planning goals. Legal Internship in Personal Financial Planning and practical guidance will be given to help the Mgmt X433.15 (3 units) student understand how certain concepts are Get the practical, on-the-job experience you need to implemented. University of California, Irvine advance your career in personal financial planning. Extension is a State Bar of California approved As an intern, you will be placed with a well-rounded MCLE provider (provider number 2560). Eligible financial planning firm. You will have the participants will earn up to 30 hours of general opportunity to participate and learn from such job MCLE credit based on attendance. functions as writing financial plans; investment, tax or other strategic financial planning and investment management, overall methodology of providing financial services to clients and more. Financial planning organizations offering internships do so with no obligation to provide compensation to interns. However, your internship is an excellent opportunity to meet and work with professionals in PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  7. 7. Decision Modeling for Asset Allocation: Modern Financial Planning Case Study and Advanced Portfolio Theory Calculator Usage: Tools to Help You Pass the Mgmt X433.22 (1.5 units) CFP® Certification Exam What's the single, most important reason that Mgmt X433.23 (3 units) investors lose money in their investment portfolios? This single, in-depth course is specifically designed Poor asset allocation: failing to determine how much to provide the "Extra Step" to gain financial planning should be invested in each security to achieve a knowledge to assist you in passing the CFP® Board desired level of return while minimizing investment Standards Certification Exam. Experience a sense of risk. Modern Portfolio Theory - beginning with the accomplishment to help energize and revitalize your work of economist Harry Markowitz - offers a career by leveraging the knowledge gained through method for making proper investment decisions. This this course to serve your clients in a comprehensive course covers the theory of Dr. Markowitz' work, and fashion. This newly designed course will simulate has the students develop their own investment situations students will face in the practice of portfolio models in Microsoft Excel. Along the way, financial planning. Students will acquire tools and the students will learn about expected values, techniques necessary to gain competence, focus, and measuring risk, correlation of returns, probability the confidence necessary to pass the rigorous two-day distributions, and how a portfolio of securities can Board Standards Exam. The curriculum will include have lower risk than that of any of the individual case study questions, advanced calculator usage and securities. problems, investment formula calculations, and test taking methodology. Students will solve financial Advanced Financial Planning Strategies for High- problems both independently and in a group study Net-Worth Clients environment to help them sharpen their test taking Mgmt X433.23 (3 units) skills. This course is recommended in conjunction Prerequisite: Students must have completed the with the 6 Day Live Review Course offered through Income Taxation and Estate Planning courses or UC Irvine Extension, as a supplement to assist have equivalent coursework or experience. The students during their review time. It is highly objective of this course is to equip the practitioner recommended that students pre-purchase their review with a variety of cutting edge planning strategies and course study materials prior to attendance. techniques for the high-net-worth client. This course will differ from other advanced planning courses in Series 7 Exam Prep four important ways: 1) It will provide the financial Mgmt X433.71 (3 units) planning practitioner with a review of both domestic Series 7 Exam Prep is “Boot Camp” for individuals and offshore asset protection strategies; 2) Where preparing to sit for the Series 7 License Exam. Class appropriate, it will also make California income, is structured around a rigorous 10 week study and estate, and gift tax planning distinctions, which are testing schedule that will prepare you to take the often omitted entirely in other financial planning exam at the end of the course. Be prepared to spend coursework; 3) It will be heavily concentrated on the an additional 200 hours outside the classroom for planning needs and objectives of taxable high-net- study during this 10 week period. The Series 7 worth clients; 4) Finally, it will be conducted in a License allows you to sell all security products, format that permits practitioners to get a practical, including corporate securities, municipal securities, hands application based understanding of the latest options, direct participation programs, investment high-net-worth planning devices, techniques, and company products and variable contracts. strategies. This course will provide the practitioner with a more in depth review of the following: Business planning for closely-held entities; Succession planning for family businesses; Valuation freeze techniques—QPRTS, GRATs, GRUTs, intentionally defective grantor trusts, and the Chapter 14 rules; Asset protection considerations in financial planning; Planning with family partnerships and family LLCs; Deferred compensation and business life insurance planning. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  8. 