CBU Certificate in Financial Planning


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CBU Certificate in Financial Planning

  2. 2. PROGRAM OVERVIEW or a seasoned financial services professional, this program is designed to be beneficial. An outstanding faculty presents the The financial planning field is experiencing tremendous material in a manner that is clear, concise and understand- growth from both financial professionals and those who are able. The program will focus on the technical aspects, practi- new to the field. In order to meet the challenges faced by cal application, ethical considerations, and professionalism of financial planning professionals, it is increasingly more financial planning. The topics covered by this program are: important for planners to develop the necessary skills and • The Process of Financial Planning knowledge that will help their clients manage their risks and • Insurance Planning achieve their goals. • Investment Planning According to the Occupational Outlook Quarterly (Fall, 2000), • Income Tax Planning employment as a financial planner is expected to grow 35 – • Retirement and Employee Benefit Planning 40% between 1998 and 2008. As people live longer during • Estate Planning retirement and are more responsible for their own retirement • Cases in Financial Planning plans, demand for financial planners will continue to grow Christian Brothers University offers this program in partner- faster than average. ship with Dalton Publications, the leading provider of finan- Christian Brothers University’s Certificate in Financial cial planning and education materials. Because of Dalton’s Planning program has been designed for professionals in the extensive experience in providing financial planning educa- brokerage, insurance, accounting, banking, and related indus- tion, students participate in an efficient and effective learning tries. Whether you are new to the financial services industry environment. COURSE OVERVIEW AND DESCRIPTIONS FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL PLANNING AND INSURANCE PLANNING This course will introduce students to the theory and practice of financial planning. Students will receive an over-view of specific areas of financial planning such as income tax plan- ning, investment planning, retirement planning and estate planning. In addition, the course will present topics on the concepts of time value of money, education and retirement funding, and insurance planning. A financial calculator such as an HP 12C is required for this course. INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT This course introduces investment strategies, portfolio alloca- tion theory and application, debt and equity securities, and portfolio management strategies. This course will also empha- size the importance of determining a client’s risk tolerance and goals and then managing an investment portfolio that incor- porates a client’s level of risk, while achieving their goals. TAXATION OF PERSONS, PROPERTY, AND OTHER ENTITIES This course will also focus on the federal income tax system. Topics will include gross income inclusions, exclusions, deductions, exemptions, and credits.This course will consider the income taxation of individuals, sole proprietorships, part- nerships, LLC’s, and corporations (including S corporations). Finally, instructors will present the students with taxation avoidance and minimization alternatives.
  3. 3. ABOUT CHRISTIAN BROTHERS UNIVERSITY Christian Brothers University is a Catholic institution of higher edu- cation in the tradition of the Christian Brothers. It is a private, com- prehensive university that emphasizes excellence in teaching and individualized attention to the whole person in a values-oriented, interfaith educational community. The university prepares students for professional careers and advanced study in the arts and sciences, engineering and business, and for lives of moral responsibility and constructive community involvement. The university, then Christian Brothers College, was founded in 1871. In addition to numerous degree programs within the School of Arts, School of Business, School of Engineering, and School of Sciences, CBU offers an accel- erated Evening Program that includes degrees in business adminis- tration and the M.B.A. RETIREMENT AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Course participants will also benefit from a comprehensive study of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, other tax-advantaged plans and employee benefits. In addition, instructors will present an overview of the social security, disability and health care programs. ESTATE TAX PLANNING Students in the course will also receive an introduction to estate planning and the taxation of estates for the purposes of financial planning. In addition, the overall tax implications of gifts and bequests will be presented in a manner that provides students with taxation avoidance and minimization techniques to be used when planning a client’s estate. CASES IN FINANCIAL PLANNING Case analysis and the integration of the six major areas of personal financial planning will be presented including: • Fundamentals of Financial Planning • Insurance Planning Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards • Investment Planning owns the marks CFP ®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL • Income Tax Planning PLANNER ™, and CFP (with flame logo) ® , which it • Retirement Planning awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements. • Estate Planning Students will examine the financial condition of individuals or families in a real- Christian Brothers University does not certify individuals to use the CFP ®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL world application of the financial planning topics that have been covered in the PLANNER ™, and CFP (with flame logo) ® certifica- previous five courses and will have the opportunity to develop a financial plan tion marks. CFP certification is granted only by and present their recommendations. The course is an excellent preparation tool Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards for professionals entering the field and for case type questions on the CFP ® Inc. to those persons who, in addition to complet- Certification Examination. ing an educational requirement such as this CFP Board-Registered Program, have met its ethics, experience and examination requirements.
