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Dipts is a platform where students develop their Carrier along with their professional and technical development.
the only study based institute where they earn money along their studies

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Dipts, Learn And Earn Program

  1. 1. Dubai Institute of professional & technical studiesHead Office : No. 4, 2nd Floor, Omer Plaza, Akber Chowk, College road, Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. 2. Is a piece of jigsaw missing in your life…• May be you are tired of your Job?• May be you can’t see yourself getting ahead with your current income?• May be the dreams are still not fulfilled?• May be the commute to work and rat race have forced you to start looking for alternate ways to make money?• May be you want to spend more time with your family?• Maybe there is a piece missing in your life?
  3. 3. Our objective is to introduce you to a systemthat’s proven, tested and has changed lives of millions of other people like you. This is not for everyone. However if you have the drive and the determination to make a change, I am convinced enough to say, you will not find a better opportunity available to you right now …. Let me show you how you can free yourself from your 9-5 job and create a serious income all from the comforts of your own home.
  4. 4. Who We Are?We are an International Company having Alliances and Channel partners allacross the World. We are one of the fastest growing Companies in theIndustry today and are creating waves with our superb and revolutionaryline of products meshed with a Global Business Opportunity.Our Alternate Switch Over Business system is the finest in the industrywhich has been acclaimed and validated by Experts from around the globe.
  5. 5. Our Vision To become a leading international institution that seeks to preserve and develop finances in conformity with Sharia, sound economic & practical thinking, Professional & transparent method. Mission Statement We shall contribute to the cultural, social & economic development of community and alleviate hardship among the poor by establishing, sponsoring and supporting viable institutions, projects & programsOne World, One Vision, One Family!
  6. 6. Company Financial BackingDIPTS is funded by a prestigious Business group having many successfulBusinesses worldwide.HABL-ALLAH GROUP is a pioneering effort of a successful team ofEntrepreneurs having rich and diverse experience in many industries includingTravel and Tourism, Development and Planning, Real Estate, InformationTechnology, Training with core experience
  7. 7. The Three MegatrendsWe have combined the three most growing and popular trends today to form a Business concept which leverages the power of each one of them Professional Training & Internship The Home Based Business Phenomenon Construction & Development
  8. 8. Professional Training & Internship Why need marketing TrainingNeed to develop your sales skills and learn how to sell is because Selling is LifeNothing happens in BUSINESS until somebody sells something” Profits and Business growth are all dependent on one factor Sales Selling, more importantly is all about getting Repeated Sales (Marketing) Distribution and Leadership in over 150 Countries
  9. 9. Why need marketing Training• Inability to sell is the reason why most businesses never get started.• The largest credit allowance is given to the business owner that displays the ability to sell products faster and make returns• We sell our business goals, objectives and long term service benefits to our employees• We sell our business mission, vision and long term goals to highly skilled professionals , Just for the reason for them to join our business team.• The biggest business contracts and deals will always go to those who have the ability to communicate in the right language and sell themselves.
  10. 10. Why need marketing Training Evolution of Sales FocusThe Time Period Era of… With a Focus On…• 1800 ‐1920 Sales Science The transaction itself• 1920 – 1945 Sales Process Facilitating transactions• 1945 – 1985 Sales Relationship The transaction decision• 1985 – 2005 Sales Technology All transaction steps• 2005 – 2011 Sales Competency The buying experience
  11. 11. PACKAGE PRICINGHow much are these worth?Valued at tens of thousands of Rupees,“DIPTS MARKETTING TRAINING PROGRAM “Package is available to you for only Rs.4000And that’s not all..DIPTS also provides you a GlobalBusiness Opportunity to create a solidincome pipeline for you and your family
  12. 12. Other Professional & Technical CoursesDIPTS also provides• Solar energy Technical And Sales study• Web Designing (For Beginners)• Import Export Procedures• International Trade Finance Workshop•Medical Transcription Training•Presenter’s Techniquesand much more………………
  13. 13. Other Professional & Technical CoursesOther Courses Include• Computer Hardware• Mobile Phone Repair• Pharmacist• Beautician• Sewing & Stitching• Home Cooking• M.S Office• Photoshop• Coral Draw• Spoken English• IELTS
  14. 14. For those of you who are interested in supplementing their income by providing student consulting & benefiting fromDIPTS MARKETTING TRAINING PROGRAM
  15. 15. OUR GAME PLAN Go Diamond! The first milestone, formula for Financial IndependenceTo build the largest and strongest Associate Workforce in the World bytraining and educating our Associates from all over the world havebasic understanding of how it works and have them follow some simplesteps, over a consistent period of time.
