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Research Playbook1 15 10

  1. 1. play<br />book<br />research + marketing<br />
  2. 2. Research<br />Helping You Sell Stronger With Market Insights<br />What is it?<br />To many, the world of research might seem intimidating. The Kentucky Research and Marketing Team, would like to assure you that you do not to be a research expert or master of research software to reap the benefits of our resources. <br />We are here to help. <br />Let’s talk about it:<br />Research is a collaborative effort. When requesting information, we will work with you to identify and refine the story you would like to tell. Once that is established, we will do the detective work, analyzing data from numerous sources to create the pieces you need to tell your story. A Research Prep Worksheet is available, if needed, to help you organize your thoughts and facilitate a more productive collaboration with the research team.<br />Meet the team:<br />All members of the Research & Marketing team are cross-trained on how to pull data from the vast array of resources available to Insight Media.<br />Research Analysts’ duties are divided by market. This approach allows for a more hands-on understanding of the obstacles and needs of each market.<br />KEY TALKING POINTS TO REVIEW WITH RESEARCH ANALYST<br />RESEARCH & MARKETING MANAGER<br />• Who is the client?• Where are you at in the sales process? What is your relationship with the decision-maker?<br />• What types of pains/obstacles do they face?<br />• What “story” would you like to tell? How do you plan to offer a solution to their pains?<br />• What obstacles do you face? Competition? Lack of urgency?<br />• What do you have to bring to the table to assume a “consultative” or “challenger” position in the eyes of the decision-maker?<br />Jennifer Palmer(502)<br />RESEARCH ANALYST – LOUISVILLE/EVANSVILLE<br />Tommy Spalding(502)<br />RESEARCH ANALYST – LEXINGTON/NKY<br />Alex Porter(502)<br />
  3. 3. Research<br />Network Drive<br />
  4. 4. Research Drive<br />Research at your fingertips<br />What is it?<br />The KY Marketing Promotions & Research drive not only has a long name. It has a long list of useful documents too! This one-stop-shop gives you quick access to many of the data and fact-sheets needed to conduct day-to-day sales.<br />Value in using it:<br />Are you trying to find the most recent subscriber count for a given zone? Wondering how much cable out-performs broadcast in primetime?<br />The KY Marketing Promotions & Research drive allows you quick and easy answers to these questions, and so much more. With information about competitive media, ratings and the latest headlines, you’ll have access to pre-made materials that will make your sales pitch pop with proof points.<br />What you’ll find:<br />Can’t Find It?<br />• Subscriber Counts • Category One Sheet• Coverage Maps • Media Comparisons<br />• Ratings Info • Sports Research• News & Articles • Viewing Share Pie Charts• Viewership Trends • Ad Guidelines & Restrictions<br />• Programming • Promotional Opportunities<br />• Logos • And Much More!!!<br /> Most of the research in the KY Marketing Promotions & Research drive is market-specific. Sub folders are created for each market. This approach allows you to easily pull data that is relative to your clients.<br /> However, much of the data can be created for any Insight market. If you see something you like, but would like to see how the data differs for your market, let us know. We’ll be glad to take a look.<br />
  5. 5. Scarborough<br />Research<br />
  6. 6. Scarborough Research<br />Become a “Consultant” to Potential Clients<br />What is it?<br />Scarborough’s local market consumer information enables our clients to better understand their customers and prospects in the Insight markets.<br />The Scarborough survey measures retail shopping, media, lifestyle and demographic patterns and include retailers, auto dealerships, malls and local media choices within each of the Insight markets. With a robust sample size you are able to drill down into specific consumer behaviors, providing limitless analyses and insights for your target group.<br />Value in using it:<br />Scarborough enables you to create better promotional opportunities and schedules, as well as target consumers more distinctly.<br />Scarborough is your smartest investment to:<br />• Increase sales.<br />• Boost ROI on your sales efforts.<br />• Build brand awareness for clients.<br />• Thwart competitive advances with intelligence on competitive threats.<br />• Be a better marketing consultant to your clients.<br />• Better understand your customers and prospects.<br />• Share knowledge that leads to impact.<br />• Target consumers by understanding what makes various consumer groups tick.<br />DEMONSTRATE YOUR CLOUT IN THE MARKETPLACE<br />Demonstrate how cable attracts qualified audiences with Scarborough’s shopping information. Pitching to a local travel agency? Examine consumers’ travel habits and demonstrate the efficiency of the cable audience.<br />BECOME A BETTER CONSULTANT TO YOUR CLIENTS<br />Talk to your clients in the language they understand — their business. Use Scarborough’s local market media insights to present a marketing strategy that provides valuable insights that will help them achieve their goals.<br />PROSPECT WITH EFFICIENCY<br />Through using consumer insights to cast your prospecting net, you will yield greater returns. Scarborough’s information on local consumerism — retail habits, media behaviors and lifestyles — helps you identify the fruits ripest for the picking.<br />
  7. 7. Claritas<br />Research<br />
  8. 8. Claritas <br />Learn “who” your audience is and <br />where they live<br />What is it?<br />Claritas is the industry leader in demographic data, marketing software and market segmentation services. <br />Claritas combines multiple sources of demographic research to give you all of the tools to analyze both the lifestyle traits and purchasing habits of local consumers, giving you the ability to become the expert on your client’s target consumers.<br />Value in using it:<br />Claritas supports your needs with a range of core marketing initiatives designed to better understand your client’s consumers.<br />Segmentation and Targeting<br />How are consumers spending their money?<br /><ul><li> Understand the activities that drive consumer’s buying decisions.</li></ul>Media Mix<br /><ul><li> Discover the best forms of media and networks that resonate with your clients unique customer base.</li></ul>Claritas gives you the ability to analyze consumer spending totals within your specific market for dozens of categories including:<br />Geography and Mapping<br /><ul><li> Within a given market, analyze which zones would most efficiently reach your client’s most likely consumers.
