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Certificate in Financial Planning


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Certificate in Financial Planning

  1. 1. Certificate in Financial Planning
  2. 2. A Message From The Financial Planning Director Dear Future Financial Planning Professional: Business is booming for financial planners! With economic uncertainty and a volatile stock market, there has never been a greater need for qualified financial planners. To meet the surging demand for new financial strategies, employers and clients will be looking for candidates with experience, ethics, and, most of all, CFP® certification.1 After completing Kaplan University’s online Certificate in Financial Planning program, you will have the education that qualifies you to sit for the CFP® Certi- fication Examination. In fact, our first-time test takers for the CFP® Certification Examination consistently achieve a success rate considerably higher than the national norm. Developed by today’s industry professionals and experienced educators, this intensive CFP Board-Registered Program allows you to earn the credentials you need to start building your financial planning career, without having to put your life on hold to do it. To discover the educational opportunities available through Kaplan University’s online Certificate in Financial Planning, read on. Sincerely, Keith Fevurly, CFP®, M.B.A., J.D., LL.M. Financial Planning Education Executive Director 1 Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements. Kaplan University does not certify individuals to use the CFP®‚ CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and marks. CFP certification is granted solely by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. to individuals who, in addition to completing an educational requirement such as this CFP Board-Registered Program, have met ethics, experience and examination requirements. 1
  3. 3. This Is The First Step In Your For details on CFP® certification, contact CFP Board at: Certified Financial Planner Financial Planning Career Board of Standards, Inc. 1670 Broadway, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202-4809 For those who go on to obtain Tel: 888-CFP-MARK (Toll Free) their CFP® certification, the Fax: 303-860-7388 future is bright: Email: • A vast majority of consumers surveyed by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. Raise Your Chances were aware of the difference For Success CFP® certification makes, and Our first-time test takers for the ranked professional certification CFP® Certification Examination among the most important consistently achieve a success rate qualities a financial planner significantly higher than the can have. national average. Our students An Investment strategies. Within the financial planning industry, CFP® cer- • With uncertainty surrounding the future of Social Security, benefit from our proven results when they sit for the CFP® With High Returns tification sets the standard for financial planning will be Certification Examination. Stu- professional credibility, experience, critical in the creation of dents gain a considerable ad- Financial planners are sought- and ethics. viable financial solutions for after in a myriad of industries vantage by completing our online CFP® certification commu- an aging population. In fact, program that includes the Online and are engaged in numerous according to the Certified positions. Most are employed nicates professionalism and Review Course and simulation reinforces client trust. As a CFP® Financial Planner Board of of the CFP® Certification primarily by securities and com- Standards Inc., more people modities brokers, investment certificant, your employment Examination. opportunities will expand, your are hiring financial planners services firms, banks, and in- for retirement strategies. surance agencies. Companies portfolio of financial services will in a broad range of industries broaden, and your career will advance in new and profitable including education, government, human resources, law, and real directions. Whether you are new Earning CFP® Josh Ellis Graduate estate also seek financial planners. to the field or currently working in a financial planning role, acquir- Certification Santa Barbara, CA For those who desire indepen- dence, the U.S. Department of ing your CFP® certification will In awarding the CFP® certifi- Josh Ellis is an inde- Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics enrich your career and your salary. cation, CFP Board requires not pendent financial estimates that a growing number The proof is in the numbers: only education and a passing advisor in Santa Barbara, California. of financial planners in the United • The Occupational Outlook score on the CFP® Certification He completed Kaplan University’s States are self-employed, enjoying Handbook (2004-5 edition) Examination, but also previous online Certificate in Financial Planning the flexibility of owning their predicts “faster-than-average” work experience (which varies program, in preparation to sit for the own businesses and building employment growth for financial depending on your level