8. Online Format FAQ’s What is an online course? An online course utilizes the Internet and a web browser as a means of creating a learning environment outside of the traditional classroom. The lectures and discussions will take place on a Distance Learning Center Web site. You will be able to access your course lectures (text based) and communicate with your classmates and instructors through the use of a discussion forum (message board). The online courses follow a classroom structure of covering a lesson a week. You can access your course Web site anytime of the day and place where you have access to the Internet. Who can take online courses? Anyone can take an online course as long as they have access to a computer with Internet capabilities, have an active email account and have a basic understanding of how a computer works. An online student also has to be motivated to participate in discussion forums and regularly check the Web site and keep up with the course work. What happens if I fall behind or complete the course early? It is okay to be a week ahead or behind. You must remember that participation is a very important aspect of your final evaluated grade for the course. Active participation requires you to post and respond to your instructor and fellow classmates’ comments on the discussion forum. If you are too far behind, posting to an old topic will be revisiting something that the majority of your classmates might have discussed. Are there specific dates that I need to log on to the Web site? There is a set beginning and end date for your online course. It is suggested that you logon at least 3 times a week to check the discussion forums, to read over assignments and lectures. This is the “asynchronous” aspect of the course. There might be occasion when the instructor will set a chat time (“synchronous”) where he/she assigns a specific date and time for all the students to try to meet in the chat room to ask questions. All assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects must be completed within the time frame of the course. The instructor will set individual due dates for your assignments, projects and tests. How many hours a week do I have to devote to my online course? Just like a classroom course, to get the most out of any type of learning you must commit a certain amount of time to complete the course. You will most likely spend approximately 10 hours a week going over class lectures, doing assignments and spending time on the discussion forum. Time required for each course will vary. Will I be able to see my online instructor or communicate with him/her via telephone? Unless there is an extreme instance, all communications with your instructor will be done either through email, the discussion forums or the chat sessions. Please do not expect your instructor to telephone you. How do I communicate with my instructor? You communicate with your instructor by either email, discussion forums, or chat sessions. Students are highly encouraged to use these modes of communications, as faxed or mailed assignments are not accepted. What happens if I have trouble accessing the URL with my login and password? Contact the Distance Learning Center (DLC) office at or 949-824-7613 and we will assess and work to fix any problems in the most expeditious manner. In order to better serve you, please note the problem as it occurred. Will having a firewall at home or at work prevent me from working on my online course? Although, this very seldom occurs, your firewall may prevent you from posting to the discussion forum while allowing you to read the lectures and other resources. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  9. 9. Do I need to have cookies enabled? Yes, it is necessary to have your cookies enabled. To best protect your computer it is suggested that you vary your cookie options to ensure the most secure level. Can I access my course from anywhere? You can access the course anywhere that you have Internet access. Some companies have firewalls that prevent you from participating in the chat sessions. Please check with your company before you attempt to access the course. I have enrolled and I entered my key, but it still won’t let me in. Many of you will have enrolled prior to the course start date. Courses will not appear until the course start date. Please note that the first week is considered an orientation week where you can become familiar with the course tools. Always make sure to enter a category for the current quarter that you are signed up for. Many times, previous quarters will be available for past students. When is the last day to drop the course? The last day to drop a course follows the standard provided in the UCI Extension catalog. There will be an administrative fee accessed for any withdrawals within the allowable period. Please refer to the Extension website at for more information. What happens if I can’t finish a course? We understand that certain situations can occur. Please refer to the UCI Extension catalog for procedures, etc. How do I know which online courses can take the place of classroom courses? Please visit our website at for more information about our certificate programs and course offerings. How do online courses work? Once you begin your course, you will find that with the use of the course tools, you will be able to navigate from the lecture to the discussion forums or to the weekly outline. You will be able to maneuver through the Web site to post/read assignments and to download/upload files from your instructor. Your instructor will primarily be contacting you by email or through the discussion forum. Once you begin your course, you will find that with your instructor’s help, you will find the benefits of taking a course online. Help files are found on the Distance Learning Center website with instructions