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Talous ja Yhteiskunta 4/2011
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LEAP Final Presentation

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LEAP Final Presentation

  1. 1. Engagement in the Workplace Alfred Schofield, Hugo Oftedal, Rishita Shah & Arabella Purwada
  2. 2. Engagement and Acknowledgement Young professionals in the workplace Engaging knowledge workers in the workplace Evolution of Problem Statement
  3. 3. Previous Experiment Classroom Scramble Students at the back shifted towards the front, affected their engagement Interaction undoubtedly went up, Professor Nathan Karst helped to confirm this analysis Lessons learned: Location and the task at hand impacts the ability to engage New Classroom Arrangement
  4. 4. Interview and Analysis We spoke to knowledge workers who experienced a change in environment due to relocation: Laurie Krigman - Finance Faculty Matt Allen - Entrepreneurship Faculty Caroline Daniels - Entrepreneurship Faculty Ken Mattson - Career Development Amy Blitz - Economics and Management Faculty
  5. 5. Small sample size and age group of the knowledge workers gave us only a gist of what impact relocation had on their engagement. There were mixed responses to the relocation. Relatively new professionals felt more accepted after the relocation. People who have been working for a while thought that relocation either didn’t affect or negatively affected their engagement. Higher engagement not necessarily meant higher productivity. Emphasis on an open and well lit workspace Relocation had more impact when workplace was drastically different, minor change didn’t impact much.(Eg: Building change, new location.) Interview Analysis
  6. 6. Observation
  7. 7. Current Experiment Hollow Square
  8. 8. Proposed Solution Redesign the workplace, emphasis on lighting and central placement of the boss Would simplify engagement for knowledge workers, especially our target persona Addressing several pain points discovered over the course of this project Customization in regards to color, background noise and other activities
  9. 9. Future Considerations How can it be implemented in an office setting? How would people react in a working setting? Try in different settings, possibly better viewed People might enjoy customization of workplace more than engaging with workers, put emphasis on this aspect when observing future experiments Increase point of view from outside of the LEAP team, receive observations from other participants


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