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Transferable Skills


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Transferable Skills

  1. 1.  2001 – 2007 Sharon Good. All rights in all media reserved. Transferable Skills Circle all the skills you currently have. Put a box around skills you need or would like to acquire. CLERICAL / ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS typing/word processing computer skills filing supervising organizing telephone skills purchasing supplies record-keeping decision-making scheduling planning supporting FINANCIAL SKILLS analyzing auditing balancing accounting bookkeeping budgeting calculating estimating financial planning forecasting graphing managing marketing planning problem-solving projecting making payments TEACHING SKILLS communicating clarifying coaching developing materials encouraging evaluating explaining facilitating instructing planning stimulating interest training
  2. 2.  2001 – 2007 Sharon Good. All rights in all media reserved. CREATIVE SKILLS drawing painting sculpting illustrating performing writing cooking decorating designing sewing landscaping conceptualizing developing ideas imagining improving inventing originating / innovating planning overseeing (e.g., directing, producing) improving SERVICE SKILLS advising arranging assisting cleaning delivering demonstrating preparing receiving removing selling serving showing supporting HELPING SKILLS assisting coaching counseling demonstrating diagnosing educating empathizing facilitating guiding listening mediating care-giving being a resource rehabilitating representing working with animals RESEARCH SKILLS finding analyzing assessing / evaluating clarifying collecting compiling extracting inspecting interpreting interviewing investigating organizing searching summarizing surveying
  3. 3.  2001 – 2007 Sharon Good. All rights in all media reserved. COMMUNICATION SKILLS debating editing formulating influencing interpreting lecturing listening moderating motivating negotiating persuading promoting publicizing recruiting speaking translating signing writing MANAGEMENT SKILLS coordinating delegating developing directing evaluating mediating negotiating organizing overseeing persuading prioritizing planning scheduling supervising PEOPLE SKILLS assessing coaching counseling directing disciplining empathizing encouraging entertaining guiding healing helping instructing leading listening mediating motivating negotiating persuading supervising understanding WORD SKILLS writing editing proofreading reading researching speaking rewriting clarifying organizing cataloguing alphabetizing
  4. 4.  2001 – 2007 Sharon Good. All rights in all media reserved. PHYSICAL SKILLS athletics dancing cleaning building / constructing coordination lifting loading precision strength agility working with hands fine motor skills SKILLS WITH THINGS assembling changing classifying collecting cooking creating driving growing / cultivating installing making manipulating operating renovating repairing selling using tools TECHNICAL SKILLS assembling building calculating computing computer hardware computer software constructing designing drafting engineering examining maintaining making navigating operating overhauling programming remodeling repairing solving testing upgrading