of edu- CFP® Certification Examination. “The cational attainment, among other exam was tough, but all’s well that their own client bases. planners, estimating anywhere ends well,” Josh says. Josh passed the from 21 to 35 percent industry factors) and an agreement to Not only will your Kaplan Uni- adhere to their code of ethics and CFP® Certification Examination versity education help increase growth through the year 2012. after finishing the program and the professional standards. They call your earning power, employers • With its high pay, increased Online Review Course (with the 300- this the four E’s: education, exam- question simulation of the CFP® will also consider it a key indicator autonomy, and relatively low ination, experience, and ethics. of your knowledge and skills— stress, the Jobs Rated Almanac Certification Examination) to help In order to be eligible to take the him prepare. He believes that he proof that you, as a potential (6th edition, 2002) ranked gained a distinct edge when it came employee, have succeeded in a financial planning in the top CFP® Certification Examination, a Kaplan University student must to answering the difficult investment rigorous, top-notch program. three for “best jobs in the whole questions because of additional semi- country.” achieve a passing score (70 percent nars with instructor J. Alan Bennett. or higher) on the final examina- The CFP® certification you The Value Of will be working toward is a tion in each of the online Certi- ficate in Financial Planning After successfully passing the CFP® Certification Examination, Josh exudes CFP® Certification widely recognized testament to program’s six courses. more confidence when a client sits down in front of him. He sums up a financial planner’s credibility, A financial planner’s credibility is competency, and training, and his experience by saying: “It is very built on specific knowledge of ensures its holders higher fees, rewarding.” the financial planning process, larger commissions, and more its principles, techniques, and rapid salary increases. 2
  4. 4. Online Education James A. Fitch Jr. For The Real World CEO, Advance Bancorp, Inc. Lansing, IL The online education model enables our faculty to rapidly adapt the financial planning “As the CEO of a community bank, I’ve been providing program to shifts in finance financial planning services to both individuals and businesses trends and tax laws. With course for some time now. I enrolled in Kaplan University’s online offerings that are continually updated, Kaplan University’s Certificate in Financial Planning program because I believe online Certificate in Financial that CFP® certification is the crème de la crème of personal Planning program addresses the and small business financial advisor certifications. current thinking and on-the-job challenges in today’s financial Before committing to a financial planning program, services industry. I researched online providers extensively. I believe I made the right choice.” Have The Career You Want Graduate With prestigious designation, Registered Financial Consultant (RFC).2 Study At Your You have read about the in- creasing demand for financial A Guarantee Demonstrating a profound confi- Own Pace planners, about the flexibility dence in the Kaplan University of online education, and about At Kaplan University, we are com- curriculum, the IARFC has agreed We have tailored our program to mitted to helping our students provide students with flexibility our commitment to equip to waive their usual four-year you with the comprehensive accomplish their goals, every step work experience requirement for and convenience without com- of the way. For a limited time, promising academic quality. education and prestigious all qualifying Kaplan University credentials that you need to Kaplan University guarantees students. There is no commuting to slow that as a graduate of our online you down and no on-campus succeed in today’s financial Certificate in Financial Planning To qualify for the RFC designa- obligations. Everything you need, planning industry. There is no program, you will have full access tion upon program completion, from research and study resources reason to put off the education to our academic services, faculty, a student must successfully com- to message board interaction, is that would lead you to a high- and our Online Review Course plete Kaplan University’s academic available online and accessible paying job in the dynamic until you pass the CFP® Certifi- curriculum and receive passing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. world of financial planning. cation Examination. Of course, * scores on all quizzes and final neither Kaplan University nor exams. Your Kaplan University any other educational institution coursework serves as the requisite can guarantee that you will pass educational foundation, while the the CFP® Certification Examina- quizzes and final exams fulfill the tion, but you can count on us IARFC’s examination requirement. 2 RFC, Registered Financial Consultant, and are for help until you do. certification marks granted to individuals who success- fully complete and maintain the seven qualification To take advantage of the Guar- requirements of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, Inc. antee, students must submit their authorized Guarantee together with their CFP® Certification For more information, call Examination results. 866-527-5268 (Toll Free) * Offer subject to limitations set forth in the official Guarantee. and speak with an Admissions Advisor. Or visit our website at Designation Upon Completion When you complete our online Certificate in Financial Planning program, not only will you be working toward the coveted CFP® certification, you will also simultaneously earn the Interna- tional Association of Registered Financial Consultants’ (IARFC) 3
