Genos Ei And Sales Performance


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Contact Renee Alfieri at to discuss how Genos Emotional Intelligence can help your sales team to outperform and increase overall profitability. Please read this can\'t afford not to!

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Genos Ei And Sales Performance

  1. 1. Genos EI has a Direct Effect on Sales Performance Summary Genos Whitepaper #3 Emotional intelligence (EI) may be argued to facilitate higher sales performance in a range of sales-based industries. In this whitepaper, the results associated with an empirical investigation based on a sample of 33 pharmaceuticals sales people are reported. It was found that self- October 21, 2008 reported Genos EI was associated with sales performance directly, independently of the effects of other sales performance indicators such as number of sales calls, length of sales calls, and days on territory. However, Genos EI was also indirectly associated with sales performance through its effects on number of long calls, which in turn affected sales performance positively. Thus, it may be suggested that Genos EI impacts sales performance positively both directly and indirectly (i.e., by building rapport and achieving longer sales calls). Introduction Why do some client’s unique needs. beyond the effects of employees achieve higher These types of sales the number and length Special points of interest: levels of sales than related behaviours are all of ‘sales calls’ a sales • Genos EI predicts sales others? No doubt, the factors likely to lead to person makes? If this performance. complete answer to such greater sales proved to be the case, • The number of long-calls a sales a question would involve performance. empirically, it could then person makes predicts sales a large number of be said that EI has a performance. In light of the interacting variables, direct effect on sales above, the observation of • Genos EI predicts the number of several of which would be performance. However, it a positive association long-calls a sales person psychological in nature. would also be interesting between EI and sales makes. to observe that EI had an A significant performance would be • Genos EI predicts sales indirect effect on sales positive factor likely to expected. However, it may performance, above and beyond performance ‘through’ the explain meaningful be asked whether EI can the effect of long-calls on sales number and/or length of individual differences in predict sales performance, performance. sales calls a salesperson sales success is independently of more makes. Emotional Intelligence traditional sales indicators, (EI), as EI would likely be such as the number of To test the associated with factors sales calls made and the possibility that EI would such as building rapport length of time talking to predict sales performance with a client effectively, clients per sales call. directly, Genos conducted understanding a client’s a study with a group of Thus, the unique product or service sales employees (N=33) question addressed in this needs, and aligning the employed by a large, whitepaper is: Can EI value of the product or multi-national predict sales service they sell with that pharmaceutical company. performance above and Methodology The 33 sales of days out of the office of ‘sales calls’ to clients of employees involved in the with the purpose of more than 5 minutes study completed a self- selling); Short-Calls (i.e., duration). Finally, sales report version of Genos the average monthly performance was EI. Further, data on three number of ‘sales calls’ to represented by the sales related activities clients of less than 5 monthly average amount were also collected: Days minutes duration); and of revenue generated by on Territory (i.e., the Long-Calls (i.e., the each respective sales average monthly number average monthly number employee. © Genos Pty Ltd 1
  2. 2. Genos Whitepaper #3 GENOS INDUSTRY WHITE PAPER October 21, 2008 Results First, as can be sales performance. performance related seen in the blue text box Specifically, ‘days on indicators, and sales to the left, four of the territory’, ‘short-calls’, and performance), the question Genos EI sub-scales were ‘long-calls’ correlated with of whether EI is correlated positively with sales performance at .41, directly/uniquely associated sales performance in a .29, and .55, respectively. with sales performance statistically significant Thus, the number of remained unresolved. Genos EI & Sales Correlations way, with the remaining short-calls was the • Genos EI Total: r = .47* Consequently, to three sub-scales weakest predictor of sales address the question of • ESA: r = .28 approaching statistical performance, while the whether EI was associated significance. Thus, higher number of long-calls was • EE: r = .13 with sales performance levels of Genos EI were the strongest predictor of directly (i.e., independently • EAO: r = .40* associated with higher sales performance. of ’sales call’ duration), a levels of sales • ER: r = .26 In addition to the semi-partial correlation performance. It will be above correlations, analysis was performed • ESM: r = .33* noted that Emotional Genos EI was positively between Genos Total EI Awareness of Others • EMO: r = .42* associated with ‘days on and sales performance, (EAO) and Emotional territory’, ‘short-calls’, and which produced a positive • ESC: r = .30* Management of Others ‘long-calls’ at .23, .35, and and statistically significant (EMO) were the largest .18 (NB: only the long- semi-correlation of r = .29. Note: *p<.05; predictors of sales calls correlation was Thus, Genos EI was performance. ESA = Emotional Self-Awareness; statistically significant). positively associated with EE = Emotional Expression; EAO = However, as sales performance, Emotional Awareness of Others; Given the positive would be expected, the independently of the effects ER = Emotional Reasoning; ESM = correlations between all traditional sales indicator ’number of long-calls’. Emotional Self-Management; EMO three categories of behaviours were also = Emotional Management of Oth- variables (EI, ers; ESC = Emotional Self-Control. positively associated with Discussion It is not surprising Genos EI helps sales with higher EI would still that the number of long- through two separate achieve higher levels of calls a sales person pathways (see Figure 1 on sales revenue. Thus, makes, the more sales page 3). those sales people with revenue that person higher levels of EI are One pathway generates. More engaging in some sort of travels from EI to long- interesting, however, is EI related behaviour that calls, which in turn leads that Genos EI scores facilitates sales, to increased sales predicted positively the independently of sales- revenue. This result amount of sales revenue calls. suggests that a person’s generated, independently higher level of EI Future research of the number of long-calls facilitates the execution of with larger sample sizes sales people make. Stated meaningful ’longer sales may attempt to determine alternatively, although the calls’ to clients. which of the Genos EI length of time spent with a subscales predict The second client is important to performance the most pathway is direct from EI selling successfully, strongly. The results in to sales revenue. This demonstrating higher this whitepaper suggest result implies that even if levels of EI is also that it is the more one held the number of important. Based on the ‘outwardly focussed EI long-calls constant across results reported in this dimensions (EAO and all sales people, those whitepaper, it appears that EMO). © Genos Pty Ltd 2
  3. 3. Genos Whitepaper #3 GENOS INDUSTRY WHITE PAPER October 21, 2008 Graphs Long- Calls More complete details relevant to indirect indirect this this investigation can be found in Jenning & Palmer (2007) and Gignac (2008). direct Sales Genos EI Figure 1. Visual depiction of the indirect and direct association between Genos EI and sales performance. References Gignac, G. E. (2008). Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory: Technical Manual. Genos Press: Sydney, NSW. Jennings, S., & Palmer, B. (2007). Enhancing sales performance through emotional intelligence development. Organisations & People, 14(2), 55-61. © Genos Pty Ltd 3