  9. 9. Furniture
  10. 10. Retail</li></ul>U.S. Census Data<br /><ul><li> Claritas allows access to the latest U.S. Census data, allowing you to analyze population, income, and race trends within your market.
  11. 11. Sporting Events
  12. 12. Entertainment
  13. 13. Medical
  14. 14. Automotive </li></li></ul><li>Nielsen Media<br />Research<br />
  15. 15. Nielsen Media Research<br />TV Audience Measurement<br />What is it?<br />Nielsen Media Research is the leading authority in media audience measurement; Nielsen TV Ratings are recognized as the industry standard for television measurement. Produced since the 1950s, Nielsen TV ratings statistically measure which programs are watched by different segments of the population. Nielsen’s sample, composed of a cross-section of representative homes throughout a given market, captures the TV viewing information that provides a basis for program scheduling and advertising decisions for local television stations, cable systems, and advertisers. <br />In the top 56 TV markets, Nielsen uses two types of meters to capture how TV is used: set meters capture set-tuning only and report what channel is being tuned (with demo information coming from diaries, see below)*, while People Meters go a step further and gather information about who is watching in addition to what channel is being tuned. Paper diaries are used in the remaining television markets** to collect viewing information from Nielsen’s sample homes. Each year Nielsen processes approximately 2 million paper diaries from households across the country for the months of November, February, May and July — also known as the "sweeps" rating periods. Seven-day diaries (or eight-day diaries in homes with DVRs) are mailed to homes to keep a tally of what is watched on each television set and by whom. Over the course of a sweeps period, diaries are mailed to a new panel of homes each week. At the end of the month, all of the viewing data from the individual weeks is aggregated. <br />*Louisville, Cincinnati DMAs – set top meter + diary markets<br />**Lexington and Evansville DMAs – diary-only markets<br />Data Availability<br />Sweeps data is collected four times a year (Feb, May, July, Nov) for the Louisville, Lexington and Evansville markets and typically available for use in Strata 32 approximately one month after the sweep. In addition to the four sweeps period s above, data for the Cincinnati market is also collected January and October.<br />Overnight ratings are subscribed to for Louisville market, and can be accessed by Research Analysts.<br />Value in using it:<br />At Insight Media, Nielsen data can be viewed and used in the Strata View 32 program for the purpose of creating advertising schedules to more effectively meet specific measurement goals. In addition, general research on the ratings performance of networks across various dayparts and/or demos can also be conducted.<br />Post-buy analysis is available using Nielsen data, however it should be noted that posting in diary-only markets is not recommended. For additional information, contact Jen Palmer.<br />
  16. 16. AdViews<br />Research<br />
  17. 17. Nielsen AdViews <br />Keeping a close eye on competing media<br />What is it?<br />Nielsen AdViews gives you access to the most comprehensive source of advertising intelligence <br />so you can track the full range of competitive advertising activity. <br />Easily evaluate an advertiser’s media occurrences <br />and estimated costs to gain a better understanding of<br /> a client’s creative and budget goals. <br />How it helps you:<br />Which types of media advertising can I see?<br />You will become better educated on the multiple types of advertising your clients and prospects are using.<br />Nielsen AdViews allows you to analyze a business’ advertising trends on the following types of local media.<br />GET EDUCATED ON YOUR PROSPECT’S MEDIA PREFERENCES<br />Analyze your client’s current or past advertising schedule on local broadcast TV. Examine their schedule to see what genre of programming they are advertising on most heavily.<br />• Broadcast Spot TV<br />• Newspaper<br />• Magazine<br />ANALYZE THE PERFORMANCE OF A CLIENT’S ADVERTISING<br />Examine your client or prospect’s complete broadcast TV schedule to evaluate it’s overall performance. This will allow you to more efficiently build a competitive Cable TV schedule that will deliver results equal to or greater than what they have received from competing advertisers.<br />Varies by market<br />Analyze a client’s creative<br />GAIN A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF A CLIENT’S BUDGET<br />See what creative points an advertiser is highlighting. AdViews <br />gives you the ability to <br />analyze creative spots<br />with full color video and audio.<br />Nielsen AdViews provides the estimated cost a client has spent with each form of media, allowing you to become better educated on what your clients budget goals are and how you can most efficiently utilize their advertising dollars. <br />