  5. 5. Build Your Financial Planning employers—commonly referred to as employee or fringe benefits. Insurance topics include life, Career: From Fundamentals medical expense, and property casualty policies, as well as long-term care and disability. To Examination Prep Employee benefit topics include group policies, deferred compensation, equity base compensation, and business Kaplan University’s online Certificate in Financial Planning pro- applications of life insurance. gram gives you the opportunity to begin your career or enhance your current knowledge in financial planning. Whether you decide FP103: Investment Planning to enroll in the entire program or in a single course, this completely In this course, investment vehicles online self-paced program can be custom-fit to your scheduling and strategies are discussed, as needs and professional goals. are the types and measures of investment risk and return. Asset allocation principles are reviewed, modern portfolio management theory is described, and the im- portance of tax-efficient investing Justin O’Sullivan is considered. Financial Planning Academic Advisor Kaplan University FP104: “The online Certificate in Financial Planning program Income Tax Planning is self-paced, so students can conveniently fit This course considers the federal income taxation of individuals their studies into even the busiest of schedules. and other legal entities to the ex- The Web field trips and interactions on the class tent that they relate to individuals. message boards with faculty, Academic Advisors, Topics covered include indivi- and fellow classmates make learning interesting dual income tax calculations, deductions, the tax characteristics and fun in a supportive environment.” of various business entities, trust and estate taxation, basis of property and cost recovery, property dispositions, passive activity losses, at-risk rules, The Program: student services division, and a flexible program of study that situations such as a college education, the formation and miscellaneous taxes, interest on deficiencies and refunds, Kaplan University’s online can be completed within 12 to operation of a closely held penalties, accounting methods, Certificate in Financial Planning 18 months, then make Kaplan business, and disability. The accounting periods, and tax program consists of six courses. University your first choice today. course also previews wealth management techniques. An Online Review Course with accumulation, tax, retirement, a simulation exam that prepares and estate planning techniques. students for the CFP® Certifica- FP101: FP105: tion Examination. The program combines traditional textbook Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning FP102: Planning for Retirement readings with online readings This course deals with the This course introduces you to Insurance and and assignments. All quizzes and single most important issue the concepts and profession Employee Benefits exams are administered online millions of people will be from your own PC (there is no of personal financial planning. This course considers risk facing in the years to come: requirement to attend proctored Topics in the course include management principles and affording to retire. It covers testing centers) and your results the financial planning process, the various types of insurance determination of the retirement are returned instantly. If you are regulation and licensing as an coverage in the marketplace savings need and subsequently seeking a CFP Board-Registered investment advisor, the economic today. The second part of the considers both government and Program that offers the most environment, the time value of course covers benefits made employer-sponsored methods up-to-date curriculum, a proactive money, and planning for special available to employees by 4