  4. 4. PRO G R AM STRU CTU RE The Certificate in Financial Planning is a a certificate of completion from Christian conjunction with Dalton Publications. All sequential six-course certificate program Brothers University. Christian Brothers faculty members in the Certificate of that meets every Tuesday if the start date University is a registered program with Financial Planning program have the CFP ® is September and Thursday if the start Certified Financial Planner Board of certification, a professional designation date is January. Students can expect to Standards. Students who successfully or license. The faculty presents the mate- complete the program in 12 months. complete the program will be eligible to rial in a manner that allows students to Please refer to www.cbu.edu/cfp, or call sit for the CFP ® Certification Examination. utilize their time efficiently and effectively (901) 321-3315 for the most current sched- outside of the classroom. ule of offerings. PROGRAM FACULTY Christian Brothers University is proud to APPLICATION PROCEDURES ADMISSION CRITERIA have assembled a world-class faculty, in For additional information on the finan- Participants in the certificate program cial planning program, call Ms. Jacqu˜ e must have a four-year degree or equiva- Mahr at the CBU School of Business at lent work experience. Any requests for (901) 321-3315 or complete the applica- exceptions to the above admissions tion and send it to the address indicated. requirements must be made in writing to the Program Director. ENROLLMENT TUITION CERTIFICATE Cost for the six-course curriculum is Upon successful completion of all $4,200 plus books and materials. required courses, participants will receive FREQ U ENTLY ASKED Q U ESTI O NS (FAQs) Will this program qualify me to sit for the provider of review materials and courses given three times per year in March, July CFP ® Certification Examination? for the CFP ® Certification Examination as and November. The national pass rate on Yes. Upon successful completion of this well as a nationally recognized publisher the examination is approximately 50%. program, students will meet the educa- of financial planning education materials Based on a 1999 Job Topic Study, CFP tion requirements established by CFP and courses. Because of CBU's commit- Board issues a topic list covering 101 Board and will be eligible to sit for the ment to academic quality and a focus on areas a candidate should be prepared to CFP ® Certification Examination. achievement, students entering this pro- answer at the evaluation level or lower. gram can be assured of the best educa- What is the time commitment required for tion available. Experience study outside of the classroom? In order to receive the CFP ® certification, Depending on the student’s previous What is the process of attaining the CFP ® the candidate must meet certain experi- experience and education, a student can certification? ence requirements. If a candidate has a expect to spend at least two hours out- In order to attain a CFP ® certification, bachelor’s degree, 3 years of related side the classroom for every hour in the there are the four Es: Education, work experience is necessary. Without a classroom. Examination, Experience and Ethics. bachelor’s degree, the candidate must have 5 years of related work experience. How long is the program and how much I have already completed classes in a In addition, this experience must be com- does it cost? self-study program; can I transfer credit to pleted within the 10 years preceding the This is a 12-month program consisting of your program? exam or 5 years after the exam. In 2007, six courses: Fundamentals of Financial Christian Brothers University will allow a bachelor’s degree will be required for Planning and Insurance Planning, students to transfer up to two classes certification. Investment Planning, Income Taxation from another CFP Board-Registered and Tax Planning, Retirement and Program. In addition, CBU will offer a Ethics Employee Benefits Planning, Estate Tax tuition reduction for each class that is CFP ® certificants are required to abide by Planning and a Cases in Financial exempted. If you are granted an exemp- CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Planning. Tuition for the program is tion from a class, we still encourage you Professional Responsibility and Financial $4,000. Tuition does not include books to sit through the class and complete the Planning Practice Standards. In addition, and materials. class assignments. We want to insure CFP ® certificants are required to disclose you receive the best possible education to CFP Board if involved in a criminal or Why choose Christian Brothers and preparation for becoming a financial civil proceeding. University’s Certificate in Financial planner. Planning program over another program? Quality instruction is a must for any out- Education standing educational program. All faculty The Education requirement can be ful- members have advanced degrees and filled by successfully completing CBU's certifications and are experienced profes- Certificate in Financial Planning program. sionals in their respective fields. Certain professionals such as a Ph.D., D.B.A., JD, CFA, CPA, ChFC or CLU may School of Business Although the program is registered with challenge the exam. 650 East Parkway South Christian Brothers University, we have Memphis, Tennessee 38104-5581 partnered with Dalton Publications. Examination Phone 901-321-3315 • Fax 901-321-3566 Dalton Publications is the leading The CFP ® Certification Examination is www.cbu.edu/cfp