  18. 18. POLK Automotive<br />Research<br />
  19. 19. POLK Automotive Data<br />Insight into local automotive sales & trends<br />What is it?<br />Insight Media’s POLK database consists of new and used vehicle registrations from licensed dealers in each of the Insight markets dating back to 2005.<br />This comprehensive list of vehicle registrations from local DMVs provides insight into what’s selling, who’s buying and how to best reach them.<br />Value in using it:<br />With the changing landscape of advertising’s largest category — the automotive industry — any and all data that can provide intelligence on this category for a given market is highly sought after. POLK can illustrate where auto sales are coming from, whether they are growing or diminishing and a dealer’s share.<br />How to capitalize on POLK data:<br />• Identify areas of opportunity through cable.• Highlight geographic waste commonly created through mass reach advertising.<br />• Examine dealership or brand market share.<br />• Monitor trends to discover what’s selling and changes within the buying landscape.<br />• Combine POLK data with other research databases to consult clients on how to best capitalize on their marketing opportunities.<br />Give Us a Call to Discuss<br /> Given the vast amount of data within POLK, there are just as many stories that can be told as there are dealers in the market.<br /> Anytime you have an opportunity to utilize POLK information, be sure to call your market’s research analyst to discuss the “story you want to tell.”<br /> This practice will ensure you get the research best suited for your situation. <br />
  20. 20. CAB Resources<br />Research<br />
  21. 21. Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau<br />Facts from industry experts at your fingertips<br />What is it?<br />The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau's (CAB), primary mission is to support cable television's growth and effectiveness as a major advertising and marketing medium.<br />The CAB is dedicated to arming network and system members with the latest advertising and sales insights to help them make a case for cable to agencies and advertisers.<br />Value in using it:<br />The CAB provides a sales and research central resource with ready-to-go slides and presentations to help you convey:<br />• Cable Strengths. • Broadcast vs. Cable Ratings.<br />• Why TV? • Custom Studies.<br />• Media comparisons. • Category Insights.<br />• Advanced TV/VOD. • Much More!<br />CAB resource accessibility:<br />You have access to all of the CAB resources at all times through one of these three sources:<br />CAB TV FACTS BOOK<br />TV Facts books are placed in each market. Please see your manager, research analyst or common sales areas for a copy.<br />ONLINE AT CABLIVE.TV<br />A members-only website with access to the latest CAB studies. All Insight Media employees have access to this site.<br />ONLINE AT THECAB.TV<br />24/7 access to resources centered around Why Cable 1st? and Cable Rationale.<br />
  22. 22.<br />Research<br />
  23. 23.<br />Become the business “Consultant.”<br />What is it?<br /> is an online sales tool that gives account executives knowledge and tips to better understand the business of their current clients and prospects.<br />Through the power of Admall, a sales force will be better educated about a business’s product than it’s competitors.<br />What Admall offers:<br />• Prospecting Tools. • Industry Trends.<br />• Business Articles. • Local Market Research.<br />• Agency Information. • Co-op plans. <br />• Specific Consumer Data. • And Much More! <br />Value in using it:<br />With’s help, you <br />will gain new credibility with<br /> your clients and prospects, <br />giving you the role of <br />“Consultant” not “Order Taker.”<br />GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE<br />Learn more about the history and trends of your client’s business. For example, their busiest times of the year, and where the majority of their business comes from.<br />FIND NEW CLIENTS<br />Gain an extensive list of category specific local businesses along with their contact information.<br />UNCOVER HIDDEN AD DOLLARS<br />Browse brand specific Co-Op plans to help your clients more efficiently advertise their product.<br />