on accessing your online course with information about tools use. Do I need to purchase books or any additional items? Some courses do require that you purchase books or software. Please contact the UCI Bookstore for more information about the books for your courses at (949) 824-7810. What happens after I sign up for a course, how do I get started? If you enroll through the Web site at you will receive a confirmation email from our Student Services office with information regarding the steps needed to create your login and password, URL to access your course, and the enrollment key to enter your course. If you have faxed or telephoned your enrollment, you will receive by U.S. mail a confirmation of your course enrollment. On that confirmation you will find the information regarding access to your online course. I signed up for this quarter’s term and I can’t fine my online course! Your online course will not be available until the actual course start date. The first week of the course is an orientation week, you will have this time to review the syllabus and become familiar with the course tools. What is an enrollment key? An enrollment key is required only for the first time that you enter your online course. Your enrollment key will be given at the same time as the information regarding your course access. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  10. 10. Will the platform for online courses be changing continually every quarter? There will be changes periodically. Changes occur mainly as a result of student and instructor feedback to our Web site. This is done to maximize the tools. Is my online course an instructor led course? Like a traditional course, your online course has an instructor that will conduct the course by giving assignments, answering questions, leading discussions and assigning grades. Can I get a degree online? At this time, you can only receive a Master’s Degree in Criminology, Law and Society. Students intending to transfer UC Irvine Extension course credit for a degree at another college or university should verify acceptance of the course with that institution. What kind of grade options do I have? The grading options are exactly the same as that of classroom courses. Who do I contact if I am having problems with the instructor? Please contact the DLC office at (949) 824-7613 or Your instructor should be very explicit on the course syllabus or welcome message as to their availability. If the instructor is going out of town or will be away from the computer for an extended period of time, he/she must notify the class. Why do I get emails of the discussion forum postings? If you are receiving emails from the discussion forums, you are subscribed to that particular forum. You can change this option by going to the forums sections on the left side of the course site under Activities. By selecting forum, you will be able to see all the forums created and to turn on/off the subscription function. There may be a forum that you will not be able to change. More than likely, that will be a place where the instructor will post announcements. I like getting the forum subscribed emails, but the responses I made are not on the course Web site. If you prefer to receive the subscribed emails from the forum, please do not reply to the email directly, but post your reply to the specific forum where the posting originated. This will ensure that others, including your instructor, will see your reply or comment. I am confused and frustrated, I can’t seem to find my way around the Web site. What can I do? Call us at (949) 824-7613. We will be happy to walk you through the tools and show you everything you need to know. PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050
  11. 11. CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING APPLICATION FOR CANDIDACY In order to qualify for admission, the student must have (1) A bachelor's degree and at least one year of experience in one of the financial services industries or comparable education in business and finance. If you do not meet these prerequisites but possess comparable skills, you may request advance approval to enroll by contacting the program office. (2) A functional knowledge of mathematical techniques for financial decision- making and basic concepts of economics. (3) Applicants must also view an online program orientation that is available on our website.  I have viewed the Orientation on: (Qtr/Yr)  I have not viewed the Orientation Please submit this form along with a filing fee of $125 to initiate your official acceptance into the program. You may bring your transcripts to the orientation, or you may mail these documents directly to the Personal Financial Planning office. NAME DATE: HOME ADDRESS CITY ST ZIP PHONE: DAY EVENING EMAIL SOCIAL SECURITY OR STUDENT ID NUMBER 1. EDUCATION Please submit a copy of your transcript records to the Personal Financial Planning office. Unofficial transcripts or photocopy of diploma are acceptable. Degrees or # of units Institution Dates Major completed 2. WORK EXPERIENCE Positions Held Employer Dates  My check for $125 payable to the Regents of the University of California is enclosed.  Charge To:  Visa  MasterCard  American Express Number Expires Authorizing Signature Mail Application for Candidacy to: Cashier's Office, Registration, UCI Extension, PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050 or fax to (949) 824-2090. Admission Documents may be mailed with the Application or separately to: Personal Financial Planning Office, PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050 or fax to (949) 824-1547. Revised 9-29-2009 PO Box 6050, Irvine, CA 92616-6050