  16. 16. A REAL PRODUCT NEED Marketing Training is a real need in the marketplace. The best product in the world is useless if it’s not in demand. With emerging economies and changing lifestyles of people worldwide, Education Industry shows no sign of slowing down, and is bound to go beyond the horizons. Everybody is looking to save money on professional studies . You can reap profits by giving them what they need.
  17. 17. The Home Based Business Phenomenon• Home Based Business is a $427 Billion an year Industry• Almost 83% of people are exhausted with the daily grind of the Corporaterat race• According to The Success Factory International, "America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation.. the home based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.“• There are more self made millionaires created, both on and offline, in the HBB industry than any other.• The use of Technology, the Internet, etc., allows home based businesses to work in concert with other entities without the need for daily face-to-face interaction
  18. 18. The Home Based Business Phenomenon• Over 60% of new businesses are now started from home - equal to over1,400 new businesses each week.• Of all the Home Based Businesses available today, Network Marketing isthe most dominant Business Model• Network Marketing is a vibrant industry offering employment to over 43million people worldwide with a turnover exceeding $75 billion in worldwidesales• Network marketing is taught at Harvard and Stanford business schoolsand in numerous other leading colleges and universities throughout theworld
  19. 19. DIPTS AdvantageDIPTS will help you have the bestluxuries of your life, take you toheights which have existed only inyour dreams till now, and give you anOpportunity to earn serious incomeweek, after week, after week.It doesn’t matter who you are, whatyou do or what your background is.Anybody in this World can succeedwith DIPTS unrivalled Learn and EarnProgram!
  20. 20. Unlimited… World Class Holidays, Vacations in Exotic locations of the World, and thousands of Rupees to spend! You can live your dream life With DIPTS Learn and Earn Opportunity
  21. 21. What Do You Receivewhen you become a Distributor Lifetime access to our upcoming promotional deals and programs Free Self Replicating Website(Due to be launched. ) Free access to high quality Business Tools Virtual Office to manage your Business And Much More…
  22. 22. Today’s Reality • Total credit card debt grew to $802* billion from $237* billion between 1990 and 20051 • Most people are living paycheck to paycheck • Many people work four to six months a year just to pay taxes 1 Government Accountability Office, Sept. 2006. * U.S. DollarsCountless number ofpeople lie awake at Do you have enough quality time for yourself,night worrying about family, and friends?money-related issues Can you afford the lifestyle you want? What Is Your Financial Reality?
