2011 hall of fame


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2011 hall of fame

  1. 1. MOST OUTSTANDING IIEE CHAPTER (OVERSEAS CATEGORY) Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2011 Theme: “Economic Development Through Clean and Affordable Electricity” FIRST & ONLY BEST CHAPTER’S ENTRY (History) CHAPTER ACHIEVED The IIEE-WRCSA garnered the very first and Most Outstanding IIEE THE HALL Chapter (Overseas Category) since year 2001. The team was headed by OF FAME Senior and Hall of Fame Award (Professional Award) of IIEE-WRCSA Yusoph T. Admain Jonathan D. Dimaano no other than Engr. Antonio P. Acuavera (2001 Past President). Also, he Chapter President Chairman was the Best Chapter Committee Chairman during the very first 2011 2011 2011 HALL OF FAME preparation of Best Chapter’s entry. Then, after so many years of struggle, the Chapter was inspired to follow the leadership of 2001. Then, the chapter was awarded for a Second time at year 2006. The second award was headed by Engr. Gerardo E. Dimaunahan (2006 Past President) and Engr. Rowell C. Andres (2006 Best Chapter Committee Chairman for 301 pages chapter’s entry). The participation of new active officers and members made a big contribution Jonathan D. Dimaano Jonathan D. Dimaano for the said successful award. Chapter President Chairman 2010 2010 2010 HALL OF FAME The hardworking officers continue their mission until the Third time of Most Outstanding Chapter at year 2007 and was headed by Engr. Nilo M. Viray (2007 Past President) and Engr. Jonathan D. Dimaano (2007 Best Chapter Committee Chairman) for 200 pages of chapter’s entry. The chapter really works hard in order to maintain the good records in service to OFW electrical engineers and electrical practitioners. Eliser L. Repollo Julio A. Palomar Jr. The Fourth time award as Most Outstanding Chapter at year 2008 was Chapter President Chairman headed by Engr. Ricardo A. Amper (2008 Chapter President) and Engr. 2009 2009 Jonathan D. Dimaano (2008 Best Chapter Committee Chairman) for 200 2009 pages shows their concerned and interest for the chapter to grow professionally. At year 2009, The Fifth time award headed by Engr. Eliser L. Repollo (2009 Chapter President) and Engr. Julio A. Palomar Jr., (2009 Best Chapter Committee Chairman) for 200 pages garnered the award for as 2009 Most Outstanding Chapter. Ricardo A. Amper Jonathan D. Dimaano Past President Chairman At year 2010, the Sixth time award was headed by Engr. Jonathan D. 2008 2008 2008 Dimaano, (2010 Chapter President and he was also 2010 Best Chapter Committee Chairman) for 136 pages garnered the HALL OF FAME Award for three consecutive years as Most Outstanding Chapter (2007- 2008-2009) based from the history of IIEE-WRCSA. Again, year 2011, the Seventh time award of the chapter received from IIEE-National since 2001 was headed by Engr. Yusoph T. Admain (2011 Chapter President) and Engr. Jonathan D. Dimaano (2011 Best Chapter Nilo M. Viray Jonathan D. Dimaano Committee Chairman) for 145 pages. This is with full cooperation of all Past President Chairman 2007 2007 2007 IIEE-WRCSA members, officers, former presidents, sponsors, guest and interested individuals in different places of Western Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The IIEE-National Confirmed that the chapter received the FIRST Hall of Fame in overseas chapter for 2010-2011. Additional information, the IIEE-WRCSA was born on September 20, 1996 with Thirty One (31) electrical engineers. Engr. Arthur C. Simplina was the First President and Founder of IIEE-WRCSA. Then, on OctoberGerardo E. Dimaunahan Rowell C. Andres 25, 1996, Hon. Bahnarim A. Guinomla issued a commendation to confirm Past President Chairman that the IIEE – WRCSA was included in the Consulate master list of 2006 2006 2006 Filipino organizations in the Western Region. Up to date, we have Three Hundred and Ten (310) registered members, includes the Fourteen (14) registered Senior members in our chapter in Western Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Engr. Arthur C. Simplina, PEE University of the PhilippinesAntonio P. Acuavera Antonio P. Acuavera 1997 Chapter President Past President Chairman 2001 FOUNDER 2001 2001