  6. 6. of providing for one’s exam. It is available at no retirement. Distribution For more information, call additional tuition charge for Live Review options from corporate retire- 866-527-5268 (Toll Free) graduates of the entire program. Hosted in conjunction with ment plans are reviewed. The and speak with an Admissions Upon graduation from the Dearborn Financial Services, the suitability of an investment Advisor. Or visit our website online Certificate in Financial Live Review focuses specifically portfolio in ensuring a at Planning program, the Online on the CFP® Certification comfortable and profitable Review Course can be completed Examination, giving students retirement is discussed. in an additional six to eight the opportunity to: weeks. Students should expect • Review the 101-item topic list FP106: CFP® Certification to devote approximately 15-20 from the CFP® Certification hours per week to complete the Estate Planning Examination Online Review Course, plus an Examination • Examine past exam case studies This course presents the chal- Prep Options additional 10 hours to complete • Analyze simulated test the simulation of the CFP® lenges of effective estate planning Online Review Course Certification Examination. questions raised by tax code changes. It Kaplan University is part of the begins with a consideration of The Online Review Course is • Receive insight and advice same innovative educational net- designed for: from industry experts the estate planning process and work as Kaplan Test Prep and the documents of transfer. The • Students who have completed Our Live Review and online Admissions, a nationally recog- course then addresses the unified Kaplan University’s online simulated exam completers nized company that has prepared transfer tax system and the cal- Certificate in Financial consistently achieve a pass rate students for standardized tests culation of an individual’s estate Planning program (available well above the national average. and professional licensing exams tax liability. Estate planning for over 60 years. Kaplan Univer- at no additional tuition charge The Live Review is optional. techniques such as trusts, marital sity serves this history well by for graduates of the entire It is a site-based offering inde- and charitable deduction vehicles, adding the Online Review program). pendent of the Kaplan University and intra-family business and Course to its online Certificate • Graduates of CFP Board- online Certificate in Financial property transfers are then in Financial Planning program. Registered Programs other Planning program, and an ad- discussed. The course ends with This course serves as a compre- than Kaplan University’s ditional fee will be charged. A a consideration of post-mortem hensive review for the CFP® separate agreement is required tax planning. • Individuals who intend to chal- Certification Examination. to register for Live Review.For lenge the CFP® Certification Through detailed topic outlines, more details, go to Examination. In order to chal- interactive review questions, and lenge, one or more of the a simulation of the CFP® following designations must be Certification Examination, the earned: CPA, CFA®, CLU, ChFC, Online Review Course prepares licensed attorney, DBA, or students for the rigors of the Ph.D. in business or economics. Tuition and Fees Tuition $3,150.00 (Includes a nonrefundable Registration Fee of $395.00)1 Effective 1/26/05 Miscellaneous Fees: Online Review Course: Individual Courses: 2 Tuition ………………………$625.00 Individual Courses …………………$525.00 Reinstatement ………………$125.00 International Fee3 ……………175.00 Available at no additional tuition charge Returned Check Fee ……………25.00 for graduates of the entire program. • Changes in Fees: All tuition and fees are subject to change. • Student Textbooks: Students are required to purchase textbooks made available at the Kaplan University Online Student Store. • Payment Options: See Enrollment Agreement for more information. • Transfer Policy: Students may apply for transfer credit in accordance with the Academic Transfer Policies. 1 The course registration fee is nonrefundable. Registration fee and tuition must be paid at the same time. Students who pay in full at time of registration for the Certificate in Financial Planning receive a $100 discount on their tuition. 2 Before any student can be considered for reinstatement, all outstanding debts to Kaplan University must be paid in full. 3 Applies to all program students who live abroad. This fee is nonrefundable. 5
  7. 7. Why Enroll At Who Is Our Typical Student? Kaplan University? Kaplan University attracts a diverse body of intelligent, highly motivated students. Our A Look At Our Strategy For Your Success typical students range in age from 25 to 55 years old. Most of our students are working adults Kaplan University’s online Certificate in Financial Planning program (many of whom are parents as is custom-designed for students who want to either begin or advance well) who pursue their Kaplan University education while a career in financial planning. The CFP® certification that you will maintaining a full- or part-time job. What unites our student work toward at Kaplan University is exactly what prospective employ- body is their desire to pursue or ers throughout the financial world are looking for: evidence of solid advance a rewarding career in the dynamic world of financial knowledge, experience, and skills. It all starts with education, and planning. at Kaplan University you can learn according to your schedule— While many of Kaplan University’s online Certificate anytime, anywhere. in Financial Planning students come from the worlds of business and finance, financial planners are drawn from a wide array of professions. Self- employed attorneys, certified public accountants, insurance Michael