  23. 23. Network Marketing Has Come of Age• 58 million people are involved in network marketing worldwide1• The network marketing industry has surpassed $100 billion in retail revenue1• North American sales have reached over $34 billion dollars2 1.www.dsa.org 2. www.wfdsa.org “I think network marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.” -Dr. Stephen R. Covey Interview in Network marketing Lifestyles
  24. 24. What Those That Know Network Marketing Are Saying!“Network Marketers "Network Marketing is “Network Marketing: are creating The Perfect Business for the industry for FORTUNES at the average person to people who want tobreakneck speeds!” create wealth." change their lives”
  25. 25. “The Best kept secret in the Business world... Network Marketing!” FORTUNE is a Global Business Magazine published by Time Inc.s Money Group“From 2006 to 2016, there will be 10 Million newMillionaires in the U.S. alone, more than double the lastdecade...many will be from the Direct Selling Industry!”Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist,and the author of eight best-selling books and dozensof scholarly publications
  26. 26. “The Best Investment I ever made…”Warren owns 51 Businesses today, 3 ofwhich are Network Marketing CompaniesWarren Buffet - Billionaire Investor and the Richest person in the World! “Your industry promotes core values all around the globe and gives people the chance to make the most of their lives and, to me that is the heart of the American dream” Bill Clinton – Former US President
  27. 27. "If you really want to learn how to be rich, you must begin to know and understand the power found in networks. The Richest People in the world Build Networks." Robert Kiyosaki – Best Selling Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and many other internationally acclaimed titles“If I lost everything and had to start again, I would findmyself a great network marketing company and get towork!”Donald Trump – Globally renowned propertymogul and a multi billionaire
  28. 28. How Do You Earn Money?We offer one of the Strongest Compensations plans in the Industry with Multiple Ways to Earn Weekly and Monthly Income!
  29. 29. Compensation plan
  30. 30. 1. Sponsor Bonus2. Grow with Dipts Program3. Team Achievements4. Alternate Switch over5. Mudarabah6. Lottery
  31. 31. 1 Sponsor BonusWhen ever you introduce a new student you get Rs. 500 and 100 PV
  32. 32. 2 GROW WITH DIPTS PROGRAM You Left Side Right side level 2 level 2 level 2level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1
  33. 33. Switch Over
  34. 34. Alternate Switch Over
  35. 35. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BONUSCalculated weekly, paid weeklyMembers are allowed to sponsor as many Members as theylike DIRECTLY & PLACE them any where in the Network.The BDB is calculated in steps of 100PVs100 PVs on each side will make 1 StepThe maximum Daily allowance is 10 steps rest of the PV willbe flashed , if 10 steps are achieved.
  36. 36. Complete Cycle1000 PVs on each Group is a Complete cycle BalancePVs, upon achieving Complete Cycle in a single day , will beflushed . Balance PVs, if Complete Cycle not achieved in asingle day , will be carried forward and accumulated to thefollowing day.
  37. 37. Montly IncomeYou Can earn up to Rs. 5000 every day henceearning you Rs. 150000 monthly from this instant GROW WITH DIPTS PROGRAM
  38. 38. DIPTS TRAINING PROGRAM DISTRIBUTOR’S COMMISION PLAN 3 Team AchievementLEVELS CASH TRAINING ACH. BONUS HOME Eq. cash alternative RankLEVEL 1 1500 Beginning Income Dist 1*LEVEL 2 9000 Be Smart Islamic Mobile QURAN 7000 Dist 2*LEVEL 3 15000 Management Honda CG 125 SHIELD 75000 Dist 3*LEVEL 4 30000 Leadership UMRA Package 200000 75000 Mehran Car Dist 4*LEVEL 5 50000 Executive Holiday package 300000 10000 Dist 5*LEVEL 6 100000X6 Exe. Intl’ Honda city 700000 1200000 Dist 6*LEVEL 7 200000X6 International Solar Energy 500000j 750000 Executive Exe DistLEVEL 8 BUMPER PRIZE :BMW 5 SERIES SALOON Here’s how it works…
  39. 39. Development of TeamsWhen you have at least 3 students in each of your teams hence, earningyou 3 pairs in one month your level 1 is Complete, you become distributorand you will be awarded Bonuses of Level 1 and you become entitled forteam achievement bonuses . Level pairs Students in Each TeamLevel 1. 3 3 Promotional levelLevel 2. 36 36Level 3. 216 216Level 4. 1296 1296Level 5. 7776 7776Level 6. 46656 46656Level 7. 279936 279936Level 8. 300000 300000
  40. 40. 4 Alternate Switch OverWhen you have achieved level 4 you will have a new I.D. InBinary system of HABL-ALLAH GROUP .This is unlimited source of income which goes to infinite levels.Hence your income for life timeAll of your down lines who achieve level 4 will be your downline in this systemAny person coming directly in HABL-ALLAH GROUP by youreffort or your down lines efforts will also become the source ofyour bonuses.
