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Growing up healthy


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Growing up healthy

  1. 1. GROWING UP HEALTHY ● Healt and illnesses.  What is an illness? Our bodies usually function  perfectly,we fell well and  we are happy. This means  we are healthy. But  sometimes our bodies do  not works as well. This  means we are ill.    
  2. 2. GROWING UP HEALTHY ● Infectious  illnesses. Infectious illnesses are  caused by microbes  entering our bodies. Examples of infectious  illnesses are flu and  varicella.    
  3. 3. GROWING UP HEALTHY ● Non­infectious  illnesses They have other  causes that aren´t  microbes. These are  fatigue,obesity,etc.     
  4. 4. GROWING UP HEALTHY ● The prevention of  illnesses Preventing illnesses means  taking precautions to  reduce the chance of  suffering from all  illnesses.Prevention of  illnesses can be achived  by following  certain  advice.    
  5. 5. GROWING UP HEALTHY ● Preventing infectious  illnesses You can prevent infectious  illnesses: ● ● ●   Clean and disinfect wounds. Maintain a good level of  personal hygiene. Don´t eat food that has gone  bad.  
  6. 6. GROWING UP HEALTHY ● Preventing non  infectious illnesses. You can prevent non  infectious illnesses.: ● Eat healthily. ● Exercise regulary. ● ●   Work, play, have friends and  hobbies. Sleep and rest sufficiently.  
  7. 7. BY: LUCAS Ch.,IVÁN A. AND RAÚL P. CEIP Alfares (Sevillla)