L. Wilson, CFP ® M.B.A. , agents, and real estate brokers Instructor often seek to broaden the services Kaplan University they can provide to their clients by completing the educational requirements for CFP® certifi- “One of the great features of this program is its cation at Kaplan University. flexibility. The course material is always online waiting for you, so you can study and learn at your own convenience and pace.” Are The Classes Interactive? Yes, they are. Many Kaplan University students find that online class communication is both livelier and more balanced than that in a traditional class- Why Should You delivery methods to provide students with prompt support story at a time. That is our philosophy, and it speaks room. One or two aggressive students never dominate online Choose Online and feedback. Research resources, volumes. Kaplan University has discussions. On our classroom study aids, and course materials a long, esteemed tradition of Education? are available online, 24 hours a providing quality education. message boards, everyone has a chance to be heard. In a word: flexibility. day, 7 days a week—and when We keep abreast of workplace you have questions or comments, needs in order to provide Online education is conve- our faculty and staff provide programs with real-world value nient, always accessible, and prompt feedback. and top-quality educational can be tailored to fit your busy services. schedule. You can study in the Our practical, comprehensive middle of the night or first thing in the morning. You can finish Why Is Kaplan approach is based on the most lessons at a pace that suits your University Your innovative teaching methods available, enabling us to best work and home life. Kaplan University’s pioneering online Best Option? help you build your future. education model uses superior Kaplan University is about technology and advanced online building futures, one success 6
  8. 8. tions you may have pertaining to Kaplan University programs and procedures. We encourage students to take full advantage of these support options. At Kaplan University, we are here to help you every step of the way. What Are The Technology Requirements? You will need your own computer with access to the Internet. This program incorporates the use of email, message board postings, and navigation of the Internet for Web field trips, and Microsoft® Word is recommended to keep a journal. For the most current technology requirements, visit curriculum/online_classroom.asp. Does Online How Much Study many of our instructors are practicing financial planning Is Kaplan Education Work Time Is Needed? professionals with experience at University premier financial services As Well As The amount of time you need companies. Your financial Accredited? Classroom to commit will depend on your educational needs, previous work planning education will be Yes, Kaplan University is region- enhanced with first-hand Education? experience, motivation, study insight into changing trends in ally accredited by The Higher habits, and your professional business and finance. Learning Commission of the In our experience, it can work and personal schedule. Though North Central Association of even better. Beyond the unique students may complete the cours- Our distinguished faculty and Colleges and Schools (NCA). flexibility and dynamic inter- es at their own pace, most students Board of Advisors have a combi- Kaplan University meets agreed- action that online education complete the program in 12-18 nation of impressive credentials upon standards of quality for offers, we monitor our students’ months. On average, students and experience in the financial colleges and universities nation- progress at every step and provide commit between 8 and 12 hours services industry. wide. For more information on a number of original, Web-based weekly to the program. You can learn more about their the NCA, contact them at: learning opportunities. Here backgrounds and noteworthy are some of the highlights of Each of the six courses included 30 North LaSalle Street in Kaplan University’s online accomplishments in the special Suite 2400 Kaplan University online courses: insert included in this brochure. Certificate in Financial Plan- Chicago, IL 60602-2504 Online Quizzes — ning program is comprised of: Tel: 800-621-7440 (Toll Free) Quizzes are given at the end of each lesson so you can measure • 10 lessons • 10 quizzes What About your own progress. Message Boards — • 1 final examination Student Support? Each course includes discussion Enrolled students can contact a and interaction between class members, academic advisor, and Who Are Kaplan Student Services representative by phone, email, or through our the instructor on the message University’s “Live Student Services” link. Our Student Services team is com- boards. Instructors? mitted to making sure your Web Field Trips — As a Kaplan University student, academic experience runs as Students take field trips to various you will have access to an experi- smoothly as possible. Our pertinent Internet sites and enced, dedicated, and respected Student Services Representatives record their findings for later faculty. In addition to teaching, are trained to answer any ques- reference. 7