  41. 41. Alternate Switch Over You Left Side Right side level 2 level 2 level 2level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1
  42. 42. Switch Over
  43. 43. Alternate Switch Over
  44. 44. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BONUSCalculated weekly, paid weeklyMembers are allowed to sponsor as many Members as theylike DIRECTLY & PLACE them any where in the Network.The BDB is calculated in steps of 300PVs300 PVs on each side will make 1 StepThe maximum weekly allowance is 10 steps rest of the PV willbe flashed , if 10 steps are achieved.
  45. 45. Complete Cycle3000 PVs on each Group is a Complete cycle BalancePVs, upon achieving Complete Cycle in a single week , will beflushed . Balance PVs, if Complete Cycle not achieved in asingle week , will be carried forward and accumulated to thefollowing week.
  46. 46. LEADERSHIP BONUS (10% Company’s Monthly PV Turnover)1 Complete Cycle per month = 1 share Calculated and paid monthly- 1 to 5 Complete Cycles per month = Managing Director- 6 to10 Complete Cycles per month = Executive Director- 11+ Complete Cycles per month = Presidential Director Once status is achieved, it will be maintained
  47. 47. PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTORS BONUS2% of Company’s Monthly PV turnover)( ( For Presidential Directors only) 1 complete cycle per quarter = 1 share
  48. 48. 5 Mudarabah"Mudarabah" is a special kind of partnership where one partner gives moneyto another for investing it in a commercial enterprise. The investment comesfrom the first partner who is called "rabb-ul-mal", while the management andwork is an exclusive responsibility of the other, who is called "mudarib".The Mudarabah (Profit Sharing) is a contract, with one party providing 100percent of the capital and the other party providing its specialist knowledgeto invest the capital and manage the investment project. Profits generatedare shared between the parties according to a pre-agreed ratio.DIPTS will invest on behalf of its distributors in different Enterprises on the basisof Mudarabah and will pay 50% of the profits to its distributors and 50% will bededucted in lieu of service charges.This investment is purely an extra temporary benefit for which DIPTS will neverstand accountable,DIPTS does not take any responsibility if the income from partner portfolios isstopped or discontinued due to any reason
  49. 49. 6 LotteryDIPTS will arrange functions in which many exotic prizes for thosewho have not achieved any levels in our apprenticeship programPrizes such as motorcycles , cash vouchers, health products etc.These prizes will also available to people who attend our OPPclasses
  50. 50. DIPTS Plan Mechanics The Science of Leverage Pays out a total of 65% (Industry Average is 40-50%) 65% of every Rupee earned is paid back to the DistributorsNo stocking or retailing required!
  51. 51. is the nextAnd the vehicle totake you where youwant to go!
  52. 52. In Business Timing Is Everything• Right Place• Right Time• Right Platform• Right DecisionWith DIPTS the timing is perfect. “The poor, the unsuccessful, the unhappy, the unhealthy are the ones who use the word "tomorrow" the most. Smart people don’t work for money, they just do things which other people delay doing” -- Robert Kiyosaki
  53. 53. Why You Should Join DIPTS ?1. Stable, debt free Company2. Solid Backing by a successful and established Business Group3. Universal Line of Products4. Opportunity to build a Global Business from home5. Unmatched Compensation Plan.6. Fast income with earnings at every step .
  54. 54. How Do You Get Started?
  55. 55. Immediately get back to the person who referred you to the website or sent this presentation to you and ask the sign up process It’s as simple as that.
  56. 56. Dreams Are Becoming Reality Where Do You See Yourself? 1 2 3Join Us Today Undergo Basic Get on the way Training to success!
  57. 57. will become a household name soonWhat % of the global market do you want ?Be a part of the momentTake Action… Today!
  58. 58. Special thanks forFor making the basics of this presentation