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CIO Strategy Consulting Offerings APAC

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CIO Strategy Consulting Offerings APAC

  1. 1. With technology-driven changes upending customer behavior, global markets, and strategic planning,managing your company’s tech organization presents greater challenges — and greater opportunities.To meet these competing demands, you must provision technology at an optimal cost while developingand implementing strategies that drive employee and customer engagement. Many CIOs are derivingbusiness value from cloud, social, and mobile tech disruption. So, how can you collaborate effectivelyand shift IT resources toward supporting business innovation? Who governs IT decision-making in aworld transformed by technology?Research-Based Consulting To Guide Your Critical InitiativesAn expansion of our core research and tools, Forrester’s Consulting Services deliver a deeper level ofanalyst engagement that focuses on your critical initiatives. Working with thousands of your peersworldwide enables us to identify common challenges that technology leaders are facing, and to developsolutions based on our rigorous, objective methodologies.Our consulting services are grounded in Forrester’s Playbook framework of integrated research reports,tools, and templates. Playbook-driven engagements provide insights to guide you through any phase ofyour challenge — from discovering the underlying business opportunity to optimizing the results.Advisory sessionsInternalize best practices during these high-impact sessions with Forrester analysts. Advisory typicallyfocuses our resources on one of the four Playbook phases: Discover, Plan, Act, or Optimize.WorkshopsThese one- or two-day intensive sessions are conducted by Forrester analysts. Depending on thePlaybook phase you’ve reached, workshops can help you educate stakeholders, build consensus andjustify investments, or sharpen your team’s knowledge and skill set.ProjectsNot all challenges can be resolved in a day. Using our Playbook research framework, we’ll designa custom engagement that delivers relevant, targeted guidance throughout the most crucialjunctures in your initiative.BusinessCaseVision AssessmentLandscapeRoad MapStrategicPlanTools AndTechnologyOrganizationBenchmarksProcessesContinuousImprovementPerformanceManagementDISCOVER PLAN ACT OPTIMIZEconsultingCIOsExplore ForresterPlaybooks
  2. 2. © 2013 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Forrester is a registered trademark of Forrester Research, Inc.Forrester Research, Inc.Global Headquarters:60 Acorn Park DriveCambridge, MA 02140USA+1 617.613.6000Forrester has researchcenters and sales officesin more than 30 citiesworldwide.forrester.comCM.CONS.CIO.Q113Forrester’s Consulting Services for CIOs include the following, each of which can be modifiedfor delivery as advisory sessions or workshops, or assembled into longer, more complex projectsand programs:Conduct An Assessment. Forrester evaluates your company’s current IT strategic planning processagainst established best practices and desired future state to recommend actions for driving betteralignment between business and IT. Our analysts bring unparalleled depth of expertise in IT strategicplanning from their work with clients around the globe, ensuring measurable outcomes from yourbusiness technology capabilities.Optimize Organizational Design. Applied in over 100 IT organizations, this consulting engagementhelps clients achieve speed and responsiveness. We guide you through the pros and cons of variousorganizational models; define interfaces between different IT functions; and assess key skill,motivational, and process gaps that must be filled in order to successfully transition to thenew organization.Select Vendors And Partners. Forrester’s rigorous, unbiased methodology for selecting vendors andservice providers accelerates the sourcing process and helps you avoid costly mistakes. We identify whoaligns with your business goals and provide recommendations for managing multiple partners. TheCIO practice recently completed detailed comparative evaluations of social business and collaborationtechnologies, IT organization redesign firms, mobile engagement solution providers, and more.Benchmark Performance Metrics. Evaluate the existing structure of your organization’s people,processes, and technologies against your peers and industry best practices. Employing our deep globaldata and benchmarking tools, we identify gaps between your current state and best practices, and workwith you to build a comprehensive improvement plan.The Forrester Consulting DifferenceDepthWith research based on nearly 30 years of proprietary global data that includes consumer, workforce,and business technology trends, Forrester is unique among research and advisory firms. Our analyststake an outside-in approach and come to the table armed with role, industry, technology, and marketinsights that enable you to make decisions confidently, take action quickly, and work efficiently.ObjectivityUnlike other firms whose advice may be influenced by commercial interests, Forrester remainsindependent of any technology or vendor bias. Your decisions are informed by expert, research-drivenrecommendations from our trusted advisors.ExpertiseTraditional consulting firms staff their projects with junior resources, whereas Forrester analystsparticipate in all of our consulting work. Resolve your specific business challenges through closecollaboration with the same analysts who conduct our research.For More InformationTo learn how Forrester’s Consulting Services can inform and guide your decisions, please contact youraccount manager or email our team at