  9. 9. Serving Students If You Need Financial Assistance At Kaplan University, we are determined to help you obtain the There are a variety of ways education necessary for your professional success in a way that is Kaplan University can help you finance your education. accessible, affordable, and appropriate to your lifestyle, learning Students can pay their tuition style, and personal commitments. Toward this end, we have designed in full using a personal check, money order, bank card, or credit this program to ensure that no qualified, committed student will card. Alternatively, students can select a 12-, 24-, or 36-month be denied the opportunity to learn. payment plan that requires only a down payment (including a nonrefundable registration fee) upon enrollment. This financing option is only available to stu- dents enrolling in the full online Certificate in Financial Planning program; students enrolling in individual courses must pay tuition in full prior to beginning their coursework. Kaplan University is committed to helping you design a plan by which you can afford to reach your educational and profes- sional goals. For more information about Kaplan University and financial assistance, please call 866-527-5268 (Toll Free) and speak with one of our Admissions Advisors. If You Seek Employer Reimbursement Your Kaplan University education will increase your value in the workplace. Therefore, many employers reimburse, in full or in part, working students who acquire advanced knowledge and training through Kaplan University. Talk to your supervisor or human resources department to find out if your employer has a tuition reimbursement plan that will pay to further your education. 8
  10. 10. If You Are An of the Kaplan University program will be denied to you simply If You Are A You can pursue a financial planning career even if you are International because you live outside of the Member Of on active duty. You will find United States. For more infor- that learning online will suit Student mation on how Kaplan University The Military the demands of your military Prospective international students meets the needs of international Kaplan University encourages career. Study at your own are encouraged to apply to Kap- students, please email the Office members of the U.S. armed pace—anytime, anywhere— lan University. No relocation is of Admissions at forces and veterans to apply. and take advantage of the necessary: If you have a computer or call 561-981-7300. Our online Certificate in flexibility of online education and access to the Internet, then Financial Planning program at Kaplan University. you can enroll as a Kaplan Uni- is DANTES-affiliated (Defense versity student. You will be able Activity for Non-Traditional to take part in online discussions Education Support). DANTES and submit exams for grading, all authorizes military tuition from your computer. No aspect assistance. Forging Partnerships To Prospective Corporate Partners: At Kaplan University, we believe in the deep and enduring value of higher education. Not only have our programs improved the lives of our students, they have also been the foundation of an enormously successful educational enterprise. Join with the distinguished group of educational, corporate, and professional association partners who are working with Kaplan University today. To find out how you can become a partner, call 561-226-3763 and ask for the Office of Educational Partnerships. Help fulfill your employees’ desire to complete an online Certificate in Financial Planning pro- gram. Kaplan University will work with you to package courses that will increase the workplace value of your employees by providing them with up-to-date financial planning knowledge and skill development. Your employees’ advanced education will benefit you as much as it benefits them. By taking proactive steps to further your employees’ education, you set the foundation for increased employee dedication and mutually beneficial, long-term work relationships. Corporate Partners Kaplan University has helped some of the world’s leading companies achieve their training and educational goals. Some of our corporate partners include: 9
  11. 11. Apply Now! Your Financial Planning Career Starts Here Applying is easy. Here are the simple steps: Please note: All applicants must be high school graduates or possess a General Education Development (GED) certificate. 1. If you have not done so already, please complete the online Self- Assessment form at Linda Lee Director of Admissions Kaplan University 2. Complete the Online Exam. Success on this exam is indicative School of Continuing of your potential for success in the program as a whole. and Professional Studies 3. An Admissions Advisor will call you to schedule a personal qualifications interview. 4. Upon acceptance into the program, an Admissions Advisor will assist you with completing the Enrollment Agreement and payment options. A Kaplan University Admissions Advisor is available to help you with the application process or to answer any questions you might have. To speak with an Admissions Advisor, call 866-527-5268 (Toll Free). Or go to and click on “Live Help.” Kaplan University Admissions: 6409 Congress Avenue Boca Raton, FL 33487 Email: Website: Tel: 866-527-5268 (Toll Free) Tel: 561-981-7300 (International) 10
