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Google TV

  1. 1.  Google TV was announced to the public on May 2010 and released on Oct. 17 2010  It is a project co-developed by Google, Sony, Intel and Logitech  Google TV merges the traditional TV with the power of the web into one device.  Available at Best Buy
  2. 2.  Browse the whole web  Variety of Apps  Your phone=remote control  TV and Web simultaneously  Personalized Homepage  Create a TV Playlist  Search and Record Options
  3. 3.  Apple TV: download and rent Apple movies  Google TV: download videos or movies from every possible Web site, Apps and DVR incorporated.
  4. 4.  Page Rank: As it currently occurs with Google Search, companies will compete with one another to appear at the top of the search listings on Google TV. Perhaps this will lead to the success of Google TV just as it did with Google itself.  Co-produced by the best web and cable TV companies: high expectations  Copyright restrictions: networks will want to block content access from Google TV.
  5. 5.  Cost: Google TV was launched into the market at a price of $299, limiting the pool of customers willing to trade their traditional TV for this expensive gadget.  Technology: complex and abundance of navigation features make Google TV less appealing to conservative consumers but more attractive to the young age group  Potential Users: Google TV is mainly advertised as a household item; it has no primary intention to impact business companies and CEOs.
  6. 6.  Despite its success or failure, Google TV has come to revolutionize new media.  The distinction among traditional, digital and social media has faded way with Google TV incorporating all of them.  It joins into one device the TV, radio, film, photography, electronic and print sources.
  7. 7.  "The coolest thing about Google TV is that we don't even know what the coolest thing about it will be." Edward C. Baig, USA Today
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