Ppt b.inggris adverb


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Ppt b.inggris adverb

  1. 1. AdverbialClauseBy:Eristya Maya 5211100042Nur Rahmi Abdillah 5211100077Zahra Azizah 5211100105
  2. 2. What is adverbial clause?An adverbial clause is a dependent clause thatfunctions as an adverb. In other words, itcontains a subject (explicit or implied) and apredicate, and it modifies a verb.Itis formed by subordinate conjunction, notcoordinate conjunction.
  3. 3. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF TIMESubordinate conjunction:when, whenever, while, after, before, until,as soon as, since, asexample: When she came into her room, the bell was ringing.I will call you whenever I need help. While I was watching the news on TV, my brother calledme. As I left the house, I remembered the key
  4. 4. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF PLACESubordinate conjuction :Where, whereverexample: We saw the ring where they found the necklace. Wherever you go, you can find children.
  5. 5. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF MANNERSubordinate conjunction:as, as though, as ifexample: You should have done it as I showed you. He talked to me as if he had talked to servant. He tells the story as if he knew it well.
  6. 6. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF CAUSE/REASONSubordinate conjunction:Because, since, as, forexample: He didn’t go to school because he was ill. Since Wati is the eldest, she must take care her sisters. As he shaved with blunt razor, he didn’t make it well.
  7. 7. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF PURPOSESubordinate conjunction:so that, in order that, in caseexample: They are saving their money so that they can buy a house. They move to the front in order that they can hear him. He called his friend up in case he forgot the appointment.
  8. 8. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF RESULTSubordinate conjuction:… so … that… , … such … that …example: The fog is so thick that we can’t see the view clearly. They have such expensive shoes that many people are astonished.
  9. 9. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF CONCESSIONSubordinate conjunction:although, though, even though, even ifexample: Although he is poor, he is very generous. He passed the test though he didn’t study well. Even though he was sick, he went to school.
  10. 10. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF CONDITIONSubordinate conjunction:If, provided that, on condition that, unlessexample: If I were rich I would give you much money. He’ll go there provided that you invite him. I will not tell him about this on condition that you follow what I’ll say to you.
  11. 11. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF DEGREE1. Positive Subordinate conjuction: … as … as ex: Nata is as diligentn as Nara2. Parallel Subordinate conjuction: the … the ex: The more you work, the more youcan earn money.
  12. 12. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF DEGREE (con’t)3. Comparative Subordinate conjuction: … than … ex: He is taller than his brother4. Restrictive Subordinate conjuction: as long as, as, as far as ex: You can stay here, as long as you want.
  13. 13. ADVERBIAL CLAUSE OF CONTRASTSubordinate conjunction:whereas, where, at the same time, whileexample: I wanted to stay home, whereas my sister wanted to go. Now there is nothing but desert, where there used to be fertile plan.
  14. 14. Thanks for your attention ^^ Any questions??