  12. 12. Our Credentials NCA Accredited • Concord Law School offers Juris Doctor and Executive Kaplan University is accredited J.D.SM degree programs. As by The Higher Learning Com- the nation’s premier online mission of the North Central law school, Concord currently Association of Colleges and serves over 1,700 students and Schools (NCA). The NCA is part is accredited by the Distance of a national system of quality Education and Training assurance for American higher Council (DETC). education. As a member of the NCA, Kaplan University meets agreed-upon standards of quality A Division Of for colleges and universities nationwide. For more infor- Kaplan, Inc. mation on the NCA, contact Kaplan University is owned by them at: Kaplan Higher Education 30 North LaSalle Street Corporation, a wholly owned Suite 2400 subsidiary of Kaplan, Inc. For Chicago, IL 60602-2504 over 60 years, Kaplan, Inc. has Tel: 800-621-7440 (Toll Free) been one of the nation’s premier providers of educational and career services for individuals, Kaplan Higher schools, and businesses. Education Kaplan Higher Education is a A Proud Member group of more than 65 campus- Of The Washington based and online institutions offering both undergraduate and Post Family graduate degrees. The following Kaplan, Inc. is a wholly owned schools provide online programs: subsidiary of The Washington • Kaplan University offers an Post Company, a diversified array of online certificate, under- media and education organi- graduate, and graduate degree zation whose principal operations programs in business, infor- include: newspaper and magazine mation technology, financial publishing, including The planning, life care planning, Washington Post and Newsweek; case management, legal nurse broadcasting at six network- A History Deep Roots In consulting, forensic nursing, affiliated VHF television stations; Of Success Higher Education criminal justice, education, and Cable One television systems. nursing, and paralegal studies. Kaplan University has a long Founded in 1937 as the Amer- and distinguished history as ican Institute of Commerce, both an academic pioneer and Kaplan University has a more a career-maker. We have built than 65-year history of preparing on this history to become one adults for rewarding careers. Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees of the world’s finest providers of Based on the successful model online education. Our credentials of our origins, Kaplan Univer- Available Online at Kaplan University in: speak for themselves—a testament sity’s online education programs Arts and Sciences Information Technology to our commitment to you, the emphasize real-world knowledge Business Nursing Kaplan University student. and skill development. Now, as Criminal Justice Paralegal Studies always, we are committed to Education helping students develop the skills and techniques they will need to take control of their professional destinies. 11
  13. 13. Concord Law School: Earn Your Law Degree Online Many people enter the world of financial plan- ning via the world of law, seeking to expand their client bases by broadening their knowledge, skills, and body of services. Likewise, students and professionals in business and finance careers who obtain formal legal training open themselves up to tremendous opportunities for advancement and increased earnings in thousands of law-based career environments. Kaplan University does not prepare students for the bar or confer a law degree, but Concord Law School, a distinguished member of the Kaplan Higher Education consortium of schools, offers a four-year Juris Doctor program, which prepares students to sit for the California Bar Examination, as well as a three-year, nonbar- track Executive J.D.SM program. Concord Law School is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). Its rigorous online curriculum is designed and delivered by a team of professors assembled from among the nation’s top law schools. As the premier provider of online legal education, Concord Law School has received high praise from both industry and popular publications (including American Lawyer and many more) for helping dedicated students achieve their academic and career goals. For more information about Concord Law School, call 800-439-4794 (Toll Free). Or visit 12
  14. 14. Online Support Centers: 6301 Kaplan University Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Tel: 866-527-5268 (Toll Free) Tel: 561-981-7300 (International) Fax: 561-988-5559 Email: Website: 550 West Van Buren, 7th Floor Chicago, IL 60607 Tel: 312-777-6100 Fax: 312-777-6512 Financial Planning Education: 400 East 84th Avenue, Suite 200 Thornton, CO 80229-5326 Registrar’s Office/Main Campus 550 West Van Buren, 7th Floor Chicago, IL 60607 Tel: 312-777-6100 Fax: 312-777-6512 Student Services: 6301 Kaplan University Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Tel: 866-522-7747 (Toll Free) Email: FP-BROCH 01/05 ©Copyright 2005 Kaplan University